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Updated on August 12, 2008
N.E. asks from Kaneohe, HI
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Hi ladies. Something is wrong with my eye, but it isnt a stye. It hurts when i blink my right eye and it is a little red and inflamed by my tear duct. However, it isnt a bump or anything like a stye. It is a little itchy every now and then, but i cant scratch it because it hurts. I havent been tearing, or noticed anything out of the ordinary in fact. Anyone know whats wrong?

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the responses ladies. I believe i have a blocked tear duct. I put a warm compress on it today and it basically went away. Thanks for the suggestions :o)

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Hi Nashes Mom, It sounds like it could be pink eye, or you may have gotten a tiny particle of dirt or sand in your eye and didn't realize it. I went through about 2 weeks a few months ago with my left eye hurting and itching, I bought some visine drops, not for red eye, for irretated eyes, i don't know why i waited for so long, anyway the drops helped and to this day I don't know what was going on with my eye. I would try some drops and if it does not work go get it checked out. J.



answers from Los Angeles on

The duct could be blocked. Have you tried putting a damp, warm wash cloth on it? That usually helps. I would go see a doc too just to be careful.



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It could be an allergy of some sort, especially since it is itching.




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Could it be pink eye! Very contagious, you should have the doctor check it out!

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