What Would You Pay a Teenage to Feed Your Out Door Cat While Away on Vacation.?

Updated on January 11, 2019
B.G. asks from Cypress, TX
6 answers

no litter box, just wet food, dry food and water.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

We paid $10 per day. That was to come over once a day, whatever time was best for them - that is, not at a particular time each day, just once a day. That was possible because we have an automatic feeder, so the timing didn't matter, as long as the feeder was refilled daily. They did also scoop the litter. I don't see that as affecting the price since it takes about 1 minute.

ETA: In my case, it was the next door neighbor, so no driving expenses. She just walked across the lawn. If the person has to drive to you, that's a bigger hassle and I would expect to pay more.

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answers from Dallas on

It depends on how long you are going to be gone, how many times they have to go over & how far away you are from them. I think if they only have to come over once a day for a few days and they are not spending a lot in gas $10 a day is far. My son's were paid $60 for three days but we had to drive 15 mins each way and they wanted them to scoop the poop and play with the cat. Honestly they both would have taken less but that is what was offered.

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answers from Washington DC on

you need to give more info. for how many days? does the teenager have to drive to your house? how often do you want your cat fed? are there any health issues?

i'm very particular as to how my animals are cared for in my absence. i don't go for the cheapest person i can find. i want someone who is conscientious, reliable, and who is relatively knowledgable, enough so that if there's a problem they'll recognize and handle it.

i didn't go for the cheapest care for my kids, and i find good qualified people (which sometimes IS a local teen) to care for my animals.

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answers from Dallas on

How long will you be gone?
How many visits a day do you want the sitter to come over?
How long to you prefer the sitter to stay when she/he comes over?

I have dogs. I pay my sitter $25/visit which is about an hour per visit. I pay her $40 additionally to sleep over per night.

Talk to your sitter and agree on a price BEFORE you go on your trip.

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answers from Portland on

We haven't had this exact situation but this may help a little bit ..

to just water outdoor plants in the summer months (able to bike over) my teen got paid $10 to do that once a day. It took about 10 minutes once there - just to haul out the hose and give them a good soak.

to look after a friend's dog - so to feed/water and chain up outside to have a poop, and then do same at end of day (but with short walk for 10 mins), my teen got paid $25 a day.

I don't know how close this is to where the teen lives and if it's once a day or twice. I'd adjust it depending on those factors.

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answers from Cleveland on

Good answers already as far as what the details of the situation are. More generous than I am though! It depends on how old of a teen. If it's a kid under 15 that just has to walk over and put out food and water and not even interact with the cat...I'd say $5 a day, esp if it's for more than 3 days. But it they are older or have to drive over, more than that.

My son cat sits often and just has to walk over twice a day, but he has many duties with the indoor cats and usually spends some time with them. He also collects the mail and may have to water plants in the summer. He is paid about $12 a day I think.

I pay their son to check on our one cat. He is a "young adult" though, over 20, so I pay him more because he needs the $$ :)

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