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Updated on May 30, 2012
C.S. asks from Carmi, IL
14 answers

...added to Mamapedia? I know it's a Q&A site, but it would be cool to have threads or a chatroom sometimes. Not to argue, but to have discussions. Sometimes you go back and read a question and feel that a person misunderstood a reply or took it out of context. I sometimes wonder if writing an ETA would help. I don't initiate inbox messages for that type of thing because that seems a lot like troublemaking. Lol.

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answers from Dallas on

When I look at the list of "My Answers", I would like to see the no. of flowers I got listed by each answer. Kind of lets me know if my answer was on point or not.

I've also often wished that we could hop on a chatroom, but then everyone would be in there and no one would "ask questions", lol.

I think when a question is updated, it should somehow alert the responders that something has been added which would make ETAs and SWHs more useful.

There should also be an easy-access and visible FAQ section to cut down on the most-asked questions.

Also I wish there were something like 'flowers' that we could 'give' to the question-askers for a question/post that we particularly like.

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answers from Dover on

I totally agree that when someone updates or enters a SWH it should send an alert to everyone who answered it. I almost never go back & check unless I get a bunch of flowers.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I would like to see highlighting, bold, italics, underscore and SPELL CHECK(!!!) and the ability to say "thank you" with a flower to the one that asked a real good, thought provoking question.

Good luck to you and yours.

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answers from Charlotte on

Fewer people pretending to be something they aren't...

Other than that, I like it pretty much the way it is. People can easily ETA to their own posts and many do. It's just a matter of going back and looking.


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answers from Portland on

A truly workable search function for back questions/topics. The search function on this site is horrible, which is why we get ten-thousand questions on the exact same topic.

And perhaps some formatting help, for those unfamiliar with the paragraph or punctuation.

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answers from Houston on

ETA means 'edited to add' and that is only helpful if the person you added that for looks at your post/question again and looks at it.
I would like the ability to add pics.
The PMs are helpful and insightful, I've used them a couple of times to better understand someones point of view.

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answers from Lansing on

I like the idea of getting someones update, and I don't know how to delete all the flowers I get. I go to my box to see what it is, and I can see it's a flower but I don't go in an delete it. Now I have 338 things in my mailbox!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

The search feature STINKS!
Otherwise, I think it's fine the way it is.

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answers from Houston on

hhhmmm....can mamapedia have a chatroom without arguing...lol honey, you must be new! Its a nice thought but heaven forbid the mamapedia- powers- that- be have even more to monitor/regulate/ban/pull.

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answers from Chicago on

A spell-check in editor
An improved search
Notification feature
Search for members...by area at least...

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answers from Washington DC on

i agree, its hard to respond to the questions...like the last one i posted i think a few thought im trying to go lenient when im trying to go the oppopsite...stricter. what is ETA?

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answers from Washington DC on

I would like the site to sort questions automatically, by topic or by the age of the children involved. I thought when I joined that perhaps the "Lists" would do that, but the lists are random and not useful. If I want to see questions about, say, older elementary aged kids like mine, I have to search on my own and hope I pull up relevant past questions.

I wish the site's form for questions would somehow require posters to be more detailed with subject lines and/or post the ages of the kids about whom they are posting. Yeah, I'm kind of tired of very vague subject lines like "I need advice" and with wading through lots of potty training questions every time I come on here. Maybe separate posting sections for infant through preschool, K through fifth grade, middle school, high school, marriage/divorce/relationship, legal, etc. would be great. But it would require Mamapedia to be MUCH more proactive and we users would have to be more careful about really labeling our posts accurately.

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answers from Dallas on

I'm not hooked on Phonics, I'm hooked on Spell Check. My apologies to everybody for reading my typos. I'm at work, typing a million wpm, while on the phone, while navigating 7 screens and problem solving. My typing does not get my full attention!

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answers from Washington DC on


It would be great if we were notified that someone else commented on a post we responded to...not just "you've received a response to your post"

It would be great if the people we were friends with on here we could have "chats" with - but I don't mind the PM.

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