"What Would You Do?" Tv Show and Handicap Parking Places,etc, Etc.

Updated on April 15, 2011
Y.C. asks from Orlando, FL
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I was watching the tv show "What would you do?", and I was amazed and how much or how little we help each other in some situations. They had different scenarios like, what would you do if you see a baby crying in a car in a very hot day and nobody is in the car? what if it was a dog instead?, what if you see a pilot that is about to fly drinking in a bar? etc.
One got me more because I had a handicap family member, and I have always get mad when I see people parking on the handicap parking, however I have never said anything.
Sometimes because is hard to tell if a person is handicap or not but there have being times when is so darn obvious and I get mad at them but also at my self for not saying something.
I have however stop in the middle of the highway to move a turtle that was in the middle of the highway, and I speak up when a women left her 3 kids in a bookstore and left the store!!.
Have you ever interfere for the good of a complete estranger?

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So What Happened?

I have never spoke about people parking in the parking for handicap because like you said is hard to tell, but there have being times that is just "that" obvious. It was this time when we went to see a premier at the movies and the parking was awful. I saw a car looking parking like us, we probably drove twice around before they decide to take a handicap parking, I saw the 2 young couples coming out and wiggle, I was so piss. There was not license nor tag, they were just to obvious too. Shame on them.!

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answers from Phoenix on

Yes! I was in a class once and the teacher was writing on the white board with various colored markers. One women raised her hand and asked if he could stick to blue, because she was visually impaired and could not see the red and green. He told her "NO". I was so irriated and shaking. I spoke up in front of the class and told him it was disrespectful and that he should respect her wishes. She mentioned the disablility act, but didn;t care and again told her "NO". He was a total jerk. I was totally pissed that no one else jumped in either. This was a Real Estate class, so it was a class of adults, not kids! Still makes me mad just thinking about it.

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answers from St. Cloud on

Some of these responses make me want to stand up and CHEER! You are amazing ladies!

I HATE injustice, when I see people being mistreated, I have to speak up. And the handicapped parking spot thing? If you don't have a sticker, then don't park there. It's illegal and people mistreat it all the time. I always want to walk up to an able bodied person getting out of their car in a handicapped, hug them and shout, "IT'S A MIRACLE! You're HEALED!!!! Now you don't need to park in the handicapped space anymore! Isn't that great?!)

Edit* Let's clarify something here with the handicapped parking issue. If you have a sticker, that's GREAT. But the number of people who park in the handicapped WITHOUT a sticker is staggering.

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answers from Dallas on

Child or animal in a hot car, I would call police.

Last week I did something and my husband was shocked. We were at Market Street eating lunch on a Sunday. This is a fresh grocer, great fresh soups, salads, and hot bar.. I eat there almost daily.

At the table directly behind me, 2 women are talking. When I took my seat, I thought it was a job interview because it looked that way. I was not eavesdropping but I could not help overhearing the biotch boss reaming out the employee. Everytime the employee would say something this lady had a comeback and was so rude. I could hear the pooe employee's voice quiver and I know she was embarrassed beyond belief.

Before I took my tray to the trash, I stood up, turned around and said "excuse me, but are you with Market Street". The biotch said no. Unfortunately I was so pissed I did not asked what store she was from because I will never shop there knowingly.

The boss lady gave me an evil stare and I could see the tears welling in the employees eyes. I then said... "This public area is NOT the proper place for a job review, I have heard you chastise this woman and tell her she is disrespectful when she tries to speak." Well'', ma'm, YOU are disrespectful. I own a company and under no sircumstances would I ever, ever be this disrespectful to one of my employees with my tone of voice OR hold such a meeting that should be in private in a public setting" You come across like a power hungry old woman and you are enjoying putting your employee through this" I then looked at the employee and said..." If I had a job opening today, I would hire you. You have shown respect and you are too good to be an employee for this woman" I wish you the best in finding employment with someone who respects you and understands that private business meetings need to take place in private"

I was so mad my voice was quivering. The employee just looked and me and mouthed thank you with tears in her eyes.

I SO wanted to spill my tea all over the boss. I will not forget that face and when I am in that shopping center and if I ever see her face, I will not buy a thing.

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answers from Houston on

If i saw a baby crying in a hot car id break the front window, no lie. Then call the police, inform them what i had done and hold the baby til help comes. I have seen a dog in a locked car, heat, rolled up windows. We left a note. "your poor dog, i think he will need some water asap!" we waited until we saw the owner return till we left.

Pilot drinking, again, police.

I do believe some things warrant an intervention, harmful, racist, destructive, things. A child being harmed, insulted, messed with always warrants an intervention

I would give a dirty look to an obviously able bodied person without a tag in a handicapped spot. My dad was paralyzed from the chest down, he had a van that required a special spot because his ramp had to unfold, he was very uncomfortable strapped into his chair, locked to the base of his van, and the van had hydraulics to allow the ramp to come down(that created a very bumpy ride) for a man with bed sores, a cathetar and nerve pain in his upper body driving around the parking lot was always painful. I dont even want to try to count the number of times he was left to wait for offending shoppers to move so he could park. He was paralyzed due to his service in Vietnam and i think people should consider the inconvenience they are causing when they park in a spot like that

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answers from Austin on

So many times, I I have spoken up about all sorts of things. I cannot sit by and watch others be mistreated or disrespected. I have also helped when someone did not look well, or looked distraught. Just asking them if they were ok, or did they need something.

The handicapped spots are supposed to be for the vehicles that either have a marked plate or a tag, if it is not on there, I go to tell the management. Here in Austin I think it is now a $300. fine if at that moment you cannot show your tag or license plate. There is zero tolerance. If you do not have them with you, you can take them to the courthouse and have it dropped, but you will get a talking to by the county. We live in a neighborhood with lots of people that need different types of assistance, so our neighborhood is pretty vigilant about keeping an eye out.

I was at Michaels once behind a woman who became upset at the young cashier, because she felt the girl had not been polite to her. I had witnessed the entire transaction and had not seen any sort of disrespect. The young girl was so embarrassed, so she apologized she looked very confused. .

The woman told her she was going to report her behavior to the management by using the receipt. The girl was on the verge of tears. She rang me up and I told her "not to worry," I "had seen the entire transaction and she had done fine".

I then went out of the store and spoke to the woman and asked her what he problem was? She insisted the girl had been rude to her in the checkout. I told her I had been there the entire time and the girl had done nothing. She told me to mind my own business and I told her I was. I was minding the way she was mistreating another person and I was going to call the manager and the headquarters and tell them to ignore any old woman who reported the girl.

I also reminded her that I certainly hoped that none of her own children or grandchildren were ever treated this way, because "Karma is a Biotch and she is my best friend."

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answers from Seattle on

I love that show!! So crazy to see the different situations. And on most of them I would say something. One time, I was shopping, and a child was walking around crying. I stopped and asked them what was wrong, and where is your mom? I walked that kid all around that clothes store trying to find his mom. I felt so bad! Finally did find her and she was so happy to have their child back, and I felt so good afterwards.

Another time that happend. The kid wasnt crying or anything but just walking around by themselves. She wasl like 3 and playing in the racks at the store, and I was like hey, wheres your mom? She just shrugged, and I looked around but no one was around. Then out of nowhere her mom came running out of a dressing room yelling at me to leave her child alone. I was shocked! I was just trying to help! I told her I am sorry, I thought she was lost. She yelled at me and said well she wasnt! So I simply told her maybe next time she should keep her in the dressing room with her next time, so someone else doesnt get confused too.

People are so crazy sometimes!

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answers from Boston on

I think you have to intervene when you see a dangerous situation - such as an unattended child (car, store) or a dog (car, loose in traffic). Stopping on a highway to save an animal is noble, but it can create a greater hazard if you are in the middle of the road, so you have to use your judgment there.

Handicapped parking places are an entirely different matter. Many disabilities are not obvious at all - people can have muscle weaknesses that allow them to walk but not that far, or breathing issues. They can have excruciating pain or serious anxiety disorders such as fear of open places. So you cannot approach a person and say "you look healthy, what's your problem with parking in that space?" They should have a handicapped placard (not necessarily a license plate, but often a tag they hang on their mirrors) and if you don't see one, you can report it to the store management. In a public lot or on a street, it's up to the parking commission to enforce the laws. I think you have to stay out of those situations because there is no immediate hazard to anyone (although maybe a significant inconvenience) and it is not up to any of us to ask people to divulge their handicap to a complete stranger. It's also not up to us to evaluate whether someone's disability is "significant" enough to merit a parking place. Their doctors are in charge of authorizing the issuance of a handicap parking permit, and it's a private matter.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Does chasing a crow away from some tiny little ducklings that he was trying to grab away from their mother count?? Ha ha, I really did that. Stopped my car, shooed the crow away and showed the ducklings how to navigate up the curb to their very distressed mother.

Anyway, for sure I would assist anyone that looked like they needed help. I've been known to help little old ladies take their groceries to their car, etc.

Gotta be careful on the handicapped parking, though, because we know someone who has an artificial limb and when he wears pants and parks in the handicapped spots, you really would never know that he truly does have a handicap.

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answers from Dallas on

I have called the police when I have seen someone leave a child alone in a car. It wasn't hot, but I still think it is dangerous. I would probably also break the window if the child was hot and crying if I didn't think emergency help could get there in time. I have also reported dogs left in hot cars. Lots of people move here from other places and have no idea how fast the inside of a car gets dangerously hot here.
As long as someone has a sticker, I assume they need the handicapped space.
Recently I had very major surgery and had to use the granny go cart in stores. It was amazing how rude people were to me! They would run to get in front of me, then block me from passing while they picked out what they wanted. They were lucky I did not run over them.
If I see someone in one of those I always offer to put things in or our of the basket for them.

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answers from Detroit on

I was on vacation in England (visiting family) when my husband and I came across a baby in a locked car in covered parking lot. We walked around the lot to make sure the carer was not getting a ticket (the type you get from the machine and display in your windscreen) but we couldn't see anyone else around so I called the emergency police number and told them about it. We stayed with the vehicle until the police arrived, which was probably about 5-10 minutes. The baby was about a year old and starting to get distressed so we actually tried to get into the car without damaging it. The police managed to in the end with a tool they have. The baby's carer showed up about 20 minutes after we had first discovered the baby but we have no idea how long he was there alone before we found him.
I spoke up because I felt the baby was in danger. I would not normally call someone out for parking in the wrong space for fear of endagering myself, but if I feel someone else is in danger I will do what I feel is right while keeping myself and my family safe.

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answers from Chattanooga on

I have actually called the police and reported children (and animals) left in the car (even took pictures of the plates and the situation.

As far as the handicap thing goes, its always hard to tell. My grandparents have a decal to hang on the mirror for my grandpa, after he had to have both his knees and a hip reconstructed. BUT my grandma likes to use it for herself, even though she is perfectly capable of walking. I always tell her off for it, but if I was an oblivious onlooker, I would assume she needed it.

I always stop to push people out of snowbanks in the winter, or if someone's car stalls out in traffic I will usually get out and help... so those are usually my good deeds. :)

I step in when something is OBVIOUSLY going on that is wrong, and needs immediate attention IF I feel I can control the situation. But, any more, it can be down right dangerous to involve yourself in a situation with people you don't know. I remember a couple years ago, someone confronted a store clerk about ripping off another customer, and got shot for his trouble. It was on our local news.

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answers from Tampa on

Baby in a hot car... I'd feel the car window. If hot, I'd go into the store, tell them to page the driver of such and such car, as well as the reason why. If driver not there in 5-7 minutes, I'd call police.

I'd do the same for an animal. I've also stopped in traffic to help a stranded animal.

I bet ppl have eyed me suspiciously about parking in handicap. Little do they know from just looking at me that every 4th step is painful, and twice in 10 minutes I get such shooting pain from my ankles up to my spine that make me buckle. I'm not very overweight, nor do I appear to have a deformity... but people definitely have a handicap sticker for a reason and people need to respect that. I only use the scooters when my pain has suddenly gotten from barely tolerable to I cannot stand or walk. My pain level varies daily and the pain meds I'd need would make my functioning level and independence level very low.

I don't know about others, but I cannot afford to pay for a personal assistant, nor do I qualify for home health care to be paid for me. My husband helps a lot with errands, but he works too and he can't do everything.

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answers from New York on

Certain situations are different. I loved the TV show when it first came out b/c it appeared to have no right or wrong, simply an opinion... what would you do? But as the show has progressed it seems it is 100% biased - that they are preaching that interferring is supposedly "right" and looking the other way is "terribly wrong". How dare they? In most cases, I would say or do nothing simply because it is none of my business!! I can understand if it is something truly detrimental to an innocent person or people - like the drunk pilot. But even that, I would have to be sure he was really going to fly and not just down on his luck, having a rough day and making up stories - b/c if I called and got him into trouble and there were different circumstances (who knows?... his wife just left him and he's waiting for a friend to pick him up) but then I call and he gets in trouble over it (maybe loses his job), even though he wasn't going to fly, and then what if b/c he has no job, he commits suicide and his kids are fatherless or say he does became a true drunk in the future b/c of losing his job and then really does kils many in a drunk driving accident... then I would be infringing and it would lead back to me. Everything isn't always so black and white. Leave nature take its course.

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answers from New York on

What's worse is what I saw happen when my dog and I were out taking a walk. This lady came out of a store with a bunch of teenage boys and a little girl, who looked to be around 8-10 years old. The teenagers talked to the little girl, but I couldn't hear what they said. The lady, who appeared to be the parent of the whole group was completely ignoring the situation and got in the car. The rest of the teens got in the car and the one put out his hand so the little girl couldn't get in. Guess what happened next? You guessed it, the mom proceeded to drive off with the little girl left behind. Once panic set in, the little girl started chasing the car. They stopped when they heard my dog bark and saw me memorizing the license plate. The little girl grabbed a hold of the car's trunk and the mom yelled out the door for her to get in the car. One of the teens got out and let her in. They stopped laughing when they saw my face. I can understand the frustration a parent goes through, but that tactic is way too dangerous to do in a parking lot. She could have gotten run over, because people here drive way too fast.

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answers from New York on

I love that show. Apparently, I am pretty outspoken because I would definitely say something in 99% of those cases. Honestly, the only time I wouldn't say something is if I thought I would be putting myself at risk. Otherwise, I have no problem opening my mouth...especially if it has something to do with someone who is helpless (child, pet, elderly). Or when someone is being super rude. I just can't let stuff like that go.

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answers from Columbia on

Wow. I am so thankful for the ladies who really understand the parking tag issue! I am one of those people who might be looked at as able bodied but what people don't see under my clothing is a brace that runs half the length of my leg along with the other remaining scars from breaking my shoulder, back, and ripping my knee apart in a car accident 13 years ago. I did six years of physical therapy to help me relearn to walk several times, and my PT tought me how to count my steps to keep a normal looking gait. I went through so much work to get where I am, and then I have people look at me with such anger when I somtimes use my parking tag because the spaces are too narrow and my range of motion won't allow me to get in and out of the car without the door flung wide open. I am incredibly thankful to be able to walk, and it is very humbling to know that there are things I can't do. It hurts to be judged by others who simply don't know.
If there were kids or pets left in a hot car or someone in danger, I hope I always have the courage to speak up. I hate to see anyone suffer and I would want to help if there was any way I could.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

With the parking spots--you never know...they could begetting chemo, etc.

I would absolutely intervene!

I HAVE intervened when I saw a guy mistreating a dog (the idiot used to live in the apartment above me and use his GF as a punching bag. Called the cops MANY times about that but she always denied it when they arrived.) I saw him kick their beagle on a walk and I said "Hey, if your GF is stupid enough to let you hit her, so be it, but if I EVER see you touch that dog again, you'll know what trouble really IS." He was tame as a pussy cat after that (to the dog anyway).

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