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Updated on June 17, 2010
S.S. asks from Haslett, MI
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I have a question ladies. I'm contemplating babysitting and I have NO idea what to charge! There will be 3 children, approximate ages: 3, 6, 10. I'll have them for about 6 hours a day, but there is a possibility that on some days it may be later. By the way, the little one is potty trained. I really am at a loss and I want to be fair. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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answers from Lansing on

NOTE: Just a little something...all of these suggestions are great..excpet, The people you are babysitting for CAN write off paying you for daycare regardless if you are licensed or not...BUT you must have claimed it as income if they are planning on writing it off on their taxes...something that you both need to agree on before hand so that you both know what the other is doing.

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answers from Phoenix on

Just an FYI, that's considered a "home daycare". Be very careful. I know a lot of mom's do it but its a huge liability issue for you and most homeowners insurance companies will cancel your insurance if they know you are watching kids from your home. Good luck!

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answers from Honolulu on

You will need to also, decide, if you will charge per hour or a flat monthly rate. Keep in mind, that with a flat rate, they pay at the beginning of the month and REGARDLESS if they show up or not, vacations or not, sick or not, etc. Because... you are RESERVING their time-slot and your time, for them. So they pay for it... regardless if their child(ren) are there or not.
That is what is done.
That is what I did as well as most all childcare providers.

You need to make out a "contract" stipulating this/your rules/liability releases/sick policy/ etc. You can find templates online.
And have them sign it.

The general rates are $10 per hour. Low-end. Or a flat rate. But then you will have to keep track of the time/hours. AND, if parents are 'late' in picking-up their kids... then usually, care providers charge for that too... if say the person is at least 15 minutes late, in picking up their kid.

If you are babysitting, those 3 kids plus your own... then, that is a lot of kids. Really think if you can manage that.
AND... if you will be paid by check or cash. AND, that if you are NOT 'licensed" the parents CANNOT claim you/their child-care costs on their taxes.... so, how will you explain this if the parents ask?

all the best,

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answers from Columbus on

When I help out friends or aquatances I charge $25 a day for the first child and $15 for the second and $10 per child there after (that is if it is all in the same family). I do just a flat rate for the day, but I know the hours before I agree to it.

Good Luck and have fun!



answers from Denver on

Totally depends on where you live. I make $15 hour and I bring my own two kids but I know that would be considered very high for some places. Check Craigslist and you'll get a feel for the going rate.


answers from Fort Walton Beach on

I would check with the local daycare. Are you providing food or are they bringing their own?

I paid our sitter comparable to daycare - $121/per child/per week

Also, if I were you I would keep record of the hours in a journal if you are going to do an hourly rate. I would advise against it and do a flat weekly fee of a max hour, like most daycares do.

I had my son go to the same sitter when he was in kindergarten (around the same age as the 6 y.o.) - I paid her comparable to what the afterschool program was - $50 for 12 hours.

Since you have different ages, I would do different pricing for the older ones and daycare pricing for the three year old.

Good luck :)



answers from Fresno on

I would ask for $10-$12 an hour or $25 a kid per day. Those ages are fairly easy.



answers from Colorado Springs on

$9 an hour since the 6 and 10 yr old will be pretty self sufficient.



answers from Anchorage on

I would check around at what the going rate for daycare is in your area, and charge something similar.

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