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Updated on March 04, 2012
E.M. asks from Chicago, IL
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I'm in charge of finding and booking speakers for a moms club. I've been doing it for a while and have started to run out of ideas. Here's an idea of topics we've covered at past meetings: estate planning, child behavior specialist, water safety, photography, and meal planning.

I'd love some suggestions. Especially topics that might interest moms with kids in grades 1-8 or even non-kid topics (such as the photography or estate planning examples).


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FANTASTIC IDEAS!! Keep 'em comin'!

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answers from Chicago on

I have offered myself as a free speaker to women's clubs and organizations. I offer topics on cooking with kids, Easy Holiday appetizers & party ideas and Dinner in 29 minutes or less. I have a background in foods and nutrition and dietetics. Message me if you would like to talk more.



answers from Chicago on

Stress relief ideas, vacation planning, how to react to children with their everending changes like puberty and how to teach them to deal with stress.


answers from Los Angeles on

Decorating on a budget?
That would WAY interest me!


Make-Up tips?

Coupon classes?

Taxes help!
I so need that now! Ha!

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answers from St. Louis on

Economics, I am tired of explaining it to people so a little help would be nice. :)

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answers from Washington DC on

I'm a photographer and I just taught a mom's group how to use their cameras and how to get good pictures of their kids. It was SO much fun!

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answers from Phoenix on

I'm an insurance agent and am always surprised at how little people understand about insurance. No one wants to pay for it, but they sure are glad they have it when they need it! I have done some presentations on insurance and people always tell me after that they learned things they didn't know before (home, auto and life). Good luck!

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answers from Tulsa on

Get a gyno to come, preferably a woman, and talk about SEX. It was such a relief to hear most moms were not in the mood either. Plus, the doctor actually explained things some of us didn't know.

Scrapbooking was popular. Beading not so much.

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answers from Chicago on

My MOPS group had Bra Fitting Specialists come in and do a presentation for how to care for your bra and then fit each of us. It was interesting and informative. They also gave each person a coupon for a new bra.

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answers from San Francisco on

Cooking or wine tasting/education.

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answers from Rockford on

Hi there! Our MOPS group just had the author of 1-2-3 Magic speak, he was excellent!! We have also had speakers on going green, how to make a budget notebook, self-esteem( for moms AND kids), cake decorating, depression, being content with where you are at NOW, those are just a few examples. This is my last year and then I "graduate"... so sad...lol I will miss all of the ladies! I hope that this helped a little. Good Luck!!

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answers from New York on

We just had a local speaker who did a workshop on couponing. Unfortunately, I could not attend. I heard the workshop was great !

Years ago, I presented a workshop entitled, "Sibling Rivalry".

My favorite workhop to present is "Eating Healthier"...I talk about organic foods and I make 2 organic, vegan smoothies and pass out samples/recipes.


answers from Medford on

Kindergarten rediness. What they need to know and what to expect.
Car seat safety. How old they need to be for which seat. What type of seat and how to buckle it in the car. And what the ticket costs if they dont have one.


answers from Dallas on

internet safety for children
safe nontoxic cleaners *
* I can recommend someone for these topics if you are interested.



answers from Boston on

Do all of the meetings have to be with speakers or can you have someone do a demo? For example, have someone teach a yoga class, zumba class or self defense.



answers from Chicago on

Check out the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, they have a speakers bureau that your group might find interesting. What about a presentation regarding women's health issues - esp the signs of a heart attack because they are different than men.
Another is a "round robin" presentation - you don't have a speaker, but you ask each member to bring something on a certain topic - like the name of their favorite place to go play with the kids and why.



answers from Chicago on

Jodee Blanco - great speaker on Bullying. Search her on the web - she's a Chicago girl.



answers from Chicago on

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) provides free "SafetySmart" presentations to students(ages 5 - 14), educators, parents and other consumers through their "Safety Ambassadors". Their live and fun programs are free, and everyone learns the best safety practices where they work, live and play.
You can contact them at ____@____.com or call them at ###-###-#### ext.42862
Also check out http://disneywildaboutsafety.com/



answers from Chicago on

I know it's shallow and vain, but I like the idea of having a plastic surgeon come in to talk about mommy make-overs ;-) Or maybe have a personal trainer come in to talk about how to get rid of the mummy tummy.



answers from Tyler on

First Aid and CPR certification



answers from Chicago on

You could do a "couponing" class, a makeup class, an organization class,
a car maintenance class.



answers from Albuquerque on

A pediatrician, professional organizer, interior decorator.


answers from Chicago on

You should have Cathy Adams come out to speak! Check out her website's: Zenparentingradio.com and cathycassaniadams.com

She has written a couple great books, The Self-Aware Parent and The Self-Aware Parent II

Cathy Cassani Adams is a parenting expert and self-awareness teacher who supports parents in uncovering their authentic selves and inner joy so they can raise their children in a calm, loving, and supportive environment.

I've been listening to her radio show (that her Husband co-host's with her) and it's excellent! She's been on WGN Radio! I would highly recommend having her speak to your club. She has info on speaking engagments on her website.

Good luck :)



answers from Columbus on

Bullying--how to make your kid more "bully proof"

5 Love Languages for kids (you could read it & do your own presentation--but just reading myself I find I want to share it w/ others).

Doing an overnight camping trip w/ kids--how to make it more fun for them.

Dealing with anger toward your kids (good help might be How To Talk So Kids Will LIsten).

Easy ways to "green" up your life, without spending a fortune. (and often these will also save you money, like switching to energy-saving light bulbs, getting a free energy audit from your power company, etc.)

Nutrition for kids



answers from San Francisco on

creating a budget for the stay at home mom, creativity class, bonding with your child grades 1-8, religion, discipline methods, massage, mommy makeovers etc.



answers from Los Angeles on

Business Owner - How to start/have your own business
Budget Planner
Stock Investor (To explain how to invest their money so it will grow safely
Home Decorator
Gardner (to help w/their home gardens so they will grow)
CPR Instructor
Chef from a local restaurant
Stylist (to help put together stylish outfits for moms on the go)



answers from Cleveland on

fun cupcake decorating or just cake decorating

speech expectations, requirements for kindg sort of what typical development should be.

a relationship speaker

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