What Were Your Cookie Exchange Experiences?

Updated on November 17, 2009
T.H. asks from Clovis, NM
3 answers

Hi there ladies, I am so excited to being hosting another cookie Exchange this Holiday Season, but I was wondering, for those of you who've also had the pleasure of hosting one or just being apart of one, how was it for you? What games did you play, if any? What about parting gifts for the guests, because I can't seem to think of an idea for that? I just want to make this a memorable event for my friends and I and am just looking for any good ideas on how to make this happen. Thanks so much in advance, T.

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answers from Dallas on

I agree that you don't HAVE to give parting gifts, but if you really want to ... how about a cookie cutter or an ornament. Or perhaps an ornament that looks like a cookie? You could actually make those yourself. My stepdaughter made us some really cute ornaments a few years ago. She basically made some sort of dough and baked them. Be sure to poke a hole in them before you bake them to tie on a ribbon. I'm sure you can google a recipe for doing this.

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answers from Dallas on

I have been to a Cookie Exchange for the last three or four years at the same person's house, and it is always fun. The cookie exchange itself is always a lot of fun and is a game in itself. She also always has some prizes that she wraps and then draws names every half hour or so, so different people get a candle, ornament, lotion, etc. There is always a lot of good food because everyone brings some of their dish to share. Fun!

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answers from Dallas on

I think anytime you have good food and friends, you have the makings for a memorable event. As far as games go, I'm not sure what sort of group you're having. Trivia games or things like "Would you rather" could be good. Is this during the day or night? Will there be cocktails, if so this can change things a bit. As far as parting gifts go, I thought the parting gifts were the cookies. I can't imagine doing more than that. But you know your guests best.

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