What Types of Toys Does Your 7 or 8 Year Old Boy Enjoy?

Updated on July 16, 2010
K.M. asks from Angola, LA
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I was wanting to get a few things for my son, but am clueless about what older boys really like. I want to surprise him. I don't want to spend much but he needs a few new things. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks you guys!

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answers from Spokane on

Right this minute my almost 7 yr/ old LOVES those little plastic Army Men and to play "castles" w/those plastic knights!

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answers from Denver on

Legos, hot wheels, video games/computer games, DVD's, star wars action figures, army men, bakugan. Board games: monopoly, battleship, connect four, sorry, checkers, chinese checkers. Card games: uno, skipbo.

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answers from Wichita on

My boys (8.5 & 4.5) like: transformers, iron man, star wars, ben 10, bakugan, bionicles, nurf shooters & legos.

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answers from Lake Charles on


I have a 7 year old son so this question was easy for me. He loves Hot Wheels cars or remote control cars. He's kind of into Legos. He's also into science and loves the planets and space. His real passion is WWE wrestling figurines. He has the wrestling ring and many of the figurines. He's also into sports and loves the New Orleans Saints. My suggestion to you is this: watch him and pay close attention to anything he seems really passionate about. My son got really interested in wrestling after a friend was and I just bought toys after I noticed he wanted to learn about it. If you follow this rule you are sure to get something he loves. And you don't have to spend a lot on the toys; our local dollar store has the wrestling figurines for about 3 dollars, I'm sure you could find something there that your son would like. Good Luck!



answers from Seattle on

- Games of all kinds... chess, checkers, dominos, dice, ingenious, go, connect4, monopoly, risk, stratego

- Computer & Video games of all kinds

- Anything with wheels: bikes, skateboard, razor

- Any kind of "war game"

- Legos... particularly starwars legos

- Remote Control Anything



answers from Tulsa on

Lego sets, 100-500 piece puzzles, model cars from Hobby Lobby or anything that requires detailed work, art supplies, modeling clay, but it really depends on his interests. he may hate sitting down and doing anything that makes him think or he may love Science/Astronomy and would love a microscope or telescope.


answers from Jacksonville on

My son was into Bionicles at that age. It lasted a long time too. He still makes things out of them sometimes... his own creatures. He just turned 12.



answers from New Orleans on

Some gifts that have been popular with my nephew (now 12) in the past include binoculars, sporting equipment like footballs/basketballs, books of silly jokes or gross science facts, water guns and nerf dart guns (for outside use), and a swiss army knife. This is in addition to the usual video game stuff like nintendo DS and DS games, which boys are crazy about.



answers from Norfolk on

my son is 11 now but at that age and even up till he was 10 he loved his hot wheels and monster trucks!



answers from Cincinnati on

We love our nerf guns and such. But it definitely is more fun for him when we play together. He's an only child so most things this age are either done together or with a friend. He likes to have his goal set up outside (It was less than $40) and he has the ability to play hockey or soccer with that in the yard. The neighbors down the street have a basketball hoop the boys love to play with. Riding bikes is huge thing for us, along with swimming as he can finally make the whole length of the pool doing the butterfly stroke! My son also spends less than an hour a day (as it's limited) playing on the computer. There are great games on abcyah.com for kids that are educational and based on their level in school! Tons of fun.


answers from Columbus on

LOL! I thought I might be the first to mention Legos, but I guess not! My son recently had a Lego party and some of the boys weren't really Lego freaks like my son, but still had a blast playing the Lego games we had. (Minotaurus and Lava Dragon). Even if he's not into Legos right now, getting him started with a set might be an introduction to a future love. My 10 year old and 7 year old play with them all....the.....time. My oldest is more of a sports nut and is in constant motion, but will still sit down with his siblings to play on a rainy day. My son's favorite series are Star Wars and Harry Potter. You can find so many different series and interests within the Lego sets.....Prince Of Persia, Atlantis, Bionacle, Creators, the list goes on and on. Good luck!!



answers from Los Angeles on

I sell Discovery Toys and I have a few really fun games for boys this age, plus a couple of great summer outdoor toys! You can check out everything on my site at http://www.discoverytoyslink.com/karenchao

For outdoor summer toys, I recommend Hydroblast and Spring & Catch.
For everyday toys and games, he would love Labyrinth, Tricky Fingers and Wiz Kidz. Word Flip is also a lot of fun!

If he's into building things, Marbleworks is the best!

Let me know if you have any questions. I'd love to help you get him some great new stuff.



answers from Oklahoma City on

I think it depends on what your son likes and if he is more of an indoor or outdoor boy. My 7 yr old is an indoor type. He loves Legos, Ben 10 alien monsters that the body parts can be arranged to make new aliens(2 aliens to a pack $5.50ish), anything about planets and space and he loves to do science experiments. There are kits at Hobby Lobby and just basic ones you can find on the internet and use supplies at home. Now my 6 yr old loves those things also but he likes to ride bikes, his scooter, and is game for just about anything really. Oh, everyday he asks to do a craft. lol. Makes me crazy.

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