What Toys Do 18 Month Olds Like?

Updated on August 04, 2008
M.J. asks from Saint Paul, MN
4 answers

I recently went through my daughter's toys and noticed that she has alot of "baby" toys that she does not play with so I packed them all up and brought them downstairs. After doing that I realized she does not have alot of educational toys or even toddler toys in general but am having trouble figuring out what is most appropriate to get her right now.

I have looked on many websites but it sure seems like the toys that are posted for 18 month olds are actually baby toys. Any suggestions?

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My son (18 months old) could be content for hours with a bat and ball. He always liked to make sounds/music, too. He has maracas, a farm animal guitar, tambourine, and a toy piano. We have a blast pretending to be in a band together. He recently began an interest in trains, trucks and cars. He finally mastered the rocking horse that my folks got him months ago. Books continue to be a favorite, but he's starting to put books and little toys in my purses while carrying them around. Oh, adding to his "outfit" are my shoes.

We are starting to push him toward the blocks lately since he doesn't know how to stack them (fine motor). We talk about the colors and which ones are big, little, etc. We also realized that we don't allow him to use crayons and markers as much as he should.

He is not very interested in puzzles or sorting toys unless I initiate and role model the play. He would usually put the puzzle pieces on shelves and tables instead of in their place.

During this summer, we explore outside A LOT. He is playing with sticks, pinecones, grass, butterflies, leaves, flowers, caterpillars, dirt, sand, ants, rocks, EVERYTHING. It's been an awesome experience so far!



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Wooden blocks, tree blocks, soft squishy blocks,interlocking blocks(duplo) things to stack and knock down, these will grow with your child well into the future.My youngest at 15 months is great at deconstruction my older kids 6, 71/2, 10, 13 will build things for her to knock down and rebuild she is starting to build them herself, Blocks are great for sorting too. Good Luck!



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letter and number magnets, puzzles, and for us anything to do with music : ). i think around 2 they start more pretend play so like pretend food and dress up stuff, cars, playdough



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I have a 17 month old little girl too and she loves to play with her dolls. She likes books, toys that encourage large motor play like a bike (radio flyer makes a great foldable bike), and coloring with crayons or on the chalkboard. If you are looking for educational toys look for toys that will grow with your child. She will be learning her letters, colors, and shapes in the next few months to a year so toys that encourage that would be great too. Mostly my little one likes anything that looks like what momma uses.

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