What Toys?

Updated on April 20, 2016
G.G. asks from Richardson, TX
7 answers

so it's holiday season once again...
Which toys are your kids asking for this year??

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answers from Waco on

Hi G.,
Well being as I have a shelf full of toys from my sons birthday in September on recall, I am considering none...
I have talked to some moms at my sons play group and the feeling is mutual. The common groans are what are we taking away from our children ?
Christmas can be warm and fuzzy with books, music and if I can find a toy not made in china...after all we create the memories and I can' bear the thought of sitting in a hospital years from now because he Had to have that toy what are the guidelines too much lead ? to handle ?only if they mouth them? what are the risks?



answers from Dallas on


Not to do any self promoting lol, but all of my sons Christmas presents are coming from Discovery Toys. They are an educational toy company that has the most amazing toys books games and music. I know this becasue I have most of them already since I have my own business through them. All of their products are lifetime guranteed and go through indpendent testing for lead paint, choking hazzards etc. Here is my website so you can flip through the catalog if you want. www.discoverytoyslink.com/yourkidswillthankyou



answers from Austin on

Check out these toys for 2010. For a more complete list, go to the link to "Top Toys 2010" below:

1. Green Start Giant Floor Puzzle
2. Kid K’Nex Railroad Pals Building Set
3. Slimy Squishy Polymer Fun




answers from Dallas on

my 4 yr old son loves Transformers and will sit there for hours playing with one.



answers from Dallas on

My daughter who is five years old wants a barbie house. My boys, 2/12 want geo trax trains.



answers from New York on

Everything Zombies...For sure we are getting the Zombie Plant Grow kit
they sell on thinkgeek. In it you can grow a real zombie Plant that PLAYS DEAD when you Touch it...Minutes later it comes back to life!

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