What to Wear to an Interview?!?!

Updated on February 22, 2011
R.P. asks from Columbia Station, OH
17 answers

OKay I have an intereview tomorrow at MACYS as a sales associote and i have no clue what to wear?! I have a pair of black dress paints that i figured i would wear and i have a purple sweater that i could wear but not sure how well that will look together (gonna try on in a bit to see how it looks) but i dont know if i should get a nice button down or what. What would you wear? I am a bigger girl so I do not want something skimpy (i am about a size 20 pant)

I have not had an interview in well ever, so i am not exactly sure what to wear. Would a White button down with black dress pants work?

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answers from New York on

Simple, simple.

Black pants are fine. Either the white button down or a simple sweater is fine. Classic Jewlery or one trendy piece is good. Hair simple. Nails simple.

I think they wear all black at Macy's.

Good luck!!

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answers from Las Vegas on

I say go with the button down blouse and give it the professional look. Go easy on any jewelry and perfumes.

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answers from Minneapolis on

The black pants are a good idea if they fit well and you feel great in them. I would for sure try on the sweater to see if it, too, fits well and looks good together with the pants. The main thing is to not wear anything too tight, skimpy, low-cut, or anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. Keep jewelry and make-up simple, and smile!

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answers from Washington DC on


I would wear what you are comfortable in - yet something that says "professional"

I would NEVER wear ANYTHING skimpy to an interview unless you were interviewing for a lap dancer job!! :)

Dress slacks are nice - i would avoid blue jeans and anything fru-fru!! :)


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answers from Sacramento on

Dress to impress. If you have a suit, wear it. If not, black dress pants with a nice blouse will work. The purple sweater might work if it's dressy and you pair it with a nice necklace or scarf.

Good luck!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Wear the nicest outfit you've got. The white button down would be fine with black pants. Do you have a jacket, sweater or vest for a 3rd piece?
I agree with the advice you've got to keep the jewelry & makeup simple & classic.
Make sure your shoes are in good shape/polished. No spikey heels.
Small bag or briefcase is good too. Be prepared with additional copies of your resumé.
Add a nice smile as the perfect slam-dunk accessory!
Good luck!

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answers from Dallas on

Why not buy an accessory to tie everything together. That will be an inexpensive way to feel put together and more confident. Just a pretty purple and black necklace, bangle bracelet, or scarf. Bring the eye up to your face with something at the neck. Confidence is the most important thing weapon youhave in your arsenal. Walk in confidently, with a smile on your face and meet the interviewer in the eyes. Give a good firm handshake. Go in with the attitude that you know what you bring to the table and you are there to see what they can offer you. You're a catch! They'd be lucky to have you and you just want to see if it will be a good fit. Be prepared to answer "What are your best qualitys and what are your worst" Know what type of hours you are truthfully willing to work. Good Luck

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answers from Boston on

I always wear a suit to an interview. Pants, jacket, pumps, nice blouse. Can't go wrong. If you do wear a sweater make sure it is a conservative one and wear a structured jacket over it. Keep the jewelery and make up simple. I always carry a very small purse and a zippered document folder that holds my resume, paper pad, pen.
Congrats on the interview, be yourself, know what you are looking for in the job, and view it as a way for you to interview THEM about where the job will go in a few years, benefits, hours, expectations, etc. etc.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Ok, just to give you a visual...we're about the same size.
I recently went to an interview where I wore
Black pin stripe pants
A form fitting v-neck shirt (it's not t-shirt material)
and a black ruffle ballero that was 3/4 sleeve
My shoes were grey flats.
Not sure why I opted for all black, but it looked great, I also had no jewelry on, except simple stud earrings.
I can't wear a pant suit to interviews, it's extremely uncomfortable for me.
I hate having the jacket on, then if the room is hot you start to sweat, noooo thank you. So I always go for "thin" pieces in layers. If the sweater doesn't look right, button downs are usually a "can't go wrong" piece. If you're really nervous about it..go to macy's and see what the associates are wearing, then wear something similar.

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answers from Fort Wayne on

I would wear something from Macy's. Chances are, if you get a job there you're going to have to wear clothes that they carry anyway.

Dress pants and nice shirt should be just fine.

Good luck!

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answers from Redding on

Dress like you are ready to go to work starting tomorrow immediately after the interview.

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answers from Dallas on

First of all good luck on your interview tomorrow. Secondly, think about what the sales associates where when you go into the store. I think Black or Blue are strong colors to wear. I'm not sure about a purple sweater. Look and be confident!
Good Luck!

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answers from Cleveland on

Wear the black pants and white shirt, but get a pretty scarf to wear with it, so you don't look like a waitress.

Good luck with the interview!

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answers from Chicago on

Lots of Good advice, now GOOD LUCK!!!Let us know if you get the job.



answers from Indianapolis on

Black pants with a white shirt - anything that looks like business-ware. You want to look professional and neat! Interviewing is frightening the first time you do it! The biggest things are to be confident and gracious! YOu can do it!

A. V.



answers from Cincinnati on

I would wear a white blouse, black skirt, hose, and blazer. You want to look professional.



answers from Cincinnati on

I would wear a skirt and button down shirt.

If you are working in a department store, then yes, I say go with black pants and a button down shirt or nice sweater. If its in the corporate office then I say skirt and shirt.

Good Luck! I hope you get the job

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