What to Wear for School Pictures?

Updated on October 06, 2009
J.M. asks from Elgin, IL
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My son is having his first school pictures taken this week and I was wondering what he should wear. Solid color? What color to avoid? Any recommendations of what to or not to wear would be greatly appreciated.

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So What Happened?

I followed the advice of Alice T and let him wear what he normally wears to school (no white). There was no extra pressure going to school in the morning for any of us. He looks great in the pictures and for someone who does not like to pose for pictures, he even looks happy in a couple of them. Most importantly he had a good day at school. Thanks everyone.

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Remember you want your kids to look like themselves. Let your child wear what he always wears to school---don't go all out and buy some fancy clothes. In years to come you want those pictures to be a true reflection of your child not your kid in someone else's attire. My daugher wore the same dress everyday for 9 and a half weeks...it wasn't the best thing for pictures but if she had worn anything else it wouldn't have been her.

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I would stay away from a white shirt as they tend to make the wearer look washed out. bright colors are good. small prints are good. big floral/ patterned type stuff is not good.



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Aww. It's a sweet milestone, isn't it? I usually have my kids wear something that looks wintery (sweater or long-sleeved shirt) in case the photos are good enough to send out with Christmas cards. The backgrounds are almost always bright blue or grayish-blue, if that helps you to choose clothes.

But I have to tell you that my percentage has not been good so far! Most of the photos go into a box and we order from Picture People for the "good" pictures. Oh, well. I still treasure the school photos, bad expressions and cowlicks and all. (I just don't order more than the minimum!)



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They recommend no T-shirts at our school. But I have found with my kiddos something simple works best. For my oldest he loved striped shirts, so most of his school pics were in his favorites of that. I have noticed that my daughter's favorite color, hot pink, looks really, really nice on her and realized most of her school pics have that color. I'd say dress him up a bit, but offer him 2 choices & let him have some say. It's nice when you look back and say oh my gosh, I remember that shirt, he LOVED that shirt! :)

Have fun!



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Nothing with really big prints and if possible, not a white shirt if he is light skinned. Most school pictures are taken from the chest or shoulders up so you want to have a color that looks good on him. The background will probably be blue or gray unless you get to pick something else so you'll want to keep that in mind. I usually got a polo for my son and a few times he wanted to dress like the principal so he wore a shirt and tie.

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