What to Wear for an Interview

Updated on May 03, 2019
T.H. asks from Beverly Hills, CA
13 answers

The office culture is business casual, but unsure what people wear to interviews anymore. 15 years ago, a pant suit or a business suit was what I wore...what do you ladies wear to your interviews?

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answers from Portland on

I wore a suit when I didn't know what I was walking into. However it was soft material so not stuffy and a bright (blue cobalt) shirt underneath so vibrant.

When recruited for a job by people I knew, or I knew about the position, I'd wear something more casual - like nice pants and a jacket. It's still a put together look (think like a blazer) but it's not so formal (like the pieces didn't go together as a suit).

If you don't know, I'd err on the side of caution and dress up.

Oh! and good luck :) hope you get it!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Pants suit.
The office culture may be casual, but for an interview, dress to impress.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Interview attire hasn't changed in the last 15 years. Wear a suit. Whether you wear a skirt suit or pant suit is your preference. I would not dress business casual to an interview.

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answers from New York on

I had an interview last year and I actually asked this same question since I hadn't interviewed in a billion years.

I ended up wearing a black blazer with a black tank underneath, black slacks and flats. I did choose a piece of statement jewelry to give the outfit some flair and help folks remember me (it was a panel interview and 3 of the 5 people mentioned my necklace at some point during the interview). A scarf or pin would have worked, too.

Wear something you feel comfortable and confident wearing - a person looks better in a casual outfit they feel great in, than they do in a $500 suit that they don't feel comfortable in.

I did get offered the job (I still swear the necklace had something to do with it - it's always been lucky for me). I didn't end up taking it, but the person who called me did ask where I got that necklace before ending the conversation :)

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answers from Norfolk on

A pants suit should be fine.
It's ok to be a bit more formal for an interview.
After you land the job you discover what business casual means to this particular company because it can vary a lot from one business to the next.
The company I worked for had a wide range of dress because we were attached to our warehouse.
Even though there was casual Fridays there were those who were just more comfortable in a suit at all times so that's what they wore - no one was offended by it.

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answers from Dallas on

It is great and helpful if the office culture is business casual but in my opinion, interview wardrobe has not changed.

Personally, I would wear a nice suit. Pants or skirt, your preference with a jacket.

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answers from Tyler on

I'm the principal's secretary at a 5A high school in Texas. This is hiring season and I see multiple people coming in for interviews daily. Dress professionally, no matter what the standard dress is for the employees. Dress for the success you want to achieve. Corny, but it works.

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answers from San Francisco on

Skirt (knee length or longer) or slacks, polished heels of a resonable height (or flats but no sandals or mules) and a professional blouse. A blazer if you have one. Minimal makeup and jewelry.
A suit is still great for an interview, even in a business casual environment. Good luck!

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answers from Kalamazoo on

business casual, might wear nice slacks/pants and nice shirt, collared. Really depends a lot on the business type, location etc.

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answers from Boise on

Wear a dress , like something you would wear to wedding or church or to a nice restaurant.


answers from Washington DC on

i can't imagine not dressing professionally for an interview. might not be a suit, but certainly dress slacks or skirt with an understated power blouse.



answers from Los Angeles on

Always dress up for the interview...even if the culture of clothing has changed.
Things I've omitted over the years: skirts & nylons.
I would wear slacks, a blouse & a blazer. Not necessarily a "suit" but
definitely a blazer. Looks finished, polished & professional.



answers from Minneapolis on

I sometimes help interview people for my employer, and the job itself I interview people for is very casual (labor), but still, we are always impressed with the people who come in dressed very professional. I think that always helps, to dress as nice as possible. It shows you really want the job.

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