What to Wear for a Job Interview??

Updated on October 31, 2010
B.B. asks from Charleston, WV
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The job is an Engineering position and it pays from 50-75K. Should a suit and tie be worn? If not, what is appropriate? Thanks in advance! Oh No! no,no- not me! I'm terrible at anything mathematical or technical! It's for my husband! Oh could you imagine if I showed up for a job with a suit and tie? Maybe slick back my ponytail and pencil in a moustache, too!(Which isn't necessary, my Italian self got hairier with each pregnancy!)Had to clarify that-help!

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So What Happened?

I DID just learn how to tie a terrific Windsor knot-so this isn't totally fruitless I guess!** Thank you all so much! After a night of washing and ironing, polishing shoes, tying ties, and finding matching dress socks and belts, and even cleaning the inside of the car(just in case they send someone out to take a peek) in 30 degree weather, I am finally ready for bed-ready for a 7am start, feeling that everything was thorough. I guess now here comes the waiting game!! Thank you all again for your input and insight!

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answers from Denver on

Engineers are a different breed than bankers, sales, operations managers, etc. Had my DH worn a suit and tie to the job interview he had for an IT engineering position making 100K+ they would not have given him the job. They said this after he was hired...he wore a button down shirt and pressed slacks. This was just last month. A suit would have indicated he was not a good fit with their laid back environment. It's the same with the IT companies I worked for (two really big silicon valley companies)

You have to get a read from the company via their website and people who work there. If they are laid back, a suit won't work. If they're more traditional, a suit is a better idea. GL! Hope he got the job!!

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answers from Reno on

Dress very professionally and suited to the weather. Conservative and tasteful is the goal.

Good luck!

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answers from Raleigh on

I'm an engineer, and in our office, interviewees wear something nice. I'd say dress pants, pressed shirt, and tie, unless it's chilly, then wear slacks and pressed shirt and jacket (blazer). No tie is really necessary, but it's fine. Depending on the engineering firm- some are more formal than others- that will change once he gets the job. Engineers' uniform tends to be a button down shirt and dockers (we tend to be less formal and more "get it done"). Or if in the field- jeans, boots, and polo-type shirt. Good luck!

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answers from Missoula on

Yep, a suit and tie, absolutely. Good luck to him!



answers from Huntington on

I am a human resource professional and interviewing and hiring engineers is part of my job. Looks like we are even 'neighbors', so maybe I am interviewing your husband!!

Yes, he should wear a suit and tie. Better to be overdressed than under for a situation like a job interview. Most men cannot go wrong with a dark charcoal suit, solid shirt and snappy tie!! Chances are, the job will not require that type of dress on a daily basis, but if you cannot dress to impress in an interview, they will wonder what you will be like on a regular day (flip flops???) lol

Good luck!!



answers from Dallas on

I agree no tie, but a classy suit. No heavy make up or perfume; Good luck! I hope you get the job :o)



answers from Lexington on

unless it is a job as a construction worker or at McD's a suit and tie should ALWAYS be worn. It not only makes a good impression, it can also contribute to self-confidence.


answers from St. Louis on

I think a suit would work best, but make sure it fits good. We were taught the three B's in FBLA, no boobs, no butt and no belly showing. :) Modest is always a good thing I think!


answers from Chicago on

My mom always said dress for the job, plus 1 ... so I would suggest if a "drive by" that office at lunch time to see what people are wearing on a Monday/Tuesday and gauge from there
If they wear suits/jackets then wear that, plus a nice tie pin and cuffs and nice shoes
If they are wearing polo shirts and kahkis then a more casual suit and tie but still nice
If they are wearing suits/ties w/out jacket then have the suit/tie plus jacket
the tie makes me think you are asking for your hubby so I went with mens attire.



answers from Atlanta on

DEFINITELY a suit and tie! My husband is Vice President of Executive IT Recruiting for a major southeastern bank. He always lets people know that while they won't need to wear a tie for work, they need to dress for the interview. You can't go wrong with a nice interview suit. If nothing else it shows you've thought about it and you care. I have worked for years in the software industry with many engineers. There is usually a very relaxed dress code in the places I work, but for interviews -you "bring it" with the suit!


answers from San Francisco on

The general rule is: one step above the interviewer (unless the interviewer is already wearing a 3 piece suit, then wear that). If he does not know what the interviewer will be wearing and can't find out from someone a call to HR to ask what the dress code of the office is, well, better than wearing the wrong thing.



answers from Wichita on

I dont think a tie is necessary, but a suit is always a good idea.


answers from Rochester on

Suit and tie at minimum, although for men I think as long as they are in a sharp, even if basic suit, they are good to go. Make sure his shoes are polished the day before and if possible carry a briefcase. I'm not sure why, but I've read that accessories can matter, and it is always better to look like you're ready to step in and give a presentation to the company's board members or investors. Make sure he wears black socks with a black suit, etc. My husband once accidently bought navy because he saw they were dark rather than looking at the label. :)



answers from Chicago on

Suit for sure. No tie.

Good luck!



answers from Spokane on

I go by the 'dress for the job you WANT' rule. A suit and tie sound perfectly appropriate



answers from Santa Barbara on

Yes, for hubby a suit and tie. This is a professional position. Best of luck!

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