What to Say in a Bridal Shower Invitation

Updated on March 30, 2010
K.S. asks from Bedford, TX
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I am using evite to send out the invitations for my friends bridal shower. I want to put something cute or catchy in the wording. This is for a couple who each have a house. They are wanting people to contribute a gift of money towards their honeymoon vacation. About them...She has twin girls (Madison and Makenzie) from a previous marriage, and I think this is his only marriage. The shower will probably take place at her house one Sunday afternoon. We'll have fruit, finger sandwiches, punch, etc...maybe some games...a typical shower. Does anyone know of a catchy phrase or a nice saying for inside the invitation? Thank you!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Uh--it's a bridal shower that they don't need. There is no NON tacky way to ask for cash for a shower UNLESS they are donating it to charity.

This sounds like a situation where "no gifts please, just join us to celebrate" would be most appropriate!

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answers from Chicago on

It's not good taste to put the request for money on the invite. I would just do a standard invite and when the people call and ask 'what do they want?' - then you can reply 'Since they both have fully furnished houses, they would appreciate money'. Some people will not want to give money. Some friends of mine decided to not register for anything, so people were kind of forced to give them money. Or she could register for only a few things - people will buy them and then the registry will be filled and people will give money since there is nothing else the couple really wants.

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answers from Dallas on

I don't have any experience, but I've heard of honeymoon registries. Have you looked into that? I don't know that friends and family of the couple (knowing their circumstances) will be offended by contributing to a vacation.

No specific suggestions on wording, but google "bridal shower invitations" and look for catchy wording that fits. You'll be surprised how many examples you find out there.

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answers from Washington DC on

If they don't want gifts, then I think you should call it an 'engagement party' instead of a bridal shower. Bridal shower implies gifts.


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answers from Austin on

The first thing that pops in my mind is "They can want all they want, it's still rude to ask for money!". I know that you are just looking for wording, but are you wanting to know how to ask people for honeymoon money for a previously married person via an "evite"?
How about," Come celebrate the joining of two families on date, time. No gifts, please!"
If anyone asks what else they can do, there are websites that engaged couples can set up to have people put money into a vacation. I think it's ridiculous, but what can you do.
Here is one:

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answers from Kansas City on

Oh boy--I hate to tell you this--but it is rude to ask for money(or anything else) for gifts. A bridal shower is intended to help the bride be prepared for married life, not to buy her(and her groom) a vacation.

There is never any way to tactfully request specific gifts. People who care about her may want to purchase something for their shared home, and some really kind and thoughtful people may even want to make her something: a quilt, some artwork, something special that signifies this important stage of her life. I think you are going to have to go with tradition here and just throw a shower with no specific gift requests, or to say 'no gifts, please'. Sorry.

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