What to Register for with a 2Nd Baby?

Updated on March 25, 2013
A.E. asks from Waukee, IA
19 answers

I will be having a baby of the same sex as last time, almost 5 years apart.
I have started a registry mainly so I know what I need to get or hubby or if we need to send someone they have a picture plus also a receipt!
I was just curious what things you might register for 2nd time around.
This girl is of the opposite season.
Also perhaps have a baby shower after the baby is here.
We kept big things crib, bassinet, stroller.

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answers from Louisville on

Registering implies that you not only want (and expect) gifts, but that you also only want specific things.

I think it's very tacky and "gimme gimme gimme" to register for anything for a second baby, especially one of the same sex.

Also, can't you just make a list? Why do you have to have a registry so you know what you need to get?

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answers from Chicago on

all i bought for my second was clothes (he was a boy) and a transitional object. With my third, after I got rid of almost everything, I borrowed sleep sacks, a swing, etc. from friends, and picked up some newborn clothes on clearance.

Beyond that, I worried about putting food in my freezer.

If you kept everything, you really don't need to register. You don't really need much. Diapers and food for you.

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answers from New York on

I think registering for a second baby, especially the same sex is in poor taste. Sorry.

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answers from Columbus on

I did not register for gifts for our second baby. I personally am uncomfortable with registries, especially for second children. The idea behind bridal showers and baby showers were to help young families get started. My husband and I were in our 30s and living on our own when we married - a shower seemed kind of silly. Same thing with a second baby -- you've done it once already, you have the things you need. It was kind of friends and family to shower us the first time around, we held on to all the things we needed (except we purchased different gender clothes) but we made the choice to have a second and I don't see it as "celebrating a child" as much as asking for things. It made me too uncomfortable. It's our financial responsibility to take care of those few things -- not others'.

eta: amen to one and done! Yes, of course every baby deserves nice things... that you buy for them. And by the way, while every baby deserves nice things, 90% of those nice things will be used and gotten rid of before that child is even old enough to remember them or recognize them as special.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

ETA: response to mini rant: sure every baby "deserves" nice things! provided by their parents...not from a shower. It will seem like a grab for gifts. By almost everyone.

Not a shower, right?
"Meet the baby" party hosted (paid for) by babies parents.
I wouldn't register.
You have the big stuff.
You'll get season-appropriate gifts, I'm sure.

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answers from Dallas on

ETA to One and Done's response to the Mini Rant... VERY WELL SAID... Every baby does deserve special things from RESPONSIBLE parents.
5 years apart?

I would host ( as in sponsor and pay for) a welcome our new baby drop in party after the baby is here vs a shower.

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answers from Kansas City on

i totally S. the "welcome baby" shower, after she is born.

one of the biggest things i learned with my first was that a LOT of the things they say you just "gotta have" aren't really all that necessary. we never even ended up getting a changing table- and turns out, the crib works just fine. i wouldn't register at all S. time around.

ETA; oh Katrina, no one is attacking anyone here but you. "everyone saying it's tacky to celebrate any children after the first and how dare you register." no one said any such thing. hence the suggestion for the "welcome baby" party - i.e. celebrating the CHILD - which is not the same thing as asking for gifts. and no one said a thing about how dare you register. i get annoyed at responses like this accusing us all of demeaning S. or third born children...sheesh. having a shower IS asking for things! we ARE adults by the S. or third child, and we SHOULD be prepared to provide for that child. not one person expressing that opinion was being rude. your response, was.

the question asked was "what to register for with a 2nd baby". my answer - nothing.

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answers from St. Louis on

never registered, even with 6 years....then 3 more years between my pregnancies.

invited all of the family+friends for the baby's baptism....& never planned for gifts. With our daughter, her baptism was at the hospital. With our younger son, he was 6 weeks old & everybody enjoyed Mass & his baptism....with a ton of food following. A great day!

only you can decide what you need.....based on what you have.

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answers from Lynchburg on

Hi A.-

I am with TF...host and pay for a 'welcome our new baby' open house...

But, I am one that never has 'registered' for anything...(to include wedding)...I relied on word of mouth (if someone was persistent)...and mostly was grateful for acknowledgement of an 'event'.

Just my thoughts...

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answers from New York on

A carseat. Personally I would not register with a second baby of the same sex. It appears that you are asking for gifts. People are pretty imaginative on their own when it comes to baby gifts. Sit back and just think if someone gives you a gift, it is a nice surprise.

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answers from San Diego on

I put personal things like a memory box, cuddle blankets, piggy banks. Our first 2 were 3 years apart so I found I really needed 2 of a lot of things because we didn't buy "baby" things and instead bought convertible things that went into toddlerhood with the first and he was still using them. Clothes did not hold up nearly as well as people seem to imply. Stains were the worst part, things that looked clean when I packed them up didn't look so clean the second time around and washing them didn't always work.
With my third we would add whatever we bought to the registry and then mark it as bought so anyone asking would see what we were decorating in and what our tastes were.
Of course all the consumables like diapers and wipes and creams and whatever else along those lines.
Bibs never survive more than one.

Sorry but I have to make a mini rant. I get so annoyed at everyone saying it's tacky to celebrate any children after the first and how dare you register. I was asked, repeatedly, for a registry for all 3 of my children because everyone we knew wanted to shower the baby with presents. Baby shower..shower the baby is the way I see it. I had a Mothering shower with my first, I saw that as my shower into motherhood. I see the baby shower as a shower for the baby that deserves to have nice things too. The Meet the Baby parties is what I find tacky. I did not want to entertain large amounts of people or have my baby dragged to a party after they were born. A couple people at a time was all I wanted, even if it was every day and a few times a day, but not all at once. I know, not what you asked at all but the responses..ugh..

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answers from Chicago on

Since your question was not should you have a shower but what should you register for.... here are my ideas

clothing for the season
stuff you may have given away (new born car seat, swing etc)
diapers diapers and more diapers
wipes wipes and more wipes lol.
snowsuit if you live in area that needs that.

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answers from Savannah on

I haven't seen car seat on anyone's list yet, so that is what i would recommend. Most car seats have expiration dates 5 years out, so if your old infant car seat has not expired yet, I am sure it will very soon.


answers from Milwaukee on

Baby carrier as you will have your hands more full
Sheets and stuff that could use updating
Waterproof bed pads that can be used for so much
feeding supplies
A giant tub of aquafor
nicer shampoos and washes



answers from Oklahoma City on

If you're very poor then you can go to local agencies to get stuff for free sometimes. They usually have baby items and just give them to needy families.

I hope that you have a wonderful pregnancy and adorable baby! It's so fun to have a new one.



answers from Phoenix on

I didn't register for my second, but things that I needed:
- Summer clothes in tiny sizes due to season difference
- Disposable stuff- diapers, wipes, body wash, lotion
- A forehead swipe thermometer, so cool!!
- New diaper bag (old one got worn into the ground)
- New crib sheets, blankets, few things to make the nursery look a little different for the new baby without a lot of expense

Think about possible new requirements for new seasons with a little one- like a car seat blanket if she is coming for winter or swim gear if she is coming for summer.

Oh, I also got some new parts for my breast pump, breast milk bags, and nursing bras!



answers from Washington DC on

Double stroller, depending on the age of the older one. Any baby gadgets that you learned about after your first was too old to get good use out of it. Diapers. Anything that might have worn out with the first.

The big second time around things for me were an ergo carrier, woombie wrap, and a new baby bathtub.

Congratulations on baby #2!


Double stroller, depending on the age of the older one. Any baby gadgets that you learned about after your first was too old to get good use out of it. Diapers. Anything that might have worn out with the first.

The big second time around things for me were an ergo carrier, woombie wrap, and a new baby bathtub.

Congratulations on baby #2!


answers from San Francisco on

My second was the opposite sex and the only thing I remember needing was a double stroller and some new clothes. I pretty much had everything else.
My best girlfriends and mom/aunt took me out to lunch and "showered" me with gifts but I didn't register for anything.
The nursery remained as it was because I had painted it in my favorite color/theme for babies: blue and white with Beatrix Potter accents (bunnies, cats, ducks, etc.) Cute for boys and girls, at least IMO :-)


answers from Columbia on

Congratulations on your upcoming arrival!

There's nothing wrong with a wish list to ensure that you know what you need to purchase, or if someone would like to give a gift. I'm sure grandparents, friends and family will ask, so you'll have a list to direct them to. Instead of a registry, perhaps you could do an Amazon.com Wishlist. There's nothing wrong with wishes.

I do think it's tacky to throw your own shower. Showers are thrown by friends and family, not for ourselves.

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