What to Put Flax Meal on for 4 Year Old and 11 Year Old?

Updated on May 01, 2012
B.C. asks from Arlington, TX
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Since hearing how incredibly wonderful flax is for you, I bought some tonight for the family. My problem is that my kids (especially the 4 year old) are turning their noses up to it. I know I can convince my 11 year old to taste it but I'd like to try to conceal it a bit with my younger one.
I tried to hide it under her preservatives tonight but then she said that she didn't like her toast. *sigh*
So, what should I do with it? I thought about mixing it with her yogurt but right now she's eating those horizon yogurt tubes so that won't work. She eats cereal every morning, should I sprinkle it in her cereal?
Help! Lol.

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So What Happened?

Oh, and she's on a restricted diet right now. No citrus, no peanuts, no milk. Thanks guys! Great ideas! I ended up today pouring her yogurt tube out onto her plate and mixed it in. She's in there right now eating away without a care (or know) in the world! :)

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answers from Provo on

I also put it in oatmeal and anything I bake...pancakes, waffles, cookies, muffins, bread...etc. I've tried it in smoothies too...and I don't know why I don't do it more often...it was good :). If she can't do peanuts...could you put some in almond butter? I made hummus tonight and I can see putting some in that. Good luck - it is good stuff :)

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answers from Houston on

I sprinkle the ground flax seeds it in our oatmeal. Then top it with fresh fruit and a little bit of brown sugar. You can also bake with it.

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answers from Fort Collins on

I blend it up with smoothies. You can make smoothies with soy yogurt and/or soy milk/rice milk/almond milk/coconut milk/etc...

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answers from Chicago on

You can put it in oatmeal. I add it to the batter when I make muffins.

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answers from Charlotte on

Put it in smoothies. That's the best way.


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answers from Chicago on

If it is the seeds grind them up first - whole seeds are difficult to digest, second I add to smoothies and marinara sauce - smoothies is easy and can be daily.

Smoothie can be done with no milk.

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answers from Allentown on

banana bread, oatmeal

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answers from Nashville on

Try mixing it with peanut butter. Peanut butter is strong and usually will override the taste.

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answers from Dallas on

I mix it in the breading for chicken - baked or fried. You could do the same thing for fish or pork.

Mix it with a little wheat germ and brown sugar as a yogurt topping or as a muffin topping.


answers from Washington DC on

are you grinding it first? the seeds are so tiny and hard they pass right through our digestive systems if we don't! (never mind, just read your title that says flax MEAL not seed.)
i love flax seed. i feed it to my old mares to help their creaky old joints, and always have a bag of ground seed in my fridge. i add it to anything i bake, but also to smoothies, soups, scrambled eggs, yogurt......it can go so many places. but yeah, i'd probably be with your daughter, not sure i'd like it just spread on toast. baked INTO the toast, now, that would work.
:) khairete

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