What to Give for a Confirmation Gift?

Updated on May 01, 2008
A.L. asks from Winter Park, FL
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My grand niece (boy that makes me feel old) is being confirmed this weekend...I need suggestions on a gift. I'm sure she's probably getting a bible from her god parents and I'm not sure if money or a gift card is appropriate...help.

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answers from Ocala on

Check these lists and websites for a treasured keepsake gift that will remind them of this special day picture frames, jewelry, statues, and cards. For gifts that help them continue to grow in the Faith, rosaries, crucifixes, books, and bibles.

TOP TEN CONFIRMATION GIFTS FROM: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/34354/ten_memora...

1. Confirmation Blessing Plaque

This plaque will make a lifetime memory with a religious inscription and blessing set in a finished walnut frame. Available from Maple Hill Arts, the 8” x 10” frame states the following blessing:

May Truth be your guiding star. And may the Word of God always be your most trusted counsel and your heart's greatest treasure.

Visit Maple Hill Arts and search for Confirmation Blessing 176 in their product catalog.

2. Confirmation Keepsake Box

A brass and pewter box has the words “Confirmed in Christ” inscribed on the lid. The commemorative token is available from O’Byrne Religious Goods Company, item # CBX102

3. Survival Kit from God

This humorous but thoughtful gift box features a tin filled with candy and small items with special meanings for tough times and struggles. Items include a String to ‘help you tie up loose ends’, a Lollipop to ‘help you lick your problems’ and a Life Saver to ‘keep you from drowning in every day chores.” This great gift can be purchased from Pixie Dust Gifts

4. Checklist for Life for Teens (book)

This self-help book provides tools and resources in overcoming lifes challenges, and deals with issues regarding self-acceptance, school, stress, and relationships. It is a fresh piece full of ideas to help young adults with life’s inevitable struggles. Available directly from O’Byrne Relgious Goods Company , ISBN ###-###-####

5. Personalized Confirmation Glass FrameThis beautiful 8.5” x 7” wide frame can hold a small photo, and be inscribed with up to 15 characters free of charge. The frame is decorated with a silver cross and white dove. Available from Personalized Presents

6. Parable of the Pearl Necklace

This necklace symbolizes the Biblical Parable of the Pearl. To emphasize the journey of life, the necklace comes with a card stating the following quotation: "The enduring loveliness of this single white pearl lies not only in its outward beauty, but in the miracle of its creation from a tiny grain of sand. May it serve as a reflection of our own journey of life, resulting in heavenly beauty & grace.". The necklace is available from Abernook , item #AA-11-1N2.

7. Inspiration Charm Bracelet

This beautiful charm bracelet from Red Envelope features hand-cast pendants interspersed with gemstones. The inscriptions on the pendants include Love, Patience, Trust, Hope, and Faith as reminders of the newly confirmed faith. Available from Red Envelope, search for ‘inspiration charm bracelet’ in the search field.

8. Archangel Four Coin Set

This signature red velvet gift box features four golden coins to represent the Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael. Available from All About Angels

9. Sponsor Cross

This 5” pewter cross is inscribed with the words “Sponsor/Walking beside me, to help and guide me, You’re always there in Love and Prayer.” It is a wonderful gift for a necklace, or keepsake. Available from O’Byrne Religious Goods, item # JJC9319

10. Footprints Sentiment Ring

This two-toned sterling silver ring has an inscription on the inside band stating “It was then that I carried you” . The footprints accent this ring in 14K gold, and the gift will make a great keepsake and decorative piece. This ring is available from Limoges Jewelry, SKU# 16157.

Check these also for good ideas:

Ultimately, you will decide on the perfect gift from you to your grand niece

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answers from Orlando on

Rosary Beads? Crucifix necklace?
Money is always good too. :)



answers from Orlando on

Cash, cash, cash... and some small token gift from a Christian book store with a cross on it



answers from Orlando on

Hi A.,

I actually have 3 nephews who will be confirmed this month. At this age money or a gift card is appropriate. If giving a gift card I would say from a Book store such as Barnes and Noble. When they did their first communion then I chose to make the gift a more personal one. All of my sister-in-laws suggested money or a gift card as well. Although since it is your niece perhaps a nice cross necklace or bracelet would also be nice.

Congrats and I hope this information helps!

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