What to Get My 14 Year Old

Updated on January 12, 2018
K.C. asks from Bryan, OH
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My daughters birthday is coming up in a few weeks and I have lost for what to get! She has a phone already and computer use. She is really into music. She plays piano, and the ukelele. She's starting to get into makeup also.

Something I'm considering is buying her some clothes at a "teen store". A while ago, she asked if we could go to Hollister. I told her no. I just doesn't seem age appropriate. We normally shop at Old Navy and thrift stores, and I don't see anything wrong with that. If Hollister doesn't seem appropriate to you, do you have suggestions that are?

She could also use a new pair of shoes if you know what is trendy these days!

Any ideas?

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So What Happened?

So I got her a portal charger and some string lights for her room. I also took just her to the mall and got a bunch of stuff at Aeropostle, 2 bras at Pink, and a shirt and jeans at Hollister. I can see us shopping at Aero more, they had some things I really liked and great prices for decent quality. She also picked a reasonable pair of sandals at Macys

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answers from Boston on

How about giving her a spa day where she can get pampered. Or since she's getting into make up maybe a make over where they can teach her how to apply makeup correctly and teach her about skin care.

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answers from New York on

Many cosmetic stores and department store makeup counters offer a deal where you can pay for a makeover by purchasing product (for example, pay $50 at Sephora for a makeover but that $50 can then be used as a store gift card to redeem for makeup...they just want to make sure that you spend $50 in the store).

That might be a nice way to treat her to a makeup lesson and some good makeup.

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answers from Portland on

My friend's daughter likes Abercrombie around that age. They have a younger line (for kids) so depending on how small your daughter is, she may still fit into that (I don't know how the sizes work).

I have found with all those stores (Hollister, Abercrombie, Aerostopale, American Eagle, etc.) they have a range of styles - from modest (basic) to skimpy. You could check them out online. They frequently have sales (30% off etc.).

Could you take her shopping, get 1-2 things - but then when she's not with you, go back and get some things she was interested in? I did that at Christmas and first time didn't have to return anything :)

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answers from Washington DC on

Welcome to mamapedia, K.C.!!

Hollister is JEANS - https://www.hollisterco.com/shop/us - you can get them on sale...what is inappropriate about JEANS???? They are $25!!!

it's her BIRTHDAY - she deserves something NEW and not used for her BIRTHDAY!!

go to Hollister!


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answers from San Francisco on

I'm not sure why you don't find jeans, t shirts and sweat shirts "age appropriate" unless you belong to some kind of religious sect that only allows for girls to wear long skirts and turtlenecks (?)
As for shoes I think converse or adidas are still popular.
As for makeup you could treat her to a makeover at a dept store or Sephora. Usually if you agree to buy a certain amount of product the application is free, plus it's informational and fun.

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answers from Springfield on

plan a mother daughter day, have her pick out something from the stores she wants, take her to the makeup counters and get her a makeover so she can see what colors look good and how to apply them to look good on her, then purchase her some make up to replicate the look she wants end with a nice dinner for 2 at her favorite restaurant include the bday dessert and make memories while you celebrate her birthday

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answers from Anchorage on

To each their own but I refuse to pay $200 for something I can get for $30 at Old Navy, if my kid wants to shop at Hollister he can get a job.

For shoes and make-up I would let her pick them out, maybe do a girls day out where you get your nails done and then take her to Sephora and/or a shoe store.

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answers from Norfolk on

Get her a gift card that she can use to get music on her phone.

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answers from Washington DC on

i don't know hollister so i'm not sure what's age inappropriate about it. is it negligees and bustiers? i too like old navy and thrift stores, but it's a fact that teens like trendy clothing. it it's just cost, maybe let her pick one thing from the trendy store. at this age my kid was into stupid jnco jeans. they were expensive, but he longed for them, so he would get one pair for christmas or a birthday, but his entire wardrobe didn't revolve around 'em.

i'm baffled by asking for suggestions for strangers about shoes. at 14 she surely has her own ideas about what styles she likes. i could give you links for funky sneakers and birkis, but she might be into sleek low-heeled zip boots. why not take her on a shoe shopping spree?

or get her an experience. a weekend ski pass, a horseback trail ride, a bungee jump, a trip to a museum.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Mother-daughter appointments for mani-pedi?
Or give her money. She's old enough to pick out her own clothes - within some guidelines and now that low rise jeans and crop tops are back out of style, teen clothes aren't too revealing so I don't have much issue with them. You could give her a set amount of $ and let her go shopping. She can go thrift if she wants a lot of clothes, or she can blow the entire amount on one really fantastic top from Hollister. Her choice.


answers from Kalamazoo on

I would give her cash or a homemade "cash" certificate and take her shopping where ever she wants to go, with you so you can make sure clothes are appropriate, but let her pick out what she wants otherwise. good luck! My dd turns 14 this summer!



answers from Sacramento on

Sign her up for a subscription of Apple Music if she has an iPhone or Ipad. Or take her to Ulta or Sephora for a makeup tutorial and mini shopping spree. Shoe popularity really depends on which art of the country you are in, which part of your state, which school she is at....In general, I would say Van's, Converse, Adidas, and Pumas are popular with my teens anyway.

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