What to Get Boy 10Yrs Old and 13Yrs Old?

Updated on December 14, 2011
H.J. asks from Saint Paul, MN
8 answers

Under $15 dollars, we have a LOT of family kids to buy for and are budget is not big at all. My oldest a girl is 6 so I have no clue what to get a boy these ages...any help would be wonderful!!

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answers from Dallas on

Based on my experience with my boys (20 and 12).

13 yr old - Itunes or movie gift card?? model building kit (car)

10 yr old - books, nerf gun, marshmallow gun, model building kit (car)

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answers from Washington DC on

Hot Wheels cars
Books - Holes - by Louis Sachalar
Guys Read - by Various
Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Jeff Kinney
Hugo -(don't know)

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answers from Pittsburgh on

GameStop gift cards!

Or Lottery tickets AND a $10 GameStop card.

Or a football or a basketball or bag of baseballs........

BopIt Bounce.

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answers from Lincoln on

What about outdoorsmen equipment? Sling shots (always a hit with boys this age), fishing tackle, lanterns, mess kits, etc. Lots of ideas along this line at Cabela's, Sheilds, or in sporting goods departments at discount stores and farm supply stores. Mint set or the start of a coin collection, or coin sorters. Axe cologne/deoderant sets are popular for this age group. Arm muscle- building bands, Nike socks, caps, stocking hats, t-shirts or room accessories with favorite team logo, skateboard pads or other equipment, locking cash boxes (they love these!), Moon in My Room, or planetarium globes for their rooms. With coupons, you might be able to get Hoodie Buddies for that price at JCPennys, or there are cheaper ones at Old Navy. Potato guns, water balloon launchers, rocket kits. I have daughters about the same age so I see what's popular with this age group of boys and I have ELEVEN nephews that I have bought gifts for and watched open gifts for the last 30 years so I have a good idea of what they like!


answers from Dallas on

gift cards to GameStop.



answers from Madison on

My son and nephews are in that same age range -- they love legos, but often they are not cheap! I would also suggest simple games - think the classics, like Monopoly, Clue, Risk, as well as Chess. They also love to play card games.



answers from Seattle on

Itune Cards
Microsoft points if they play video games
Movie Tickets


answers from Columbia on

Both my boys love books. Specifically, the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" books.

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