What to Get 3 Year Old Boy for Birthday

Updated on October 15, 2010
K.B. asks from Reston, VA
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hello again, I just asked what for suggestions on what to get my 2 year old grandson--- Now its been along time since I have had little guys- but I need suggestions now for my (yes My three year old son!!! LOL thank you for all your wonderful suggestions.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I do home daycare..so lots of little boys to buy gifts for..plus several nephews and family friends. These are my standard gift for boys age 3 and up now!

They are wooden toy cars that come apart and you can re-create them as new cars with the parts. A good (not open weave) basket or pail is a good companion for them to keep them in...a bag or other sort of keeper storage thing. They are called Automoblox. Very well made and everyone I have given them to have loved loved loved them. I have gotten them locally at Barnes and Noble or at Creative Kidstuff (here in MN)..but additional cars/sets can be gotten from the site or other stores. They are fantastic and if they dig them, more can be added to their collection! About $26-$30 for the set of 3...$8-10 for one car..depending on where you get them....


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answers from Dover on

Leap Frog Leapster 2 or Explorer is great..fun like a game but learning . Check out Discovery Toys...no I am not a rep for them but they have great toys and have their items divided by age/development.

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answers from Sacramento on

Anything Thomas the Tank Engine. I believe it's a boy law that at age three they must obsess about Thomas and his friends. Every single boy we knew at that age was into this collection. Our son had a massive collection by the time he was done with it all.

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answers from Honolulu on

Dinosaurs (My son LOVES Dinosaurs since he was 2-3 years old).
Cars like Hotwheels etc.
Insect Bottle collection kit
Legos (My Son LOVES Legos)
Leapster (we have the original Leapster and its very good).

My son has recently made 4. BUT... when he was 3... these are the things he LOVES. And now at his age, he STILL loves theses things.

all the best,

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answers from Los Angeles on

One of my best friends lives in Reston. : )

I have a three year old son, and he LOVES cars. Any car or truck makes him happy. He also really likes sticker books and board games right now.

I sell Discovery Toys as well, which are fantastic fun and educational toys and games for kids. Here are a few of my son's favorites:

Motor Works: http://www.discoverytoyslink.com/esuite/control/product?P...

Zingo: http://www.discoverytoyslink.com/esuite/control/product?P...

Busy Farm: http://www.discoverytoyslink.com/esuite/control/product?P...

Big Hungry Bear Collection (available as a whole set, or you can buy the book + CD, the game, and/or the plush toy - highly recommend at least getting the book+CD and the game - they are REALLY fun): http://www.discoverytoyslink.com/esuite/control/product?P...

Sounds Like Phonics Short Vowel Fun (kind of like Uno or Crazy 8s, but with words): http://www.discoverytoyslink.com/esuite/control/product?P...

Zip Track: http://www.discoverytoyslink.com/esuite/control/product?P...

I hope you'll visit my website and check out these great products. They are high quality, come with a lifetime warranty, and your son will have a blast playing with them.




answers from Kansas City on

What about a big wheel or a trike? I know it's getting a bit late in the season, but maybe if it was new you'd keep him wanting to play outside until there's snow on the ground! ;) Most boys that age love to be physical so it's nice to find positive ways for it!



answers from San Antonio on

Toy cars, and a BIG BOX, empty, make it flat and help him draw his own "City" on it.



answers from Pittsburgh on

My son loves his Hockey sticks, ball and net that he got for his birthday. We've had to play hockey in the driveway for weeks since : ) He also loves baseball. If you're son is into sport, maybe go that route.



answers from Chicago on

GeoTrax!!! If the boys are brothers, you can buy them a larger set to play with together. I love them because the tracks are easily put together by the children without much adult assitance. The trains can run on the tracks, as well as on the floor, which is really great. My son played consistently with these toys from 2-5, and still pulls them out from time to time when friends/cousins come over because he loves to build. My nephew who is 8 will still play with them when he comes over, so I really believe this is the type of toy that will last a long time. Updated to add: These toys are also incredibly durable. I've never had a track, train, or playset break.


answers from Topeka on

I think I suggested Elefun for the 2 year old. The 3 year old would also love it. Also Don't Break the Ice is a good game for his age. Tedious for the parent to have to put together over and over again. LOL! But fun for the kid.

My son is 4 and he like cars. We have a rug that has roads and a small town... that really didn't cost a whole lot.... and he uses his cars on the rug. He also likes the mini monster trucks you can find at Walmart.

Also something simple... a dry erase board, dry erase markers, and an eraser. But should only be used under supervision so he won't write on the walls or furniture.

Those are just some fun things I know my kids have liked.

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