What to Feed 10 Month Old?

Updated on March 19, 2008
J.P. asks from South Holland, IL
6 answers

Please give me suggestions for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My son refuses to eat a lot of things these days (particularly anything Gerber!) and I'm running out of ideas. Please give suggestions for all meals/snacks and what works for you.

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answers from Chicago on

My little guy likes eggs and toast just chopped up the eggs and break the toast into bit size pieces, or have you tried the great cherrios. I give him everything we eat I just make sure it is small enough for him to chew and I never leave him alone.

You might want to step up to the gerber graduates. My little guy loves the lil crunchers, they have great flavors like chesse, tomato, and veggie. and they have graham crakers and the graduates have meat sticks and veggies. They also have these little puffs that are great for them.

If your like me and have very little time to make every thing fresh all the time. I do like the other mom and steam fruits and veggies when I can but I love that gerber took an extra step for me.

I hope I helped some.



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My children all loved... and still love to eat macaroni and cheese with tuna and peas. I just make the mac and cheese and add 1 can of drained tuna in water and about 1/2 - 3/4 can of peas. Much more nutritious than plain mac and cheese. Green beans are pretty easily squished if he doesn't have teeth yet. Applesauce, bananas, crackers, - I still have difficulty getting my 2 yo son to eat meat, so he eats scrambled eggs often and loves to snack on cheese. If you worry about him getting enough nutrients, you could supplement with vitamins (check with his doctor first). Hope this helps.



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You can offer your 10 month a wide range of regular foods. For crispier fruits like apples, steam them lightly. Same for vegetables. Don't be surprised if he doesn't like everything the first time. Present them for several days in row so he can get used to the new flavor and/or texture. You can use a food mill for meats. Rice and noodles may be manageable as is and offer fun finger feeding opportunities. Keep pleasure and enjoyment high and stress low.



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Hi J.,

We never used jarred baby food. I bought a food processor and fed him table food from the 5th month on.

We started with mashed avocado, then banana, and then mixed both with oatmeal. We never used rice cereal. We slowly added all the basic veggies and fruits and then moved on to our food (pretty much everything: spaghetti, chicken, beef, etc...) I would just added water or breastmilk and blended into a smoothie.

He always liked watching me blend up his food, and I think he realized very early that we were eating the same thing.

As he became better at chewing, the food became chunkier and chunkier until it was whole pieces.

He has become a very well rounded eater and still is interested in trying new things.

Just a thought. All kids are different.

Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

Hi J.~
My kids are 2 and 4. I made all of their baby food. I tried jar foods and truthfully, I wouldn't blame any baby for not eating it.. just my opinion. I did try some of the baby jar meats (for protein), but they were not very tasty and my kids really liked the homemade stuff. I got one of those small food processor/mini chopper type things and it worked great. Any left overs I had I would freeze in ice cube trays and then store in ziplocks. You can make almost anything..peas, carrots, squash, applesauce, peaches, pears.. the list goes on and on. Green beans didn't work so well because of the strings. Just precook the food (I usually steamed the food to preserve more nutrients) then "grind" it to you baby's preferences. When starting out, grind it until smooth and make it more "chunky" as they get older until they are able to eat regular cut up table food. You can even get creative and make "meals". Beef, noodle and peas, or ham, cheese, potato and carrots. Just mix together and chop it up to the consistency your baby likes.

Is your baby self feeding at all? Quartered grapes, graham crackers, small pieces of cheese and cheerios are great snacks. Mine also enjoyed cheese omelettes (yolk only) cut into small pieces. Another great snack is to shake banana slices in crushed cheerios (makes them less slippery).

Surprisingly, making your own baby food is INCREDIBLY easy. There are so many benefits. My kids will eat almost ANYTHING now and I truly believe it is because they ate homemade baby food. It is easy, you know exactly what you are feeding them and it is cheaper as well. I hope this helps!



answers from Chicago on

Okay, this may or may not help, but when my girls were that age and they got finicky in eating, I'd feed them what I know worked. He's going through a phase and his tastes are changing. All kids go through it. Mine still do, and they are 10 and 14. At one time, my youngest loved scrambled eggs w/cheese. Then one day she announced she didn't like them anymore. No reason, just didn't. She eats them again now, but for a while she just didn't want them at all.

So feed him what you know works, and gradually reintroduce some of the same foods he once refused, as well as some new ones. Maybe even start feeding some of your table food equivalent instead. (less a lot of seasoning, as that will jade his appetite also). My pediatrician always told me, "as long as they're eating don't stress about what they're not eating. They will get the nutrients they need now or later on the back end of things." And they did.

Hope this helps somewhat.

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