What to Expect at First Pregnancy Massage

Updated on September 03, 2009
L.B. asks from Canal Winchester, OH
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Hi! I am treating myself to my first massage ever through one of the local hospitals. My back is killing me at 8 months so I think it will be great. Can anyone tell me what to expect? And this is a silly question, but what do I wear? Thanks!

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answers from Indianapolis on

Hi L.! I would just wear loose clothing, like work out clothes, yoga pants, etc. I've had two different kinds of massages. One, where I get totally undressed except underwear and one where I sat in a chair and stayed fully clothed. Regardless, I would just where casual, comfy clothes.

A. V.

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answers from Fort Wayne on

This is funny, I was about 7 months pregnant and my husband bought me a massage. I showed up all ready and was told I would have a pregnancy massage. I didn't even know there was such a thing! So, didn't know what to expect. I remember I was really disappointed, since they can't go deep into the muscles. Afterwards, I told my husband I didn't want another massage while I was pregnant. Now, since you're having issues, it could be very beneficial to you. I just wanted to go in because I love massages, so I was thoroughly disappointed. It was more like getting a massage by someone with weak hands, since they can't do it as hard as they normally would



answers from Cincinnati on

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist. The main thing that will be different is that you will either lay on your side with support pillows or the therapist will have special support pillows that allow you to lay on your stomach with no pressure on your belly. It's wonderful! Other than that, they will avoid specific pressure points that can induce labor. Although, if you go overdue, you may want to consider another massage using those pressure points!



answers from Cleveland on

I have had four (two last pregnancy one at 5 mos, and one at 8-two so far this time at 4 months and 7 months).

There are a few ways to do them. Some people do a prego pillow, which allows you to lay on your "stomach" because it supports you on all sides and is very very comfy. Others put a wedge under your back and you lay on your sides. Everyone I have had has been very understanding of my being comfortable and will allow your to wiggle as you need to.

It should be like a normal massage.....they will ask you what hurts and if there is anythign to avoid. Be honest. I had one the other day and my back hurts so much elss now. They will use light pressure and should avoid certian spots. Make sure they are licensed to do prenatal massage! They will also either use no scent or have a limited number of choices as some are not safe.

I don't wear anything....but I get a fair number of massages so I am used to it. You can wear underwear if you want, but if you are ok with it, go bare!

You are a good mother for taking care of yuorself....ENJOY!



answers from Indianapolis on

Hi L.,

They will probably ask you to take off all your clothes and put on a robe and slippers. You can leave on your underpants if you want, but personally I like the butt massage too! You will lie down on a table covered w/ soft white sheets and they'll cover your whole body w/ another sheet. As they work on different parts of your body they'll move the sheet aside in sections. They may play soft music and burn scented candles. Just allow yourself to totally relax - I usually fall asleep!


answers from Cincinnati on

OMG! I had one too and it was WONDERFUL!!! First, what to wear... Whatever you're comfortable in. I wore a maternity T-shirt & stretchy pants with flip-flops. I was OK with taking my bra off but I left my underwear on. I think that's just preference. When I went for mine, I layed on my side with pillows supporting my tummy & top leg. They started at the top of my head & worked toward my feet paying a LOT of extra attention to my lower back. I felt so much better when I left there I could've walked home! ...And home was an hour away! Good luck L. & enjoy.



answers from Lima on

I have had several massages when I was pregnant but only 1 pregnancy massage. Pregnancy massage is more where you ly on your side with a pillow between your knees and they just work on the full body massage. Now when I got a massage when I was pregnant, I had a lot of neck and back problems, so my therapist focused on those more. So I was able to ly on my stomach by using a prego pillow. They were great though!

Enjoy yourself and congrats!!!



answers from Fort Wayne on

Well, I'm pretty sure they will have you undress except your underwear and just wear a sheet, so it really doesn't matter what you wear. hopefully you are not ticklish b/c I was and I kept laughing!!!
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answers from Indianapolis on

They will probably ask if you are having any problems, anything you really want worked on, anything you don't want touched, so be honest and make sure it's exactly what you want! They may have a table with pop-out holes that you put your breasts and belly in which is nice because after no lying on your stomach for so long, it's a nice change. If they don't have one of these tables, then you'll lie on your side. You can safely lie on your back for part of it if it's comfortable, but you may be far enough along that it's not comfortable and that's cool.



answers from Cincinnati on


Everyone else has given a great description of what the massage will be like. I hope they DO have the special pregnancy pillow, because it really is WONDERFUL! I have had a pregnancy massage with and without. Although both were GREAT, it was so nice to lay on my belly!!!

I just wanted to say, since this is your first massage try to really relax. I know for some people getting a massage is a real "invasion of personal space" and it is difficult for them to really relax. Just try to really relax, you will get so much more out of it.

As far as what to wear.... it's up to you. I normally just go down to the birthday suit. ;-) But, I also know a lot of women who keep their panties on. I've had some therapists tell me I could leave my bra on, but then they would have to undo it to work on my back. I never even considered leaving my bra on.

The therapist will be very mindful of your privacy and will keep you covered at all time except for the area being worked on.

And... no question is silly. ;-)