What to Do When You Have an Infant?

Updated on May 04, 2008
S.S. asks from Euless, TX
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Now that we have our son we dont know what to do. It is like we did not have a life before him. What do you all do for fun? With and with out the baby?? We need major help. Great places to eat, fun activities, things no one would ever think about but you think are the best. Please help! I am desperate.

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answers from Dallas on

When they are really infants, then life shouldn't change. You can go almost anywhere you did before with an infant.

If you hadn't developed interests before now is a good time. If you both like cars, go to car shows. If you both like museums, start going. Zoos, gardens, aquariums, trails (with a baby backpack), boating anything like that is easy now.

Movies are hard. Other people don't appreciate babies crying during movies. And they almost always make some noise during a show, so I'd skip places you're supposed to be quiet.

Clubs are not an option, but get a sitter if you want to do that from time to time.

But develop your interests and if you don't know what they are start trying things out. There's lots of community classes, with cooking, dancing, sewing etc. that you can take for little money.

There's nothing wrong with doing things without the other spouse either.... he can go play ball with the guys, you can get together with the girls for Bunko or whatever. As long as you have some together time.

As the kids are older, you will have less time to worry about figuring out what to do because their world will become yours. If they're a girl scout, you will be too. If they play baseball, you will be the team mom or coach or something. You'll know more about baseball than you'll have ever dreamed.

That's why I say develop your interests now. So you'll always have a family interest that you can all fall back on together.

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answers from Dallas on

When or DD was a infant we took her to zoos a lot and we took her to the Dallas World Aquarium. Botanical Gardens are good places to go. Gymboree Play and Music is fun for babies and up. You can join a Mom's group (Meetup.com).

As for movies...we did not take her. We used an hourly child care place (Playtime Hourly childcare) but there are other hourly child care places that are just as good.

We still went out to dinner with her with no problem. Yes we took her to Red Lobster and Olive Garden!

Have fun with your new baby.



answers from Dallas on

assuming you have an infant, your life shouldn't have to change all that much. it's a beautiful time of the year, go find a patio outside to eat and have a drink at... go shopping, go to a movie during the day, go to Stars games, Rangers games, fly out of state to see family/friends, etc, etc, etc.

All of our family live out of state so Have Kid, Will Travel was our motto. We did all of the above with our son plus much more.

Having a baby only changes how you prepare to go out... it doesn't have to affect your ability to go out. :)

Good luck!!!


answers from Dallas on

We don't get out much. Try having date-nights, but if you have to take the baby, go to a child friendly place (applebee's, chili's) someplace that's not serving quietly for diners who want to talk and enjoy. I worked at Steak and Ale for 6 years and always hated it when there were screaming infants next to a couple who were trying to have a few hours away from their own kids.
Try to enjoy the small things. Walks, the park, etc. You can take the baby with you, and she'll be quiet and you can enjoy some time with your spouse.



answers from Dallas on

You don't mention how old your son is. If you don't have family to help with your son, find a teenager or college student that you trust and go on date nights with your husband. It is so important to not lose sight of who you two are as husband and wife...Go to the movies, dinner, dancing, bowling, etc. You should also do things as a family such as the park, long walks and other things depending on his age.

We have a 9 yr old son and 4 yr old daughter...we also play games with them at home too, in addition to movie night at home! Pizza and popcorn with the movie! It's great family time!

I hope this was helpful.

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