What to Do in Portland for a Group of Women in February

Updated on January 22, 2013
M.W. asks from Billings, MT
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I am traveling to Portland Oregon at the end of February for a conference. I will traveling with 4 other women and we need something to do for one day. I think we will be glad to have some time without kids but we won't have a car or lots of money. Any suggestions on where we should go, or things to see?

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answers from Los Angeles on

Don't overplan. Allow for some free roam.

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answers from Houston on

Sounds fun! Get everyone's input and you should be okay. I just LOVE visiting thrift stores where ever I go.

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answers from Portland on

If you are downtown, hit Pazzo's Pazzoria, on SW Washington between 6th and Broadway. They're a European-style bakery with chocolate or almond croissants to die for. Not overly sweet, very sophisticated and memorable; they also do espresso drinks as well.

The Portland Art Musuem is a great way to spend the afternoon, especially since it may well be raining. You can google PortlandArtMuseum to find their website; see if any of the exhibitions are of interest.

If it's just drizzle or nice outdoors, do consider the Classical Chinese Garden in Old Town. This is a unique experience; one square block has been transformed into a beautiful, inner city treasure. The Tao of Tea teahouse at the garden is a tranquil place to take a break and look out over the reflecting pool... consider taking a tour, which is free, and learning more about the details of the garden. I have been there a handful of times and am never disappointed. (Note- don't wear high heels as the paths are made of set stone)


If you feel like cruising around to look at artwork and other fun window-shopping type stuff, the Pearl District in Northwest Portland is great and within walking distance of downtown. Pearl Bakery on 9th and Couch has good coffee, pastries, lunch fare-- all at reasonable prices. For something extra yummy, try out one of their chocolates (my girlfriend Teresa makes them and they are fantastic, esp. the salted carmels!)

Have fun and feel free to PM me if you want more specific advice. :) (And the area formerly known as "fareless square" on the MAX, bus and streetcar lines are no longer free, just fyi. )



answers from Seattle on

No car. I assume you're staying downtown.

Right the streetcar everywhere. It's a great resource.

Visit Powell's bookstore. That could eat up a whole day.

If you're into food, wine, or beer, visit any number of cool gastropubs or brewpubs. At lunch, you could even stop at one of the food cart courts for yummy food. I would suggest googling Portland food carts for recommendations. I also have some favorite spots east of the river in northeast Portland, slightly less accessible with no car. Toro Bravo and Tasty and Sons would be fun for happy hour.

If it were me, I'd start off with a good cup of joe, ride the streetcar to Powell's, go to the food carts for lunch, go walk around the Pearl District/shop, go to a brewpub for happy hour, walk around a little more, find a cool restaurant for dinner. Or combine the brewpub happy hour with dinner and get a small snack later on.

I'm hoping to be there in February for a weekend away with my husband. We'll be incorporating much of the above.



answers from Eugene on

What I do in Portland:
Shop Nob Hill in NW Portland.
Dessert at Cafe Mozart.
Powells City of Books.
Wander the design and furnishing stores in the Pearl District.
Spend a few hours in IKEA by the airport (Max rail stop nearby).
Nordstrom Rack downtown Portland.
Washington Park if it's not raining.



answers from Las Vegas on

When I was up there, we visited Lardo.. it's a little sandwich shop (also near food trucks) it was quite YUMMY!! Additionally, went to Chez Machin.. It's a little french spot and wasn't too expensive. I had one of the best Nicoise salads..... my son and husband had a crepe (both of which were good) ....
I tried the Stomp Town Coffee and depending where you get it, it was also good..
Lastly, Petit Provence on Division Street is a bakery and they had a good array of goodies, if that is what you like..oh and I found this cute lil thrift-shop down a few blocks... <<< where I found some good items that were VERY reasonably priced...

Oh and I should mention, Multnomah Falls <<< a beautiful hike to the waterfalls and afterward, you can get a good frosty cone at the bottom entrance..

have fun!

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