What to Do in Oregon?

Updated on August 02, 2018
A.W. asks from Kalamazoo, MI
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Hi moms!
Not really a "mom" question but we're doing a family trip to Oregon in a couple weeks. Kids are 14 and 16. We are driving up the coast on the HWY 1 and also going inland to Eugene and Bend. I've been doing tons of research and honestly it's a bit overwhelming!!! In a good way though. SOOO much to see! So my question, for local moms or those that have visited, what are your MUST dos???? We've got two weeks. We are starting in the Redwoods just over the CA border, and ending in Portland. We will see Crater Lake, rafting near Portland, up to Mt St Helens for a drive. LOTS to do around Bend looks like and I need to narrow things down without missing anything awesome!!! lol. Also looking for best places along ocean to see and explore tidal pools and stuff. Thanks for anyone who can help an overwhelmed mom out!!!

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WOW!!!! so much great advice!!! thank you!!!!

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answers from Washington DC on

Take the detour through Mt. Rainer National Park...after you leave Mt. St. Helens to Snoqualmie Falls, WA...absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I was there when it was a "trickle" and then 3 years later where it was "GUSHING"

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answers from Portland on

I’ve lived in Oregon all my life. For tide pools Yaquina Head near Newport has good tide pools, as well as a lighthouse. Newport also has a great aquarium and marine science center. Cannon Beach also has great tide pools. Seaside has a fun boardwalk with arcades for teens. There are also zip lines through the forest in Warrenton. Astoria as lots of history type places. The Bow Picker in Astoria has some of the best fish and chips. Do stop in Tillamook for the cheese factory. Voodoo Donuts is a fun stop all kinds of crazy donuts. There are two in Portland one in Eugene. If you make it to McMinnville, there is the air museum and water park. In the Bend area Smith Rock is a fun hike, the High Desert Museum. The are volcanic caves to explore, Pilots Butte offers great views. South near Crater Lake the Vortex is a fun science anomaly to see. Oregon is full of adventures, have fun!

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answers from Dallas on

If you go up 101 to Tillamook they have a cool cheese factory that you may be able to tour. They have the best cheese and ice cream ever. I lived about 30 mins south till I was 11. It's beautiful country.

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answers from Portland on

Visit The Columbia River Gorge! Go to Multnomah Falls, Hike Tamanawas Falls, rent boats at Lost Lake, explore downtown Hood River, try all of the amazing breweries! The best pizza in town is at Double Mountain Brewery, they are kid friendly and have a kids menu as well. I live here so if you have any other questions or just restaurant recommendations, feel free to ask :)

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answers from Sacramento on

Just returned from our annual visit to my in-laws' house in Bend two days ago. In Bend, be sure to do the tubing from Riverbend Park (near Old Mill) to Drake Park. There's a bus that will transport you back to the start. Tumalo Creek manages it all and is the go-to place to rent the tubes. Their site has all the details. Our tween and teen love tubing the river! Stand up paddleboarding is also a lot of fun. With both activities, I highly recommend going in the morning when it's not so crowded. You can also rent a variety of types of bicycles near the Old Mill and ride around the path nearby. A number of decent casual restaurants in the Old Mill shopping center where you can grab lunch after activities. Our kids love the Flatbread pizza place, but Pastini is also good and Greg's Grill is great for a nicer meal.

Have fun!

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answers from Abilene on

We travel extensively and Bend is one of the most beautiful cities we’ve been to.

I second all of MamaK’s recommenda-
tions. Bend has some beautiful area falls as well and their park is beautiful. It’s a beautiful place.

The Japanese Garden in Portland Is beautiful. Also Voodoo Doughnuts is iconic for Portland.

We visited tide pools off of Highway 1. La Jolla is great, cabrillo monument. There are plenty. Be sure to check the tide tables so you’ll know when the best time to go.

Have a blast, it’s beautiful country.

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