What to Do If Someone in You Family Has Scabies?

Updated on November 20, 2010
K.S. asks from Pineville, KY
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My sister's little boy has scabies, and my mother wants to come and stay with me for a few days. But she has been living with my sister and her son. They said they have cleaned everything in the house and been putting cream on the scabies.. They said that he dont have it anymore that it tis hilling....So what do i do.I have 2 small kids and my hubby is not up for her, coming and staying with us...I need HELP..

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So What Happened?

ok well he has had it for 2weeks ..my mom never got it and it is healing the Dr. gave cream for all that is in the house and everything has been cleaned from head to toe.. My mom wants to stay with me cause she is going back home in a week and wants too see my kids befor she go's back to Ohio.. But i still dont no what to do cause i want scabies.

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just wanted to say they are not only spread my skin to skin contact(can spread by having sex with someone infected also) but they can be spread through towels,washcloths,bedding,etc.I would call you dr to see if it is safe first.

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It depends on the medication they are using, if it from a doc and is the correct treatment. How long it has been in use. Most cases are healed in less than 14 days.

I would say ask your doc or talk to your Pharmacist. Tell them the medication and the diagnosis date and how long he's been in treatment. If he's in the healing stage then the bugs are gone and the damage is all that's healing now.

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Hi K.,

Scabies can be awful but it doesn't have to be. We had a homeless fellow live with us that brought scabies into the house and no one was infected. We use products that are based with a high grade tea tree oil (shampoos, cleaning products, soaps, laundry and bath, as well as keeping the oil in the house). A high grade tea tree oil not only kills the scabies but will repel them as well. It works for lice as well.

As far as letting your mom come.....I'd tell my mom to wait. No need to go through it if you don't have to.

God bless,




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It sounds like Riley had the worst case scenerio, and when my husband brought them home from the Navy and gave them to our daughter, we got rid of them fairly easily, but I read about cases like this on the web, and it freaked me out. I washed everything, and got the cream, and put everything that could not be washed in the garage in plastic bags for 3 a month, and sprayed the rest. We were lucky.

I would stay safe, and wait to be sure. You don't want these things, they are nasty, and I can't imagine not being able to get rid of them. That would be a nightmare. Just having them for a day or two was horrible, and if you can prevent putting pesticide on your children, wouldn't you want to? I mean, if you have to, you have to, but if you could stop it, I would.




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This spread like wildfire in the nursing home that I used to work at. I was so worried about getting it that when I got home I left my shoes outside, took my scrubs off in the basement and put them right into the washer and hopped in the shower and scrubbed scrubbed scrubbed I did not get it but it took months for it to leave the nursing home. Residents had to be treated several times for it. It was gross. Its not something I would want in my home. So my answer would be no. You have a minor cold come one over my house but if you have head lice or scabies don't set foot in my house until you have been bug free for at least a month.


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I would just call your pediatrician and ask about the gestation period. If they are being treated they are probably already past the stage of contagiousness.



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You do not need no help because you can say no for the health of your family. My decisions for my family well being is not based on my feelings but what I know to be right for my family. Very simple



answers from Kansas City on

If it is healing, then why does your mom feel the need to stay with you? Does she want a visit or does she feel like she needs to get away? Scabies are spread through direct person-to-person contact, so if she does come stay, don't spend time skin-on-skin with her! http://www.medicinenet.com/scabies/article.htm, http://kidshealth.org/parent/infections/skin/scabies.html, http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/scabies/DS00451



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My college roommate had scabies- which she got from her boyfriend. She used her cream and all was fine. I never got scabies from her, and I lived in a 12x12 room with her AND help her put cream on her back. It's probably fine for your mother to come and stay as long as it's been eradicated with the proper treatment on the infected people.



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why does mom want to come stay with you guys considering she has been exposed to scabies. this is an easy decision, at least it would be for me, tell her you can't expose your family to it.


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If they are treating it with the lotion the doctor gave them, they are no longer contagious.

Our children came down with scabies but once we put that nasty cream on them, they scabies died off and everything was fine. We also cleaned everything in the house and they never returned.

Scabies does sound awful and in our case, we never figured out where the kids picked them up in the first place.

IMHO, if they've treated him with the cream/lotion yall should be safe.

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