What to Do If Baby Is Stung by a Wasp or Bee

Updated on April 08, 2011
A.G. asks from Albuquerque, NM
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I was out for a walk this weekend with my twins ( they are allmost 8months) and a wasp landed on the front of the stroller, thankfully it flew away and noone was stung, but i was wondering if it had stung what should i do? Do i need to take them to dr asap? or do i wait to see if there is a reaction?

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answers from Flagstaff on

My daughter was 8 or 9 months when she was stung recently. She just cried a little & that was it - no swelling either. I don't remember if we put anything on it -probably not.

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answers from Topeka on

They will cry,look for a stinger if there is one left pull out with tweezers then rinse with water apply a cool pack on the sight of sting to reduce swelling if any allergic reactions occur take them to the ER not the DR.For wasp stings my inlaws make a paste using baking soda & water & apply to the affected area.

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answers from Minneapolis on

my son got stung last year on the foot. they cry hard, and i just put some mud on it. mud is good to use to get the stinger out ( i learned that as a child when i got attacked by bees at a mini golf corse). Otherwise just keep an eye on the child and make sure they are breathing ok, and not having any type of an reaction. If they do have a reaction take them in right away. thats about all you can do.



answers from Phoenix on

You just do the same thing you'd do if you were stung. Make sure the stinger is out (can scrape with a credit card) and put a piece of ice on it, or baking soda paste, or mud if necessary.


answers from Sacramento on

When we went to Hawaii, my then-15 month old stepped on a bee! She cried, we pulled the stinger out, washed her foot in cold water and soap, and I decided to give her some Benadryl. (I'm allergic to bee stings, and I was afraid she would be too, but she wasn't.) Anyway, 10 minutes after it happened, she was walking all over the place again like it hadn't even happened. She had absolutely no reaction to it. I think (although I may be wrong) that bee stings are a lot like other allergies - your reaction to them increases with the number of times the allergen has been in your system. So the first time you're stung, it might not be any big deal, but the 10th time you're stung, you may have some serious issues. I don't know. It's probably worth asking your pediatrician to be sure, especially if there are any people in your family who are severely allergic to bee stings.



answers from Phoenix on

Melaleuca oil (the high quality kind) and benedryl cream are things that work great.



answers from Appleton on

I have only had one bee sting in my life, lucky me !! Anyway I was in college and went to the student health center, the doctor said to use the dull side of a knife to remove the stinger (rub toward the back side of the stinger) and apply meat tenderizer. Insect venum is mostly protein and the meat tenderizer breaks down the protein.



answers from Austin on

There are tons of home remedies that are supposed to reduce pain and swelling. Just google home remedies for insect stings. You should know right away if there is a bad reaction; just use your Mommy instincts. If so, skip the doctor and go straight to the ER.



answers from Chicago on

I work as a nature instructor. Never use tweezers as suggested below as it will cause more venom to be released into the system. This video is very informative: http://www.ehow.com/video_###-###-####_remove-bee-stinger...

Also, a great natural remedy is to slice an onion in half and place the onion on the bee sting site. It has chemicals that reduce inflammation and discomfort.

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