What to Do for My Sons 1St Bday

Updated on October 12, 2010
S.Y. asks from Grove City, PA
6 answers

to all you mamas:
My son will be one in December and I am trying to think of age approperate things. Plus your talking all the kids that are coming are from 0 months to 4 yrs old cause they are kids he has been around several times.
What should i do for a birthday theme?
Should I do it at a fast food resteraunt or no?
gift bags or no?
Mamas i need some ideas i was thinking a mickey theme i dont want to do seseame street, barney, dora, telletubies, or any of the other popular themes.

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answers from Columbus on

There's a really cute Baby Mickey theme that I am doing for my son who is also turning 1 in Dec. We just do our Bday parties at home.


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answers from Las Vegas on

I did my sons first bday at the park (granted does depend on weather) so that way the kids could run around then we did pizza cake some snacks and presents otherwise we let the kids roam free at the playground. he loved it the park is his favorite place besides chuckie cheese

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answers from Albuquerque on

Mickey actually seems very age appropriate! Depending on the size of your home, that would be easiest especially if you are going to let him eat his cake on his own. (the bathtub will he your friend when he is all messy!)

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Awww..O. is so special. but a big party is very overwhelming to a O. year old. I'd keep it very simple. at home. Schedule it around his regular naps -- maybe 2-3 hours, big sandwich, cake, ice cream, smash cake, balloons and do classics like pin-the tail on the donkey, bean bag toss, etc.
Small favor for the other kids, eat, open presents, cake & OUT.
Don't set YOUR expectations too high or expect too much from the little guy. He will be overwhelmed and tuckered out! haha
I really like your idea of a classic theme for the first birthday. Or you don't even need a "theme" -- just balloons & streamers.
Have fun and have your camera ready for the smash cake! (My son wouldn't dig into his--my brother had to put his little hand in it!)

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answers from Boise on

We just did family and kids within that family. We had a barn animal theme, did a bbq, and kicked back with family and friends. No pressure, as at that age, they don't really care.



answers from Philadelphia on

Your son will only remember the images of the pictures that are taken that he looks at later, so do what YOU want. Yes, since there will be other kids there, you will want to be able to entertain them a little, but the 1-yr old birthday party is for the family and friends of the parents, not the child. You don't have to have any theme, a cake with his name on it and balloons, and just "happy birthday" - themed plates and napkins are fine, you can save the character-themed parties for when he has a strong opinion about it.

If you are having kids there, I would have giftbags, but they really don't need much in them. You could put a name on each bag and that way you can have age-appropriate bags, you don't want to give candy or anything with small pieces to kids under 3. A couple of stickers, a ball, a plastic dinosaur (from a bag with lots of them), check out the dollar store and see what you can split up.

Good luck, do something that will be fun for you, and don't stress about it.

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