What to Do for Eczema?

Updated on September 29, 2010
C.A. asks from Holiday, FL
10 answers

I was wondering if there is any vitamins or foods that can help with Eczema. Are there foods that may be making it worse? I am asking for my friends 18 month old. Any suggestions of creams that may help. She is also has the white spots like sun spots not sure if that is eczema but is there a cream for that.

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answers from Tampa on

Once all the testing and such is out of the way... I use tea tree oil on my eczema and it helps. Not any particular brand just tea tree oil. I also use it on minor cuts, cleaning my diva cup, etc. I just get a few spots here and there though and the smell is pretty strong.



answers from Tampa on

Milk does not always do a body good.

I also have an 18-month-old little boy who also has excema. He had it so bad as an infant that it looked like he had teenage cystic acne all over his face (mostly) and body. I know that all cases are different - so she might have to test different things to find what works best for her, but I'll give you my (2) best recommendations: 1. Finding the possible food allergy & 2. a Rx she can get from her pediatrician called "DermaSmooth". Unfortunately it is a steroid, but when he gets the ocassional dry patch - it always gives immediate relief & heals it within a couple of days. The trick with this is to make sure the skin is WET when applying. I usually just run my (clean) hand under the faucet & rub over the area before I put the DermaSmooth on.

We have found that DAIRY is his trigger. We switched him to Almond Milk & now it seems that he only gets his dry patches when 1.the weather is cold 2.someone touching him has heavy fragrance on (Hate that)

If she decides to switch the milk, I recommend that she does it gradually, so that the child can get use to the different taste. She may like soy, but sometimes that can be a excema trigger, too - so just watch. Maybe start by mixing 3/4 regular milk to 1/4 almond milk & slowly increase. My son won't drink regular milk anymore. (I don't care for the taste of regular milk either anymore: funny aftertaste. Test it - you'll see.

Other possible excema triggers that I know of: nuts, wheat, chocolate, processed foods

Hope this helps.



answers from Sarasota on

1. Have your friend take her child to a pediatric dermatologist. DO NOT HAVE HER PUT ANY LOTIONS ON HER CHILD WITHOUT THE SAY-SO OF THE DERMATOLOGIST!
2. Your friend should follow Angela's lead and see if there are allergies, etc. that are exacerbating the eczema. The pediatric dermatologist and the pediatrician can probably refer her to the specialist best suited for that purpose.
3. Once any allergies, etc. have been identified, if at all, then a good idea is to work with a pediatric nutritionist to make sure that the nutrients missed from the foods identified as "bad" are replaced in the diet with good alternatives.

Hope that helps.




answers from Huntington on

My daughter also has severe eczema and severe food allergies. We have been to serveal doctors and specialists. The last one told us to bath her in water mixed with clorox. One tablespoon per gallon of water. We were also perscribed an oinment that we mix with aquaphor. It really has helped with the extreme flare ups. It prevents staph infections as well. She had gone the entire summer without wearing shoes because her feet were in such bad shape.


answers from Ocala on

My daughters dermatologist told us to try

CeraVe -- It really really helps my daughter.

Go to this site and see what it looks like. They have a blue bottle and a green bottle.


It is hard to find, call around at pharmacies before you hit the road.

If you get it, the person using it needs to get warm/hot water and rub the water on the rash so that you can open up the pores and then apply, this over the counter Skin Hydrating cleanser. = )

If you are still thinking about something that she can take think about this,


This is wonderful.


Go to www.Luis4JuicePlus.com

and when you see the bottles of Juice Plus+ click on the

Watch the Video

right under it and you will not regret it.

Have you heard of Dr. Sears and his sons, well him and a ton of other Dr.'s back Juice Plus 100%. And my family and I take it and we LOVE IT!

Children get to have chewyables. They taste great.

Oh and by the way, Luis is my husband. = )

Feel free to e-mail me if you want to talk about Juice Plus+ ____@____.com

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and God Bless.



answers from Fort Walton Beach on

Hi Carrie,

I agree, Renew lotion is the best on the market! It's been tested against all the prescribed lotions and has excelled past them. The other thing is the diet. Eczema is systemic so it comes from the inside out. Any food processed will exacerbate eczema even baby formula. Fast foods, quickie meals, and anything that has a LONG list of ingredients that you have no clue what they are... are processed foods. Pesticides, preservatives, hormones and antibiotics are awful and in so much of our food. Medications she may be on are bad as well. They build up in the system and cause problems like eczema. The white spots sound like a toxicity to me which is what you see in the aged.

I have a lot of experience with this so if you want to pass my info on to your friend, feel free. Eczema is just the tip of the iceberg for many issues down the road. Now is the time to stop it.

God bless,




answers from Lakeland on

Carrie, my 3 1/2 suffers from chronic eczema. He's been to numerous doctors, endocrinologists, dermatologists, etc. He's been on so many creams, steroids antibiotics etc. that it's ridiculous. But recently the endocrinologists has cleared him up. He allergy tested him and told me what to keep out of his system. My kid can't have pork, eggs, dairy, peanut products, (McDonald's fries are cooked in peanut oil Burger King is not). He's also allergic to his dog, Oak and Birch trees and Bahai grass. Since we keep him away from all this and wash his laundry in only dye and perfume free products it's cleared up. Oh and absolutely no chlorine bleach. It's alot to do, but it's been worth it. He's a lot less itchy and his skin is beautiful for the first time in years. Also the doctor suggested wet wraps at night when it gets really bad. That's a pair of thermal pj's soaked in warm water with cotton wet socks under a pair of dry pj's after a 15 minute warm oatmeal soak. Like I said it took 3 1/2 years.

Hope this helps,




answers from San Francisco on

I know of a lotion called Renew that works wonders on eczema. It's not available in stores, you need to order it. Let me know if you want more info. I also echo what Angela said and I would stay away from any harsh or toxic chemicals such as bleach, detergents, soaps, etc. S.



answers from Los Angeles on

Hello, this will help you tremendously! For eczema! And dry skin. I have amazing insurance, and the doctors could tell me close to nothing about eczema/dry skin. After hours of research this is what I found. Don't let your baby eat anything soy, anything milk. I nurse my son and I drink Almond milk. It taste just like soy milk. No corn, eating corn is the worst for his dry skin. No peas, potatoes. And avoid too much sugar in one thing. Lastly, nothing red. Ever since I found this out. And I avoid eating it or feeding it to my now 1 1/2 yr old. He has not been red or itched in the last 6 months. Unless I or he accidently eats something that had soy in it or more sugar than I thought it did.(which has happened about 3 times in 6 months. For the dry skin I use aquaphor. Use it after a bath, white taking a nap, and at night time. Basically 3x a day. Always after a bath, that is the best. I touch his skin, and although i know its dry under the Aquaphor it feels as if his skin is being hydraded because it doesn't feel dry at all. Hope this helps! ***Just started using "Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Body Lotion" and his skin actually seems more elastic and much more softer! About 35% softer! And I am talking about the NEXT day! I am actually putting Aquaphor on his right side of the body and Gold Bond on his Left side, to see if I see a difference. Up until now the difference is Aquaphor keeps it soft UNTIL it is completely absorbed (about 12 hrs) and Gold bond stays soft about 2 days and actually seems to HEAL the skin. Does not feel as scaley. Will update when I see even more results.



answers from Boston on

I strongly believe vaccinations cause eczema, because both of my children developed it after their 4 month vaccinations. The doctor recommended vaseline products, but I found that these made it much worse. What did work was neutrogena skin cream applied daily, avoiding fabric softners, and if a flare up was really bad, maybe once a week or less applying a small amount of a topical steroid. Stay away from the vaseline. I don't believe it is food related although I do believe children are developing allergies to wheat and soy due to it being genetically modified. But I'm not a doctor so this is all my opinion and experience.

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