What to Do for a Toddler with a Chafed Inner Thigh?

Updated on June 02, 2010
J.R. asks from Oak Park, IL
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We are on vacation and yesterday/today was the first time that my 2-year-old has been in a pool. This afternoon we noticed a huge puffy reddish/pink patch on his inner thigh. He was wearing a Little Swimmers diaper (which he happened to go #2 in, which went everywhere), brand new swim trunks and a life vest with a crotch strap. I don't know if it was all these things mixed with the chlorine that gave him this chafing rash or perhaps it was just the rubbing of the swim trunks or the strap? Does anyone know how to soothe this rash? Do I just treat it like diaper rash? It bothered him so much that he did not want to sit down during his bath. The poor kid stood the whole time and whimpered every time water streamed down that leg. He is also doing that 'I just rode a horse' walk so that his legs do not rub together. I feel so bad for him, bu do not know what to do. My hubby put Desitin on it and I put petroleum jelly on it to create a barrier to any more chafing while he sleeps. Any tips that you mommies may have will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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answers from Chicago on

you can buy anti chafing cream at http://www.amazon.com/Blue-Steel-Sports-Anti-Chafe-Cream/...

but in the meantime, I would buy a product by Eucerin called Aquaphor and apply that to his skin You may also use a little bit of triple antibiotic ointment to it (the triple antibiotic ointment numbs the skin) and the aquaphor rehydrates it.

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answers from Chicago on

As I posted for another Mama:

2 oz organic beeswax
2 oz sweet almond oil or pure olive oil
2 oz coconut oil

Heat on stove until melted, place in heat safe container until cool. Use as needed to soothe. Unscented like this it's very nice on irritated skin.
Scented, it's also a nice balm for the hard working Mama's. Just use any essential oil you like and add it to the liquefied mixture. I have used this on my lil' guy for everything from diaper rash to sore noses.

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answers from Daytona Beach on

Go to earthclinic.com and do a search for rash. Remedies will come up that others have used and they say whether is works or not. A few things came up when I did the search that I have tried with GREAT success... Apple Cider Vinegar (unfiltered with "mother") and coconut oil (extra virgin, organic if possible...Nature's Way is my favorite brand). These are staples in my house that I can't live without. This is an amazing website that has taught me such amazing natural remedies that work better than anything companies can put in a tube and sell you. Hope this helps! FYI..use this website for any problem or ailment you have. It's a lifesaver!!!

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answers from Sacramento on

Poor darling. It was likely the movement of the straps and/or diaper.

A&D ointment is awesome for this. It creates a barrier like vasoline or desitin...but A&D works great for healing skin. We used it during home care on my grandfather when he developed a stage 1 pressure ulcer...cleared it right up (along with a stricter rule of repositioning!)...Used it on my son when he chafed his calves with water boots. The stuff is awesome I hear it works on diaper rashes too ;)


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answers from Portland on

Poor little guy. I have a lot of personal experience with sensitive skin, rashes, and hives. Any ointment, like A&D or petroleum jelly, will work to keep irritants out. Because of the location, you may have to reapply it regularly.

To actually calm the irritation, if you have easy access to a health food store, look for calendula cream in a tube. Very, very soothing and healing for all sorts of skin irritations and rashes, although if this area is really irritated, the first application could sting ever so slightly. A company called Boerke and Tafel makes a whole line of medicated creams and ointments, and I find them all wonderful for everything – burns, rashes, insect bites, hives, sprains – the homeopathic ingredients are non-irritating and wonderfully effective for me. An multi-purpose favorite of mine is called Florasone; it works much like cortisone cream, but in minutes instead of hours.



answers from New York on

Any of the creams mentioned is probably good. If he is too irritated to walk he may need a physical barrier for a day or so. Something like an unfolded gauze pad taped well away from the rash may help. Then long shorts in a soft fabric, tight enough not to rub if possible. Hopefully it will improve fast.



answers from Houston on

Treated like a diaper rash and apply over the counter rash medication. It will sooth his skin and should heel in 2 days max. Poor thing :(



answers from Boston on

Desitin, Aquaphor are good. If it is very inflamed, hydrocortisone 1% once or twice to see if you can calm it down, then Desitin over.

Chlorine is evil.



answers from Chicago on

My FAVORITE product is Triple Paste ointment which is by the diaper creams. It is a little more expensive, but medicated which I think makes a huge difference. We have used it for chaffing, bad diaper rashes, etc. and the issue is literally resolved within 1 day usually! Amazing stuff! Good luck and hope the little one feels better.



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i would go neosporin and butt paste mixed



answers from Tucson on

Baby powder! It will keep his legs dry in that area so they wont stick together with the moisture and friction

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