What to Do About That Stuffy Nose??

Updated on November 23, 2007
A.H. asks from Philadelphia, PA
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My 6 month old has a cold, and I've been hearing so many bad things about infant cold and cough medicine that I'm terrified to give him anything. Does anyone have any tricks for alleviating some of that congestion? I've tried saline nasal spray and that nose sucker thing, but he hates it so much that we end up worse off than when we started.
Can anyone help?

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answers from Pittsburgh on

When my kids were infants I used the saline spray, a cool mist vaporizer in their rooms and elevated their crib mattresses by placing a book underneath. This seemed to make things more bearable for them.

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Hi A.

I too have a 6 month old who has just had pneumonia and now has stuffy nose and cough. You are absolutely right to not give the cough and cold medicines, that are not meant for babies even though the label says "infants". I have been using saline spray, and the nasal aspirator (yes, she hates it too). Also, I close the bathroom door and run the shower on hot and steam up the room with her inside (not in the shower) this helps losen up their congestion. Also, baby vicks vapo rub, a humidifier in the room and also pedia care vapor plug ins. There is also a bubble bath that is mentholated that can help as well. Put a pillow underneath the mattress at the head end of the crib so he isn't laying flat or, let him sleep in the car seat or bouncy seat (strapped in). Extra fluids also helps loosen congestion (supposedly). I have been using all of these strategies and she has been comfortable enough to sleep through the night. Hang in there, cold season is here and it will seem like his poor little nose is clogged until next June.


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Don't worry so much about what the media is saying about medicines for little ones. The reason there is such a big problem is because some parents aren't paying attention and overdosing their children. If you are careful then there should be no problem. When my daughter was six months old I gave her Little Colds cold medicine and it seemed to help. Recently, I have been giving her Triaminic Thin Strips. They are awesome and mess free. You should check with your son's pediatrician and see what he/she thinks is best, however.


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I'm with you...my 2 month old HATES the nose bulb. I have found a waaaaaay better product (s)! I use the "Nosefrida" (www.nosefrida.com) along with BeBe Sounds Nasal Aspirator, which is battery operated. I first use the nosefrida to get the deep stuff to the front, then the bebe sounds to get out what I can see. Then a GREAT trick is to take a q-tip and roll it on the string of mucous that comes out. That will keep the "string" going and keep getting out the stuff (think rolling spaghetti on your fork lol). Don't put the q-tip in the nose, of course.
I make a big deal and sing songs and clap during "boogie extraction". The BeBe sounds Aspirator actually PLAYS MUSIC, 12 different songs, which distracts well.
Hope this helps!!!



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I have always used tylenol and a cool mist humidifier. I also read (this sound cooky and I have not tried it myself) that if you rub the soles of their feet with vick's vapo rub and put socks on, it will help with chest congestion and cough. I have been wanting to try this for myself during our next bout with coughs! Putting a little vick's vapo rub on their chest may also help.


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Childrens Benadryl always works for my little one, and has been recommended by my pediatrician. Just be sure to titrate the dose for his age group. Also, a cool mist humidifier works but the best thing I found is a Vicks Vaporizer. You can purchase one at any drugstore for under $20. I would contact your doc. first before giving any meds. Baby Vicks vaporub on his back, chest, and neck helps with the breathing. A soothing bath with menthol bubble bath help comfort.



answers from Philadelphia on

This always worked for me...

Cool mist vaporizer while he sleeps. If he's overly congested, sit in the bathroom with him with the shower on as hot as possible to create steam.

Use a vapor bath at bath time and they have a vapor rub lotion specifically for little ones. I still use both with my 8 year old...but the big trick is the cool mist vaporizer. If you can, run it as much as possible in whatever room he's in.

Good luck and I hope he's feeling tons better soon!



answers from Philadelphia on

As a nurse I can tell you the best thing is the saline and the booger sucker. The goal is to keep the secretions thin. If you keep them thin and suck them out they won't have a chance to settle into the lungs. The humidifier is just as helpful. www.livegreeneasy.com



answers from Pittsburgh on

My three month old had a cold recently, I used the saline and the 'booger sucker'. He didn't like it much either, but he did breath easier after. I also would put a touch of that baby vicks under his nose right after I clean it out. Good Luck.

(try cleanin out his nose after a steam shower, I took mine right in with me.)

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