What to Do About Mid-Cycle Irritability

Updated on October 10, 2010
C.S. asks from Falls Church, VA
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I'm just wondering if anyone has PMS-like irritability after their period is over. It seems that about two weeks from the day my cycle begins, I have a couple of days of extreme irritability. I think it must be hormonal, because it feels just like PMS and it's definitely not my normal level of patience. It may be ovulation kicking in, but I'm not sure. I'm at home with a toddler who is in a testing phase, and days when I have this over-the-top irritability can be incredibly difficult. I'll feel like I'm ready to explode. Like most people, I also get irritable with PMS, but that's predictable and there's tons of information everywhere about that. I can't find much online about this irritability later in the cycle. I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and what, if anything, has helped. I plan to speak to my doctor, but any insight or advice you can give would be great. Thank you!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Yes! And I also get totally bloated then too. ITs as if my period is here really. I think they are ovulation pains. The only thing that I have found to really help is to eat clean. I have noticed a night and day difference when I am eating clean as opposed to processed foods. And red wine helps also!

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answers from Washington DC on

I have/had the same thing from the time I was 30 to about 35. My doctor called it PMDD. She suggested I take birth control pills but I won't for many reasons. I increased my intake of calcium and vitamin D and I started using a natural progesterone cream I bought from the natural foods store. (check out Dr. Lee and progesterone cream on line. He has a website and there is a ton of information out there on the benefits of keeping your hormones in check.) I had wonderful results and it helped with other issues I was having (dryness, low sex drive, etc.) I haven't had the problem since my last child was born (he just turned 4) but now I am approaching 40 and other issues are cropping up:) But I think the pregnancy helped put my hormones back in balance. I keep a close eye on my "personality" throughout the month because I hated myself during that time. I was so quick to get angry about even the slightest things. With 3 kids, I was mad all the time and my husband was never home!

I like the St. John's Wort suggestion and the symplex F, though I never tried either one. Also try to get about 15 minutes to your self to breathe, meditate, relax, whatever you need to do.

Good luck and God bless!

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I am exactly the same way , my husband actually avoids talking to me at all during this time , because I explode at the slightest thing , sometimes even him asking me a simple question.....so annoying!....I am looking forward to seeing your responses as I will try them myself , my Dr suggested birth control which I cannot take , or anti depressants!



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could be related to the hormones you experience during ovulation. What do you use during PMS? I would use the same measures that work for that time during your irritability time.



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I get it, too. If you clock your cycle, it's really close to ovulation. Basically do what you should do to reduce the symptoms of PMS and it helps. I even start getting migraines around then too, so I have to really watch what I eat, drink and the amount of quality sleep I get. A "pill-happy" doctor will tell you it's not PMS or hormonally related and try to put you on anti-depressants or birth control pills or tell you it's not related to your cycle... enter a very exasperated, frustrated face here!
I did wind up going on an anti-depressant, but I was under a tremendous amount of stress and was genuinely depressed as well. It has helped the severity, but I still feel different about 2 weeks out from day one of my cycle.
I agree going to your doctor is a good idea so you can rule out something else. However, I think my best advice is to listen to your body and respect what it tells you.
Good luck and God bless,



answers from Washington DC on

Speak to your OB/GYN. How old are you? Based on some changes with my own cycle, including extreme irritability -- sometimes from ovulation all the way to menstruation, my doc suggested peri-menopause. There are some steps you can take to ease symptoms. Anti-depressants, as well as differents types of birth control. You just have to find the solution that fits you best.



answers from Los Angeles on

That's when ovulation occurs for many women and when PMS can start. I started taking 3 Symplex F about 3-5 days after my period stopped and then increased it as my symptoms increased. It saved my marriage....and many of my friend's marriages. My friends sometimes have to increase it to 10 and then stop it when their period starts. I had to increase mine to 14 one day...and within 15 minutes felt like myself again. It's awful feeling like some crazy lady is controlling my body. I don't take it anymore, since my body has finally regulated itself with the help of this natural supplement.



answers from Washington DC on

Evening primrose oil is one of the best things to take anytime in your cycle. It specifically addresses hormonal balance.


answers from Sharon on

i would speak with your doctor.. it may be the horomones and it may be ur body taking a slight change



answers from Provo on

St John's wort can be helpful with irritability. I used it post pardum a few years ago. My nerves were so raw and I lost my temper for everything. I liked St John's wort because it worked quickly and I could start and stop taking it whenever I wanted. It is not as strong as an antidepressant, but helped take the edge off my temper, helped me think more calmly. Good luck!

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