What to Bring to a Preschool Valentines Day Party Potluck!

Updated on February 11, 2011
A.C. asks from Waynesville, MO
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I have no idea what to make for a potluck for preschoolers. I don't want to make any desserts and I need to make enough to serve 40 people! Any suggestions welcome! Thanks in advance! :)

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I ended up using the trail mix idea; gold fish crackers, pretzels and mini grahm crackers! :)

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How about sandwiches, use a medium size heart cookie cutter to get 2 mini sandwiches. Slice a watermelon - use heart cookie cutter to cut a ton of watermelon hearts. I know you didn't want to do a desert but the same goes for rice crispy treats. I use my cookie cutters for everything.

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answers from Chicago on

Hi.. I've been a pre-k teacher for MANY years. Are there any allergies?
A big bowl of trail mix is always a big hit with all ages. You can do goldfish, and or cheese-its, pretzels, Valentine M&M's/... you name it. Whatever you feel your child would enjoy sharing. Have fun!!!

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answers from Kansas City on

What about fruit kabobs? You can get the skewers at any grocery store and just string on different fruits. If you want you can add a fruit dip but for 40 people I probably wouldn't. Since it's for kids, I might even cut the skewers in half b/c a kid doesn't need a whole one.

You could always do ants on a log or if there is a no peanut butter rule just celery with cream cheese in it...some people sprinkle a little paprika on top (although paprika is NOT gluten free, so if that's an issue, skip that too!)

Do you have a mini muffin pan? My preschooler loves mini muffins! You could do banana, blueberry, or strawberry! We're making strawberry chocolate chip muffins for her class next week. You could also just do loaves and slice them and put them on a tray.

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answers from Bloomington on

You could make fruit skewers with popsicle sticks, crackers and cheese (assemble ahead), chips and dip, pretzels and dip, macaroni and cheese (keep warm in crockpot and bring little styro bowls), beanie weenies, mini veggie pizzas (just cut each crescent roll into 3 tiny triangles)...


answers from Los Angeles on

How about pigs in a blanket? I buy the little smokies (I get the kind w/out nitrates, though) and then a tube of the uncooked dough croissants, slice them thinly then wrap around the smokies and bake. Is there a microwave in the classroom to reheat them on site?



answers from Kansas City on

My sister just made jello cups for her daughter's pre-school. She made a large amount of bulk jello and poured it into small disposable cups. You'll need to buy a box of inexpensive spoons. Everyone loves jello, and I don't think you'll have to worry about allergies.



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I don't know if you consider this dessert or not, but I would do Jello Jigglers... You can do them as heart shapes or just do any kind of shape in red, pink, and purple. Preschoolers love eating with their hands and they love the jiggliness of them.

Or you could bring sandwiches cut into heart shapes (I got a great sandwich cutter from the dollar store that cuts two hearts at a time, I still see these cutters there for sale).

Or pasta salad with strange shaped pasta or tortellini.

Or cut up fruit and make some kind of dipping sauce (preschoolers also adore dipping foods).

Or how about making chicken fingers (cheaper to just buy the skinless breast, freeze it for a few hours, then cut it in thin, long slices) and putting a sauce on the side for dipping?



answers from Dallas on

If you need to do a hot dish what about homemade macaroni & cheese. For a cold dish, you could do little sandwiches, or a veggie or fruit platter. I think kraftfoods.com has a just for kids section. Take a look at what they have and then you could probably increase it to make enough for 40.

Hope this helps!

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