What's Your Plans for Valentine's Day?

Updated on February 11, 2009
T.H. asks from Clovis, NM
4 answers

Hi ladies, I just love Valentine's Day! Not just for the roses and chocolates I'll receive :), but just as another reminder of my love and the closeness I will share with my husband. Not that I need a reason for this :). With such a large family and our day to day busy life it's nice to have a day to slow down and enjoy one another. So, I was just wondering what plans do you all have for Valentine's Day this weekend? Are you taking a trip somewhere, have reservations at a special restaurant or hotel? My hubby and I will enjoy dinner at our favorite italien restaurant and then catch a movie (since I got him gift certificates to this restaurant and movie theater :) ). Afterwards we'll just spend a, hopefully, quiet evening at home with a bottle of wine and maybe some grapes and cheese (our favorite snack). So, what about you?

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answers from Dallas on

For the last 7yrs we have had a group of us go out to an expensive steak house and pick a new one every year-then we go out dancing. We never do it on actual Valentine's-to avoid the set menus and crowds-so we did that this past weekend and this year we went to a burger joint with live music to change it up a bit. So on Valentines we're having several friends and their kids over for a potluck and games.



answers from Dallas on

We are going to Shreveport for the night. V-day is also my birthday. We will probably exchange v-day/birthday presents before we leave and then just enjoy our night. We aren't going to go out to an expensive restaurant. We will probably just eat at the casino or the hotel for dinner.



answers from Dallas on

We celebrated V-day this past weekend to avoid the crowds, and it worked with our schedules. We got a babysitter (rare for us)and went to the Reata downtown for a great dinner, and took as long as we wanted---appetizers, dinner, desert (again this is rare because with a 2 year old, we're often in a hurry to eat and leave before our son gets too bored or loud). Then we walked to Barnes & Noble (that rocks my husband's world), a little jazz club for a little while for drinks and a little dancing, enjoyed a nice night to stroll, hold hands, and talk uninterrupted, and then we went to a coffee house to play a silly game we've liked to do since we were dating (but haven't done in ages). Was really a nice night. For the "real" V-day: I'm going to cook a nice steak dinner at home and surprise him by baking his favorite desert: apple cheesecake, and then we're going to a play we REALLY want to see (The Bluest Eye). I'm making a little craft gift for him with my son, as well. We don't buy gifts; we just go out for the experience.


answers from Dallas on

We always have a family dinner that includes our daughter at a very nice restaurant. This year we are going to the country club for dinner because it is one of our favorites for great food and our daughter loves the dessert cart!

Afterwards, She is going to spend some time with a friend while we head out to one of our favorite night spots, Loft 610, for a while.

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