What's Your Go-To Meal to Bring to a New Mom?

Updated on June 15, 2009
E.K. asks from Irving, TX
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I'm totally blanking on what to bring my friend who just had her fourth baby. No dietary restrictions. Any ideas? Something that can be doubled easily for our family would be a huge bonus, but not necessary. Thanks!

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So What Happened?

Thanks, everyone! I ended up bringing penne and meatballs, because I already had the ingredients. I know I've always received a lot of pasta dishes when I've had a baby and they can be hard to get through sometimes. Next time, I'll be more prepared! Something that I've always appreciated when I have a new baby is food for other meals/snacks besides dinner--not something I can bring to someone at the last minute though. Thanks for all the ideas!

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I agree with everyone about everyone bringing pasta recipes, my daughter just gave birth to twins and everyone brought pasta. What about meatloaf, pea salad, & a potato dish? Or you can even go buy 1-2 rotisserie chickens and add the veggies.

I also have a good pork chop casserole and someone brought a dish to my daughters called ugly chicken, it only has 5 ing. I haven't made it yet, but here are the ing. if you want.

1 rotisserie chicken, 1 block of Velveeta cheese (the med size), 1 can cream of mushroom soup, 1 box of Uncle Ben's wild rice 1 can of rotel tomatoes and top with crunched up fritos and bake at 350 til bubbles.

Contact me if you are interested in any recipes. Good luck and you are a good friend for taking food!

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I always bring baked ziti. You can cook it yourself then bring it or just prepare it and include directions on how long to cook in the oven. I also include a loaf of bread with garlic butter spread on it wrapped in aluminum foil. They can trow the bread in the oven.



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I usually do a casserole of some type. I have a great mac & cheese recipe, sometimes I do that with a salad. Or I have a really good chicken pasta casserole. You just mix together cooked pasta, 1 can cream of chicken soup with 1/2 can milk, whatever veg you want to add. Bake for 30 mins at 350 covered with foil. Then on top add shredded cheddar and some French's Fried Onions and bake another 10 mins till the cheese melts. It's easy to bag the cheese and onions for them to add at the end.

Another easy thing is chicken dump recipes.


I had a friend whose husband was in the hospital with cancer and I made several chicken dumps and took them over so she could freeze them and have on hand. You put it all in a ziploc bag and then freeze it, bake it cook. Very easy.



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I usually will do either spaghetti & meatballs, lasagna, or enchiladas. All are super easy to double so you can take one order to them and serve one to your family. THey also seem to be universally liked by all people (even picky people like my family), and they usually lend well to leftovers so the family can eat on it for a couple meals. Feel free to PM me if you want any recipes.



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Sorry but i bring the big frozen stouffers lasagna and frozen garilc toast and corn. That way they can pop it in whenever they want. My bonus....i always load up on paper plates, forks, etc.... Also a gift cert for delivery food is also great. They can order what they like when they like.



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King Ranch Casserole always goes over well and is easy to do.



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A cheesy chicken spaghetti and some salad would be my pick. Another of my favorites is broccoli rice casserole with a can of chicken in it.


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I have a couple of go-to's. We are not dessert eaters at our house so when I take dessert it is very simple.

home made chicken potpie, salad and dessert.(make 2)

chicken broccoli casserole (make 2)

beef stew (make a big pot full to share)

roast with veggies, salad (harder to double but can be done)

I have a homemade marinara sauce that people love....I incorporate that with hand stuffed shells, lasagne, or just pasta.

Enjoy cooking.....this is putting me in the mood to get in the kitchen today!



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A lot of folks bring chicken or pasta casseroles - so I try to be different (depending on likes and dislikes)

A pot roast with veggies is always welcomed

Another great dish:
in a large skillet brown 4 boneless pork loin chops on both sides - season them with salt, pepper, garlic and cinnamon.

remove from skillet - add to skillet 1 cup apple juice, 1 cup of chicken stock and the contents of a long grain an wild rice seasoning packet - bring to a boil - then add the rice mix - stir. Place the chops back on top toss in some craisins and cover and simmer about 20 minutes - top with some shredded cheddar - close lid and let it melt ( I usuall transfer to a disposable aluminum pan at this step - put the cheese on and melt it)

This is so good and easy and a great change from chicken!
I serve it with a salad, rolls, fruit and brownies!

I make dinner a lot to take to people - so feel free to contact me for other things - plus I just had surgery and have had dear friends bring my family meals for 10 days (I can tell you what we have received).



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my go to meal for this would be lasagna or spaghetti with a bag of breadsticks & a bag of salad. it's totally easy & most everyone likes them.



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We've got a SUPER easy recipe for Chicken Pot Pie on our site (http://www.familyeguide.com/index5.php?id=13&sid=27#C.... I would also suggest the pork chop casserole or Swiss Cheese Chicken & Stuffing (recipes on our site as well). They're all easy to make and easy to double. I like the idea of finding an alternative to spaghetti, lazagna, or pasta dishes, as families tend to get a lot of those, and need something to break it up.

www.familyeguide.com Your free guide to affordable activities in Southern Denton County.



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I usually take my chicken spaghetti, which is really easy to make & double. Add some bread, usually fruit salad & dessert of some kind.
I also always try to take a small loaf of banana, strawberry or poppyseed bread for them to have something different for a quick breakfast.

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