What's Your Favorite Baby Bottle??

Updated on June 01, 2010
M.M. asks from Murrieta, CA
15 answers

I am just curious what types of bottles you mom's use! I used Avent with my first son who is now almost 3 but as look on babies r us they are getting really bad reviews with people saying they are leaky, I don't remember that but if they do leak I don't want to use them again!!! My baby is due soon and I do plan on nursing however I will still feed him with breast milk in the bottle every once in a while!! What are your favorite baby bottles!!!!

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answers from Los Angeles on

We had Dr. Browns for about 8 months, but I got so tired of them. Even when washed in the dishwasher I still found gunk in the vents. They were just a royal pain. We used the playtex bottle (the ones with an angled neck) and those worked really well. Once she got close to a year, we just started buying the cheap parents choice (still bpa free) brand at walmart. They were lightweight enough she could hold them herself.

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answers from Provo on

I love avent. People just tighten them WAY to tight and so they leak. All you have to do is use the cap to tighten it. It is like a half a turn to get it at the perfect tightness. I am thinking of switching over to Avent, I just hate the sound that they make when sucking.
I am also using playtex wide ventair. It's about the size of my breast from when I was breastfeeding.
I tried Evenflo bottles. Glass or plastic. My babies mouth is huge like mine and could swallow the whole nipple and cap. The cap if you tighten it just a smidgen bit to tight, it will crack and then leak. So I hated the cap. The actual bottle was great and tough.
I agree Ina that it really depends on the baby and probably should wait till the baby is born and their "style" of eating.



answers from Honolulu on

The "MAM" brand is great! My son loved it and it is BPA free.
You can get it from Amazon and read the reviews there.
I highly recommend it.


It comes in 3 packs or single packs.

good luck,



answers from Birmingham on

I also Looove the Platex nursers. I breastfed my first for 6months and she transitioned really well, which was my biggest concern. My second baby I breastfed for 4 months and she did just as well, so I have to say Playtex



answers from Seattle on

I was very happy with the original evenflo glass bottles. They are pretty cheap, but pretty tough. They are easy to clean (and they actually get CLEAN in the dishwasher - my plastic bottles were always holding on to residue) and work with a whole host of other nipples (never used the ones that come with them...).
I also tried AVENT, but they don't have different size nipples and their giant nipples made my daughter gag (great, I spent a bunch of money on a set, too).

Personally from our experience, I would just wait until baby is there and then buy a single bottle that you like and see it works for him. After going through 5 brands of nipples until we found one my daughter liked, I prefer a bottle that accepts generic nipples, so you can try different shapes and sizes.
Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

I use ther same ones as Angie, the Gerber BPA free tall skinny ones, they have them in smaller size and the nipples work for both sizes. my daughter is 13 months and still loves them. They are incredibly low priced and work great, they come in a 3pack.


answers from Barnstable on

If your a breastfeeding mom, hands down, mimijumi is fabulous! It is the most breast-like bottle out there! Breastfed babies can get confused about nipples, so having a bottle that requires a similar nursing technique as the boobie is important.

You should avoid any bottle for the first 6 weeks, but mimijumi rocks. There is also a LOAD of breastfeeding info on the site below, as well as mimijumi info:





answers from Sioux City on

We used Avent with our 2 oldest boys and used Gerber Nuk with our youngest son. I would've kept the Avent but, we had to change because of BPA and the newer Avent bottles were SO expensive, in my opinion. I can say I loved the Avent and the Nuk equally. They both were wonderful! And, they both worked well with nursing. Good luck!



answers from New York on

Hi there...we started with the playtex nursers but my daughter had terrible colic. Then went to Dr. Browns. In 2007 was when the BPA controversy took hold and I switched from DR Brown's that were not BPA free at the time and went to the cheap Gerber BPA free ones. My daughter preferred the 5 oz ones. If I had known how great those inexpensive ones would have been I would have just started with them. More cost doesnt always mean the best sometimes.



answers from Dallas on

I use Dr. Brown's for my almost 14 month old. A good friend of mine uses these also, as well as the glass Born Free Bottles.



answers from Chicago on

I love my Avent bottles. My son is 3 and I kept all of his bottles and just got new nipples after my daughter was born. I never had a problem with them being leaky with my son, but a few times they have leaked with my daughter. I noticed it was because I didn't have the nipple in there properly. Once I repositioned it, it was fine. If you still have your old bottles, I would just buy new nipples and save yourself some money. If you are breastfeeding, you won't be using the bottles that often anyway, so it shouldn't be that much of a problem. Good luck!



answers from St. Cloud on

With our first, I breastfed and when my milk dried up at 6 months we used the Playtex with the drop in liners. I felt it was cleaner than regular bottles........ Or perhaps I liked them so much because they were easier TO clean! LOL. I liked that I just threw away the "inside".

Our 2nd never took a bottle. Nursed like a champ for 18 months, but refused ANY kind of bottle or nuk.



answers from Las Vegas on

I used super expensive Dr Browns with my first son.....they were recommended by a friend. I hated them....but I felt like I SHOULD use them since they were supposed to be "better" and I got so many for shower gifts. My son didn't feed very well when we used them.

For my second son (no baby shower and less $$ since I wasn't working), I used the Gerber BPA free tall skinny bottles that come in a 3 pack. Seriously, they are like 1.99 for 3 bottles, and they are AWESOME. My second son fed great with them. They were easy to clean and cheap. LOVE THEM!!!



answers from Chicago on

Born Free bottles are awesome!



answers from Boston on

I still love the Avent bottles and had no trouble with them. Although, my second child had significant colic and gassy, so I tried Dr. Brown's bottles. They helped a little. I would recommend either.

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