What's up with My Daughters Belly Button?

Updated on April 12, 2010
R.W. asks from Ellsworth, WI
5 answers

My daughter is over three months old and often when I change her diaper I notice what looks like a cross between dry skin and crusty eye-boogers stuck inside her belly button. I try cleaning it out with a wet wipe, but that doesn't always clear the stuff away because it sticks to her skin and inside all of the little folds of the belly button. I've also tried taking a Q-tip with some rubbing alcohol on it trying to clean the area. It seems to be daily that there's a new 'deposit'. Is it sweat that gets stuck in her belly button? Or urine that sneaks up the diaper and into her belly button without getting her onesie wet?? At what point do I get concerned about her belly button still seeming to have a discharge?? Any experience or advice would be helpful. Thanks ladies!

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answers from Minneapolis on

My daughter had similar symptoms and our pediatrician recommended an antifungal cream. She had us put it on twice a day for a couple of days, and it cleared right up. I'd double check with your pediatrician first, just to make sure it's the same thing. Good luck!



answers from Des Moines on

My daughter had belly button issues at that age. Never any oozing though. Kinda sounds like the puss you'd see that comes out of infected wounds. Honestly, I'd take her to the pediatrician as a precaution.

Not sure if this will help but this is what my daughter's pediatrician told me: 1)Clean her navel with water and a clean gauze pad; 2)Air out the area; 3)Put on Neosporin or A&D. Cover with a clean guaze pad; 4)Avoid baths til it's healed

Good luck! Hope your little one gets well soon. ~Pam



answers from Sheboygan on

Follow up with the Pediatrician. It's probably nothing, but better safe than sorry!



answers from Minneapolis on

sounds like it didn't heal right or infected bring her in just to be safe


answers from Los Angeles on

my daughters belly button is doing the same thing. what did the doc say baby her belly button? what it the same thing as the others had? please wright back soon

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