What's the Deal with Mamapedia and Facebook?

Updated on October 08, 2015
D.B. asks from Hopkins, MN
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After reading a recent question about all the first-time posts showing up, I noticed a reference to the Facebook posts. I remember there was a big problem some time back about a member's very personal info going up on Facebook, and what a huge problem that created in her privacy.

I just looked at a variety of FB groups with Mamapedia in the name. I saw a response I had written to a specific question, and now my answer (out of context, without the question), is now appearing on FB under my real, full name. While the specifics of the post aren't personal, my data is.

Did I miss something here, or am I right to be indignant?? I also see posts by other friends in my "real life" who are not Mamapedia members.

Is this why so many members changed their names on this site? Is that enough? What do I do about it? Is there any point to complaining to the moderators or the owners (who are probably not the same people)? Do I just quit Mamapedia altogether? How do I get them to take down my post? Even though a bunch of my friends have already "liked" it and it's out there, what do I do about going back through all the various Mamapedia FB pages and tracking my info that's been put out there?

ETA: No, Ziggy, I don't log on to MMP through FB. I guess I need a whole new email account. Damn, this is just not worth the trouble anymore, what with the dearth of questions, the trolls, the $70/hr work from home spammers, and the fake drama questions. And to others, I didn't realize the extent of my answers being "their property" which means they can put my personal info on FB. I thought that was changed when MMP screwed up the last time and they apologized profusely, supposedly.

ETA again: I don't follow any Mamapedia on FB! I found it by typing "Mamapedia" into the FB search bar, and there are several. The one that says "posts about Mamapedia" is where I found a whole bunch of info from friends who aren't even on MMP.

I've now had a personal message from "Doug" at MMP who asked for the link, like he knows nothing about this or how it happened. I am irate at the lack of oversight here.

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So What Happened?

I THINK that the FB post was restricted so it could only be seen by friends of mine on FB. So that's sort of reassuring BUT it doesn't explain how it got there to begin with, and how my Mamapedia profile was linked to my real-life FB profile and my picture added. I've responded to Doug and to Jacob P so far with this info. I'm not researching the questions for them though - they need to do that. And, um, yes, I know that things on the internet are out there. But someone somehow linked my different accounts and I'm not buying that there's nothing that can be done about it or that it's okay.

Look, ladies, I did NOT post anything from MMP on my FB wall. I didn't. I keep my MMP "life" anonymous and quite separate from my public FB "life." That said, the Mamapedia staff have asserted in no uncertain terms that there is no possible way that a MMP could go to FB, and Julie S. has asserted that I'm one of those people who know nothing about computers, so let's drop the subject and assume that I'm the idiot here and that this will not happen to any other members, that controls are (and maybe were) in place, and that you don't need to run for the hills. I asked what I thought was a reasonable question but apparently it was not.

What I DO think happened is that I answered a blog post on the question, and THAT went to FB, but it could only be seen by my friends. I did not post directly to FB from my own page, but I probably did answer a blog. So I believe that it was not a Mamapedia answer that went to the MMP FB page - which Jake and Doug say is impossible anyway - but I am also positive it didn't come from my own personal FB page (no matter how much some would insist that it did). There's a 3rd manner in play here. Does that make sense? So I don't think people should leave Mamapedia because of this, but I do believe we need to slow down when we post and click - just look at the boxes to click or not click first. I have written a personal message to the one person so far who is determined to leave, explaining this as well. Hope this helps. Thanks to all who answered kindly and calmly and with respect.

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answers from Washington DC on

Yes, this is why people changed their names - all of them - not just the screen name - but the account name as well. I changed my e-mail address too so it doesn't sync with my facebook.

I do NOT "like" the MMP FB page. I do NOT follow it either.

The terms and conditions clearly state what you write here is their property. read it again.

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answers from Chicago on

I responded to a blg the other day and noticed it linked to my facebook, I never, ever would have allowed that. I changed my name and profile(my computer account) and then it "unlinked me" from facebook.

I don't do facebook, I have no interest in anything I write here being on Facebook. I think it's time to leave, for real.

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answers from Phoenix on

On each of our responses, next to the "send flower" button is a "share button." Looks like it has a choice of Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or Email. Does this mean if someone clicks on my response the Share button and chooses Facebook that my ID and comment will be shared there?

I am very active on FB but do not log onto ANYTHING with it, don't click on links or play games or even have any apps thru there because of privacy issues. I would like to know what this "share" button is intended for? Hopefully an Admin can address this.

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answers from St. Louis on

The only thing I saw on their FB page was responses to those stupid blogs they profile.

Did it have a blue circle with a magnifying glass next to it? The "posts about mamapedia"? Because you just searched your own FB or anything available to you. That is 100% things you made public. If you shared a link with your friends that happened to have that answer it will quote your answer even if the question was deleted. Especially if you had just answered a question and copied the URL because it contains a direct link to your answer. You know, how the flowers used to direct you to your exact answer in the question?

So there ya go, these guys did nothing, you did it, but it still cannot link your FB to your account here unless someone knows what all those numbers on a URL means.

J., there is a box you uncheck when you respond to the blogs. That will keep it from showing up on your FB

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answers from Las Vegas on

I have never logged into Mamapedia through FB. I have never "liked" the Mamapedia FB page. I would be furious if they pulled one of my answers or questions on MP and put it on FB.

I thought that they stopped doing that after the last egregious violation of another member's privacy during an incredibly difficult personal time.

If Mamapedia IS doing this, that's pretty much the end for me.

I'll be looking to see how the moderators respond and what others have to say about this.

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answers from Washington DC on

Jake writes, "Recently we started posting anonymous questions from the site to Facebook. What’s an anonymous question? It’s a question that we choose and remove any personal details from the content before posting it on Facebook."
This is below in his explanation of how MP and FB connect.

Jake, can you explain how and why D. B.'s real information from MP appeared on FB? Is it because she is an FB member? I am not and never have been. I cannot access MP via FB ever. Does that mean my actual name can't appear on FB when MP does these "anonymous" posts to FB? Is the risk only to those who are members of both MP and FB? I do get that MP has rights to use our material, but until you resolve the issue with D.'s full, real name appearing on FB -- many of us are going to be highly skeptical about continuing to use MP any more. See Starr's post.

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answers from Austin on

This all seems deceitful. I just looked at FB and went to a Mamapedia page. I, too, saw the chickenpox question and others that I recall replying to, but I don't see my name. That's a relief.

I'd like to hear how the administrators at Mamapedia respond to this.

If we have to leave this site for privacy concerns, what happens to our old information, such as the billions of flowers that we can't delete, and our posts, here?

I wish the moderators and administrators would realize that publicizing the site, and linking to FB, and lowering their standards leads to the trolls and the spam. It's too bad. I know they make money from ads, but it would be best to maintain integrity and keep this site safe and private. Stop diluting it.

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answers from San Francisco on

D. - I just checked out what you wrote in your ETA and pretty sure what you are looking at are your and your friends' personal FB posts from the past that have had Mamapedia in the name. It's stuff that's on your wall or comments you have made to your friends in the past.

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answers from Springfield on

my name is not my name, my e-mail is not my real e-mail (although i do check it 1x a week), my kids are real with fictional b-days. my location is a random zipcode typed in. and thats all there is about me on here. my responses are real and i will admit that i have posted questions just for fun (but i stated that in the question)
if ANYTHING i have on mp gets back to me on fb i would be livid.

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answers from Santa Fe on

I find this disturbing too. I have come here to vent about problems and find solutions...sometimes very personal ones about family members. If my real name shows up on Facebook that is not good. Not good at all. I never use this site on Facebook so I have never looked at it there.

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answers from Portland on

I find that disturbing. There's a big ad on my screen right now (on my PC) that says "'For updates and special promotions' Follow us on FB"

I'm wondering if a person were to inadvertently hit that would you be linked up? Must make sure not to hit that button.

So who is posting these questions to Facebook? the mom or is this site doing that? I checked it out and saw the chickenpox one that Elena mentions. Thankfully I'm not listed as answering (although I did here). I'm just wondering did the mom post it there (as well hoping for more answers) or does this site post these questions there?

If they will take your question and post on Facebook, I think they should let you know, right? Or did we ok that somewhere along the line (was there a checkmark?). Don't remember seeing that.

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answers from New York on

Given this, I think there should be a way to delete our accounts - not just stop using them but delete. My email address on facebook somehow is unacceptable. I don't even use facebook. I want to delete all information. Moderator - how can I do that?

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answers from Jacksonville on

I don't have FB connected to this in any way. I don't "like" the page on FB, I don't use the same email account, nothing. I suggest you do the same.

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answers from Dallas on

I do not "follow" or "like" MMP FB due to what happened in the past when someone's very personal information was posted.

I've had the same nickname since I became a member here years ago. I like keeping my private info private.

I've never signed onto MMP through FB... ALWAYS sign on via the MMP home page only. I have looked at MMP FB but never commented on anything. I only comment on this page.

Since you posted this, I am going to check the FB page to see if anything I posted is on the FB site. The last time I looked, there were a few questions that had been posted here (things that had been resolved pretty much) and placed on FB... chickenpox question, a question about a new teacher, the question where mom had Disney tickets and thought about leaving 5 yr old at home and I am sure more.

I get that the new company wants to drum up more people for the forum but I don't like the tactics. There seems to be a lot of fake first question posts (and if they are real it is truly sad...). I can't believe that many women in the world can't keep up with their cycle, don't understand if you have unprotected sex that you may be pregnant then come ask "am I pregnant" like we would know, women who read receipts of husbands of 28 yrs and go bat crazy thinking he is a cheater, and all the other outlandish posts recently.

I'm thinking some people are posting now in order to stir things up and for personal entertainment.

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answers from Toledo on

Do you login to Mamapedia through Facebook?

When I opened my account here, I didn't use my real name. Like Wild Woman, the email account I used for Facebook is different from the email account I used for Mamapedia. I like to keep things separate, and I like being anonymous on Mamapedia.

If your real name appeared, my guess is either you registered here using your real name or you're logging in here with Facebook.

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answers from Cleveland on

Thanks for pointing this out. Risk no matter how small doesn't seem worth it.

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answers from Washington DC on

oh no!

i'd better go check!

ETA like elena i saw questions there i've answered, but didn't see my name. yes, that would be a deal-breaker for me, much as i love my MP.
:O khairete

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answers from Washington DC on

Hi All,

As usual thanks for the comments and feedback on Mamapedia.

I thought I would take a minute to explain how Mamapedia does…and doesn’t work with Facebook.

How does Mamapedia work with Facebook?

- We post voices articles to Facebook. These are just links back to the voices blog posts on Mamapedia.
- When commenting on a voices article you can choose to post your comment to Facebook via your own Facebook account. I’m referring to articles from this area of the site:


- Recently we started posting anonymous questions from the site to Facebook. What’s an anonymous question? It’s a question that we choose and remove any personal details from the content before posting it on Facebook.

What’s the purpose of the Mamapedia Facebook page? To introduce Mamapedia to a new audience and drive interest in the site to bring new moms and dads into the great community everyone has built.

How does Mamapedia work with Facebook?

- No user data is passed to Facebook, No login activity, no buttons. It doesn’t matter if you login with Facebook or not, your activity is not posted to Facebook.

- We use Facebook's comment tool on our voices articles page. The comment tool allows you to share your comments on Facebook but does not automatically share them unless you check the "Also post on Facebook" box when you post your comment.

I would like to remind everyone that if you interact with Facebook and share, like, or comment on content that is either posted, shared, liked by Mamapedia, then that might appear to be you associating with Mamapedia - which in fact you would be doing so within the Facebook ecosystem.

In short we do not share any personal data from Mamapedia with Facebook.

Thank you again for your continued feedback.

- Jake


"Jake, can you explain how and why D. B.'s real information from MP appeared on FB? Is it because she is an FB member? I am not and never have been. I cannot access MP via FB ever. Does that mean my actual name can't appear on FB when MP does these "anonymous" posts to FB? Is the risk only to those who are members of both MP and FB? I do get that MP has rights to use our material, but until you resolve the issue with D.'s full, real name appearing on FB -- many of us are going to be highly skeptical about continuing to use MP any more. See Starr's post."

Mel B., no we can't explain that simply because we can't verify it. We have had a number of people here try and verify that D. B.'s information is on facebook - and we can't. As I stated above when post any information on Mamapedia it is not posted to facebook - simply put that technology does not currently exist on the site. One place she does mention seeing her 'friends' is in the comment area of the voices pages. That area is integrated with facebook as I mentioned in my original posting via the facebook commenting plugin. Additionally within that comment area facebook technology will show you your friends as a priority. So you might easily assume because you are seeing your facebook friends "On Mamapedia" that it's Mamapedia linking things together, but that's the facebook comment tool.

Also, I'd like to ask that generally rather than making broad assumptions people continue to provide feedback as we strive to improve the experience. Please remember that Mamapedia has had many travels, and we are working diligently to get things in order to provide a new, streamlined and transparent experience.

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answers from Atlanta on

i don't know. I don't use or have a facebook account.

If you don't want your stuff shared? then you need to stay off the internet.

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answers from Dallas on

Jake, what you're saying would make sense, if it really played out that way.

Last night, I posted a comment to an article on the "Mamapedia Voices" page, and did NOT check the box to "also post on Facebook". Yet, now Facebook is giving me notifications when people "like" the comment. I understand the difference between something being posted to Facebook vs. receiving a notification, but I never gave permission for my comment to be linked with Facebook in any way. I NEVER gave Mamapedia permission to send me notifications on Facebook, or to even be given ANY information about my Facebook account, which is necessary for the site to be able to send me notifications.

The son who is the subject of my comment is in medical school now, and it might be embarrassing to him for people to see this comment who are mutual Facebook friends, and I am unwilling for this information to be posted for viewing by my Facebook friends who are colleagues. Once something is posted on Facebook, it can be shared with anyone and everyone. I posted my comment to give encouragement and support to others who are facing that kind of situation, but can no longer contribute in this way if comments will be linked to Facebook IN ANY WAY, without me being the one to make that choice myself. Revising questions and comments to become anonymous postings on Mamapedia's own Facebook page is fair enough. However, in that case, there should be NO LINK tracking it back to the original person who posted.

Please re-think this linkage of Mamapedia and Facebook. I understand that a wider audience can be gained from Facebook exposure, but many of the advantages of this site will be lost if measures are not put into place to prevent unwanted links between the two sites.

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