What's the Best Swim Goggles for a 3 Year Old?

Updated on May 12, 2010
K.A. asks from Santa Clara, CA
6 answers

Does your 3 or 4 year old have a really great swim goggle that you would recommend? There are so many different brands (speedo, finis, tyr) and even within each brand there are so many different styles! Thanks!

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answers from San Francisco on

As a former competitive swimmer I can tell you that the most important aspect for goggles is fit. So, go to a place where you child can try on the different types (probably a sporting goods store rather than a discount store). Without putting the headband around his/her head, just put the goggles up to the child's eyes and gently press them on around the eye. They should create a vacuum that keeps the goggles on the face without any other effort. If they only stay on when the headband is on, then the fit is not good enough and the googles will leak. The newest styles have headbands that are easy to adjust, don't make them too tight! Also, they have anti-fog styles. I don't know if those work better, but a little bit of spit rubbed around the inside of the goggles is what we swimmers used to use for "anti-fogging". Oh, and definitely get your child used to goggles because the chlorine in public pools is really not good for their eyes and can make them sting and itch.



answers from San Francisco on

We've had lots of luck with the Aqua Sphere goggles, size small. My son takes 50min lessons & never has to readjust because water got inside (or simply out of discomfort). If you live in the bay area, take him by Sports Basement and try a pair on. They are a bit more that the other brands, but they have wonderful strong frexible construction and double release sides that make them easy for the little ones to adjust themselves. Good luck.



answers from San Francisco on

Hi K., My son is also 3 and he had always lots of fun in our pool and during his swim lessons. However, 3 weeks ago he started to regress drastically and would not put his head under water anymore. I have asked him and he said it burns it's eyes. So on the spot we decided to get him googles that are offered at the swimming pool where he takes lessons as one Mom sitting there as well recommended them to us. She has 2 sons and both swimming and she said those are the best. The brand is Fines and it is a Youth size. Those googles have an anti-fog coating and it has worked great for my son. We cannot get him out of the water anymore :-).
Good Luck, C.


answers from Kansas City on

i guess this isn't really an answer to your question, but unless your little one is just terrified of getting water in their eyes and freaks out about it, i would skip the goggles. more hassle than they're worth. i started my son out in the pool when he was tiny and he never had a problem. i know things have changed, but when i was a kid (i am 33 lol) swim goggles never really worked for me for more than a minute anyway. they always either leaked or fogged up. but maybe i have a wierd shaped head lol. or maybe my folks just bought cheap goggles? lol! anyway, never been a fan. hope someone else can help more!



answers from State College on

I've always loved speedo's goggles, usually the ones with the black foam. If you have a lot of sun the tinted blue ones are great. I started wearing them when by 5 I know, but probably had them earlier. Usually they will have an age range or say youth at least on them for kids. If they have an adjustable nose piece, adjust that first so the eye pieces are the right distance apart. I think I had a pair of tyr that leaked also, but that may just have been the shape of the goggle and my eye, I never could wear their swimsuits either. I have tried other brands, mainly some with colorful plastic and they all leaked and as I'm sure you know there is nothing worse then goggles on and full of water.



answers from Washington DC on

My son had the Speedo goggles. They came in a 3 pack for like $10 from Target. They were good for him then because he had a narrow face and I could adjust how far apart the eyes were. My son swims in a summer swim league and I think every brand is used. Go to a swim store in your area and see if they will let you try on different brands. We have a store like that here and the staff is great and knowledgeable. I think it is a personal preference. I go the cheapest of the good name brands. I've always bought Speedo just because the price was reasonable and they happened to be the one my son liked too. Also, check out Costco or BJ's wholesale clubs, that's where I get my son's from. His favorite are the Speedo Hydrospex with the tinted/colored lenses.

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