What's the Best Sippy Cup

Updated on September 15, 2010
A.S. asks from Bellingham, WA
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Hi All,

So we feel like we have purchased a billion sippy cups and have yet to find a winner. So many of the ones with straws leak or drip, the others seem to only hold their seal a short period of time, I need some good ones!!! What cup do you find is the best? What's the winner in your house and which brands would you stay away from.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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answers from Portland on

We used the Playtex Sipster at first cause the mouth piece is soft. Now we use Playtex Insulator! They have been my favs, the ones with a seperate nipple always leaked when sucked on!


answers from Portland on

We had a short stint of using them, but I found it actually was best to teach my children really young to drink from a real glass cups. They caught on very quick how to treat using something made of glass. We had a few accidents now and then but that's life and we just cleaned it up. We did use juice boxes for a treat.



answers from Seattle on

The Thermos Foogo is by far the best. It keeps cold drinks cold and doesn't leak as long as the straw is put in properly.

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answers from Portland on

Playtex, hands down.

I've tried Avent (hated!), Gerber NUK, you name it. None of them were leak-proof. The only cups that seemed truly leak-proof were the playtex, no matter which stage she was at. She is now using some Playtex straw sippies that we got at Target. Purple and pink double-pack (they also have blue and green double-pack). LOVE THEM. We have an almost-white carpet and she's never made a spot.

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answers from Seattle on

We're fans of the Playtex sippy cups, especially when brand new they do not leak or drip. I went through a couple different brands before settling on this one. In general, I found that the sippy cups with the straws or soft spouts tend to leak.



answers from Detroit on

I've had luck with Playtex and Munchkin. I've tried Nuby, Gerber, Avent--they were bad. Personally, I think Nuby is the worst. Every Nuby that I have had leaked.



answers from Kansas City on

We used the Take 'N' Toss. You can get them at Target. They last a long time and they are very inexpensive, so if you loose one or leave one somewhere, it doesn't matter that much. They have them with the sippy lid and with the straw, and they come in solid colors and in characters (Mickey Mouse, Elmo, and others).



answers from Portland on

We use the Take-n-Toss ones. They last a long time and they are inexpensive if they do wear out. My kids did learn to have "water sports" with them in the car on hot summer days. They would turn them over and shake the living daylights out of them to get them to leak. But, hey, it's water. I rarely used sippy cups for other drinks, usually small cups for kids or sometimes straw cups at meals. For on the go, always water in sippys.

I also love the Gerber sippy spout that can go on a water bottle. Doesn't leak and not easily taken off. The kids can shake and shake and nothing comes out.

Oh and to those worried about BPA, if it contains food/drink items, it has to be safe for foods/drinks. That is the law. So, they are BPA free even if they don't advertise. Just watch for the off brands at the Dollar Store and you'll be fine.



answers from San Diego on

nuby cause they do not spill and they are easy to grasp



answers from Phoenix on

I have used lots of sippy cups between my daughter and my home daycare and I like the Playtex sippies and the Munchkin version of Take 'n Toss. The Playtex are good, non-leaking, not super hard to clean everyday kind of sippy cups. The Munchkin one's are good and sturdy, leak a little if turned upside down for extended periods of time, inexpensive enough to toss if needed and **have screw on lids**. The First Years Take 'n Toss cups are nice because they're cheap and disposible if needed, but the snap on lids are easily removed by kids (took my daughter 15 minutes at 12 months old), the spouts crack after being chewed on and the seal loosens after repeated washing.


answers from Kokomo on

Gerber color change ones. They usually come in a pack of two(orange/ green, purple/pink) and are cheaper than many others. I have used the same 8 for almost 4 years w/o a drop spilled. And they are not as hard to suck on as some others my daughter has gotten. With the color change you can tell when the milk is not cool any more either, so that is a little bonus.


answers from Los Angeles on

I hate the ones with the straws. My daughter will bite and pull it through the hole in the sippy until it's all the way out. Then of course she dumps its contents all over the place. I also didn't like them because I felt I couldn't get the valve clean.
I have been trying to get my girl to drink from a sippy since 12 months (she's now 18 mo). Finially we found the munchkin sippy's, they are short with handles. The seals hold up great, and she loves it. The only time it leaks is when she bites the spout and the liquid dribbles out of her mouth.
Good Luck!



answers from Seattle on

I have always had really good luck with the playtex insulator cups - have not tried the straw one, but the regular spout has never really leaked and we have been using them for 4 years (some that we have are the originals that we bought for my son) - I dishwash them, and have never needed to buy replacement plugs...



answers from Seattle on

Our winner was the Playtex double wall. The valve thingmy fit on the spikes in the dishwasher... so it was unscrew lid, yank out valve thingmy, spike it, lid in the silverware box, wash the double wall by hand (or the seal breaks over time in the dishwasher, come to find)... pull out of dishwasher, put valve back in, fill with milk'o'licious drinks... and repeat. They'd last for about 6mo before needing to be recycled.


Brands I'd stay away from are any where the valve can't be removed and washed/sterilized. My niece and nephew's cups always had mold in the mouthpiece part because they were impossible to clean by hand or the dishwasher.



answers from Seattle on

Our favorite travel cup is kleen kanteen sippy. Sippy cups should only have water in them so we have some that leak a little but it's only water so it doesn't matter.



answers from Columbia on

been there done that. except my issue was getting my daughter to use them. I went and spent money on the tomee tippee cups and i must say theyre pretty great except if the cup is dropped the piece inside comes loose and they leak... my daughter picked out a $3 tinkerbell cup from walmart and its AMAZING! no leaks and she loves it. I didnt want to buy it at first because i didnt think it was going to be good since it was so cheap but it surprised me.



answers from Portland on

we use the Jamba juice sippy's! they are 3.50 for the small ones. The only down side is they need to be replaced every 3 or so months. This us for 3 kids under the age of 3. They also have Klean Kanteens but they are more apt to play with them and dump the water or drink.



answers from Anchorage on

I once felt like I would never find the right sippy cup. My little boy is so picky. I felt like I tried almost all of them. He is a typical boy and like to be rough with things, and when it came to the sippy cup, he loved to test it beyond it's limits. He hated the ones with the hard spout, the Nuby was too soft and found it fun to grasp the spout with his teeth and yank on it. When I tried the ones with a straw they either leaked when shook it or he found it fun to dribble the contents out on to his shirt. I found the sippy cup that worked for me by accident. The one he loves is the Avent sippy cup, which is blue in color. I think they make ones in pink. It has a screw on lid with a off white spout that it's flat. It also has two handles. He bangs that thing around and bites the spout. So far so good. Good luck!!!


answers from Jacksonville on

I always used playtex insulator cups. You can buy them with spouts and without. Regardless of which one you buy they all use the same valve so thats a plus. They don't leak and they keep liquids cold. Also, they are BPA free which is a must for me.



answers from Denver on

Gerber color change sippys last for years! You have to make sure the white stopper is put in tightly and you'll have no problems. They are BPA free, which is hard to find. Munchkins brand is also BPA free.


answers from Dallas on

Nuby sucks. Avoid them. I have loved the gerber sip and smiles, the playtex cups, and my favorite are the ones that are the learning curve cups. At first, when my L/O was about 18 months I bought the Elmo ones and she found them too hard to suck out of. She's since grown past that and now has 4 of them. They don't leak at all despite having no valve to clean. They are a teeny bit pricyer than the others but not by much. I got mine at Walmart and Kroger.



answers from Seattle on

Rubbermaid juice boxes... they're not a "traditional" kids sippy cup and have a straw, but they're the best!!! They're in the tupperware section vs. the baby/kid section. They also have a cheaper version at Walmart.


answers from Provo on

My son loves the nuby. The straw one is the one I don't like since it leaks. Buy the other two types are great!

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