What's Missoni and Can You Take It with You When You Die?

Updated on September 16, 2011
P.S. asks from Houston, TX
28 answers

Geez, with all the frenzy around Missoni for Target, you think these people are planning to be buried with their coveted Missoni items. I'm so glad I'm not one of those crazy people standing in line for clothes that will make you look like Charlie Brown.

Have you ever got caught up with the "latest and greatest" scene? Clothes, toys, designers? The only thing I can remember me doing that is getting a notice from ToysRUs in 2006 when my son was still a baby on Christmas Eve saying they had 75 new Tickle Me Elmo dolls. I got up at 6am and was 5th in line! But that's about it.

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So What Happened?

I wonder if there are more moms on mamapedia who are trend fanatics but just didn't pipe in?

I live in a podunk hillbilly suburb of Houston. If anyone around here starts bragging they are wearing Missoni, I would feel sorry for them b/c 1) I would know they didn't pay thousands of dollars for that outfit 2) the stripes and zig zags will make them look fat 3) if they think our hillbilly town is anything like Beverly Hills, then they have lost touch w/reality :)

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answers from Augusta on

I've never heard of this.
The only thing we got when it was a huge trend were the Zui Zui pets. And that was a big mistake.
Those things are junk.

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answers from Chicago on

The only time I HAD to have something was when the original Star Wars trilogy was re-released in theatres when I was in high school. Yes, I was in line at midnite. That's it for me.

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answers from San Francisco on

The only thing I have EVER gotten up early and stood in line for is concert tickets!
With the internet that is now a thing of the past, though I actually kind of miss it :(

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I just have to say, LMAO!

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answers from Fargo on

I totally don't get it either. I was just in Target and saw the Missoni line and wasn't all that impressed. Your Charlie Brown comment totally cracked me up!!!

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answers from Richmond on

LMAO!! I've been boycotting Target for months, but I've seen the commercials... psychadelic baby, yeah! [laughs and rolls eyes].

My husband likes to stay on top of the trends (more like electronics and truck stuff)... me? I'm waiting until I see it at your yard sale marked for a dollar ;)

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answers from Dallas on

So True. It's ridiculous. I saw the frenzy and people standing in long lines at a New York Target. Seriously? The fashion capital of North America, during fashion week. And There's a run on Target? Wow. I thought well it's official. The people have lost it. Stress has finally pushed them over the edge. They no longer know what's real and what's not.
I have never gone gaga over anything. Once I did go to PacSun in the Mall to buy skater shoes for my daughter. It felt so wrong, but I'd do anything for that girl.

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answers from Tampa on

Just an idea to own missoni design, these pcs sell for Thousand of dollars, but target customers don't know the fabrics, stitchinng and factories are not the same as the real thing :) I like the idea the high end design wanting to be available to the rest of the world.

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answers from Jacksonville on

Nope. I don't get caught up in that stuff. I love apple products, but you will NEVER find me standing in a line at the apple store for some new release. Or at Target in line for 'stuff' or anywhere for a new hottest latest greatest coveted toy. Just won't happen. I must confess that last Christmas I did get up early for the black friday sale at Target to snag an ipod for my daughter, but only because they had $40 in gift cards they were giving you with the purchase. It was only until 10 a.m. or something and I thought they might sell out of the ipods if I waited. Never will find a deal like that again, lol... I shop at Target all the time, so it was the savings (the $40 in gift cards that were essentially like cash to me b/c I shop so regularly at Target) I was after, not a limited availability product.

My kids never owned a Tickle Me Elmo... but my daughter did receive a Chicken Dance Elmo for Xmas one year from relatives, lol.

I'm not all about the latest greatest fad of any sort.

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answers from Washington DC on

I had never heard of this designer/brand/whatever ... and after looking at pictures on their website ... OMG who the hell would wear that stuff? It's downright UGLY ... no shape, disgusting color mixes. YUCK.

I did get my oldest son a tickle me elmo way back in the day, but I didn't go crazy over it and I certainly wasn't paying thousands of dollars for it. I did get up really early on christmas eve morning though LOL



answers from New York on

hell no. if i want it that badly i will pay full price for it. i have never shopped black friday. i have gone out on black friday around like 7 am :) and looked around. i start xmas shopping in may :) i am almost done. i never pay full price for anything, and i usually wait until amazon.com gets the stuff



answers from San Antonio on

I checked it out the day after to see if anything was left. Not much, but the black and white zigzag sweater just didn't make me want to spend $49.99, even if similar pieces sell for hundreds or thousands elsewhere. The sweater dress and leggings in my daughter's size were darling, but for the both of them it would have been $69.98. so they stayed on the rack. I did buy myself some Missoni socks for $6. I figured I could get any pair of department-store quality socks for the same price, so I wasn't getting ripped off. ;)

What surprised me was not how badly people wanted Missoni things for themselves, but how much people bought so that they could immediately sell it for 2-3X the price on ebay. I hope no one buys the overpriced ebay pieces so these greedy people don't get supported.

What have I been caught up with? In my 20s I collected beanie babies. But I never got up at 6 AM to get one, and never paid an unreasonable amount of money for one. Now that I have kids, we've taken the tags off and they play with them, so at least they are of use years later.



answers from Austin on

Beanie Babies :) My kids were just at the right age (6 and 7) and I worked part time at a hospital whose gift shop got the latest and greatest! You should have seen the rush the day they got a new shipment of "rare" ones. Scary! I never paid more than retail, though some were going for hundreds of dollars at the time.
Oh, and midnight Harry Potter book parties! But that was fun, and with the kids. I don't regret that at all.
My husband tries to do Black Friday, but after one experience I won't go! Awful.



answers from Phoenix on

No. I don't feed into the frenzy for pointless material items that are often times overrated & overpriced. There is nothing I want or need THAT BAD.



answers from St. Louis on

I'm a color & graphic freak....so the tv commercial immediately caught my eye. Love all of it. Have I bought any? Heck, no, I'm more of a bargain shopper & rarely jump on the crazy train when it comes to purchases!



answers from College Station on

Nope. Never have, never will :)



answers from Boca Raton on

Yes, I'm embarrassed at how much I paid for a PS3 the year they came out. When my mom found one before Christmas I literally started screaming!



answers from New York on

No one is getting frenzied about a Target brand in New Jersey. I wouldn't get caught up in all that silliness anyway. My son JUST got a pillow pet "pee-wee" from his grandma because he has been telling me for a year he wants the lady bug. He loves it.



answers from Detroit on

I stay away from stuff like that, so you won't catch me in line. I don't get the frenzy over Missoni though. I watch Bravo and Style Network and I've never heard of Missoni! Isaac Mizrahi had a line specially made for Target and his stuff was practical and good quality. The line was discontinued about 2 years ago:( I don't recall all the fuss about his line like this Missoni stuff which I personally think is ugly. I went to Target this morning and saw some Missoni shoes. I was surprised because I thought they would be sold out. Obviously, this paid off as a good investment for Missoni since they made some pretty big bucks from what I hear.



answers from Los Angeles on

I stood in line once for Olympic Games tickets. I waited about 30 minutes and got awesome seats. I was glad I did.



answers from Memphis on

I had no idea when a friend mentioned it and had to google it so your question made me laugh! I needed that! Thanks.



answers from Austin on

I just looked up Missoni on target.com. I must say, I didn't immediately think "Charlie Brown," but more, why would I want to wear the hideous old afghan, that Great Aunt Teresa knitted when I was 3?

So, two years ago, I made the mistake of letting a friend get me in a frenzy over the ZhuZhu pets. I don't think my children had ever even heard of them, but I was heading to every Target in the area, anyway, checking online every morning to see which pieces were in stock, then jumping in the car immediately to go battle it out for the pieces I had not yet collected. This was the-latest-and-greatest and if my children didn't each have one, they would be giving me grief into their thirties, because EVERY OTHER kid in school would have one.

I think about 2 weeks after that Christmas, was the last time my children played with them.

Last year, I bought them Legos. Classic, fun for all ages, no frenzies involved, and almost a year later, I'm still cleaning up Legos on occasion, because my girls can't stand the idea of taking apart their creations.



answers from Chicago on

since i have never heard of Missoni I guess I can live without it lol

The only thing we have ever stood in line for was in 97 when we got up at like 3am and waited in line outside toyworks to get our boys color game boys. my husband had been layed off for most of the year and it was the only thing the boys asked for. We stood in line and paid for them each separately so we could get two. other than that no waiting in long long lines for anything.


answers from Dayton on

Lol. I don't get it either.
Like Rachel, I'll wait until I see it at the thrift shop or yard sale.
Though I have pretty much tried to stay away from those too.
We don't need any more 'stuff'!
I have never jumped on any of the craze bandwagons, that I can remember. ;)



answers from Washington DC on

Yes. When I was a kid in the 80's we ran the JCP because they had just gotten a shipment of Cabbage Patch Kids!

I LOVE Black Friday, especially when a family member is looking for something that they want. I'm ALL about the hunt!

My co-worker was on the hunt for a Wii 2 years ago, (not the first Christmas). I put my family on it and they stumbled upon 2 being delivered when they were shopping at Target. They called me up. Does he want it? YES! So his kids got a Wii that year, just because my sis HAPPENED to be in a certain Target on a Tues. morning.

The Missoni stuff I don't get. I think that the rainboots are cute, but otherwise, thinks its ugly.



answers from Austin on

Didn't know about the craze. No surprise. Had to look it up. Read headlines about customers fighting over stuff. Police being called. How sad.

I think it is more practical to buy things that aren't trendy and you can wear them for years.

My kids didn't get the latest and greatest until it was cheap - and had stood the test of time. I remember finally getting my son a Game Boy with a ton of games really cheap at a pawn shop. He was so excited to get it for his birthday that he didn't mind getting it used. (I cleaned it up nicely.)

He has always waited until the new game system comes out and buys the old ones from friends with a bunch of games included. That's my boy!

My daughter, who now can afford the nice things in life, still is a practical, budget shopper. I agree with so many of your posters. I just wanted to point out what adult kids are doing who have learned from not getting caught up with the craziness.



answers from San Antonio on

I know it seems crazy but Missoni is one of the great designers that puts out quality clothing which is sold at Neiman Marcus from anywhere from $450.0 a piece to upwards in the thousands. Quality but with a great price....everyone is grabbing!

20 years ago I could afford the Missoni at Neimans, well not anymore. I'm married with 2 kids and a SAHM......I would love to wear Missoni but at Target prices...yeah!!


answers from Chicago on

Umm yes, Urban Decay's Naked Pallett ... totatlly worth it.

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