What the Heck Is in the Water??!!

Updated on April 02, 2012
J.W. asks from Saint Louis, MO
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So I read an update to a question on a baby registry where someone who answered was a called a b***h in the what happened for only saying guys don't like baby stores. Another question calling a neighbor an idiot tells us we are all misinformed about girl scout cookies in the what happened yet she was the one who was misinformed.

God knows how many I am taking my ball and going home posts I have read in the past week. The please delete this I can't handle the truth edits.

All I want to know is what the heck is in the water?

To quote a friend, this is why I drink Vodka, it is safer! :p

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So What Happened?

I really need to find an app that alerts me to moon phases! :p

Guys the registry post was removed.

Mamzita, triplet was bizarre on many levels. Like how the heck did they answer their own question? If you look at the profile they really are the same person.

Brandi, can't remember the name anymore but it was a four letter name like Keri or something so you are safe. What was really strange is we all pretty much said the same thing but that one person made her snap!

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answers from Detroit on

Sometimes, when I think I am too sensitive or expect too much, I come here, and then I feel better about myself.


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answers from Richmond on


Yeah, the posts lately seem to be WAY off the normal beaten path.

I'm still thinking the weekend whiners are trolls.

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answers from Dallas on

If I wasn't addicted to this place, I would've gone screaming into the night years ago.

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answers from Rockford on

Wow...I don't get online on weekends...it's a nice break...sounds like I made a good choice. Hmmm...those are usually the posts I ignore...I have enough going on in my own life that takes up space in my head! haha!

I agree...vodka is safer! LOL!

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answers from Chattanooga on

Goes off to read the baby registry thread..And some people can't be happy unless others are unhappy. Case in point one of the thread posters that decided to flame you on here . Its not the Moon some folks are just full on sadist and need to learn to spell.

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answers from Columbia on

My personal theory - there are some members creating new accounts and then asking whacked out questions to stir the pot.

"Hello, I was searching the internets and trying to find a place to discuss my (insert non-child rearing question), so I stumbled across MP, and decided to open an account and ask! Then I didn't like the answers from other anonymous people, so I berate them. Oh, and it's just coincidence that my very first post was a dramatic one. I'll answer questions and ask more....well...never, but that's a coincidence too."

ETA - or maybe April Fools now includes the weeks prior? :)

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answers from San Antonio on

I like that I am gone on the weekends and miss the drama! BUT I have thought that if I was computer savvy at all I would create a new website for us "cool" mommas! But then it sounds like I am being clichish!
I just really enjoy some of you moms (ahem JoW)

For my sons birthday I soaked some GUMMY bears in Vodka. They were so yummy. It was like a chewy jello shot. Vodka makes me happy!


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answers from Seattle on

I was gone for 2 days and this is what I missed!! Got to go and find the baby registry one!

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answers from Boca Raton on

LOL! I vote full moon too. :P

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answers from Phoenix on

I don't go on MP at all from Fri afternoon until Monday morning. Then I try to start current and go backwards to Fri afternoon where I left off. So I miss all the weekend drama...darn it! =)

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answers from Jacksonville on

I was thinking the same thing J..

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Might I add that things are getting a little....dull...as well as odd.
I might have to ask a political question or something to get the blood flowing. This site is getting weird and boring, don't ya think?

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answers from Chicago on

I have wondered that myself. I have no explanation either, but then again, I do find those posts more amusing than annoying.

You are not alone! :D

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answers from San Francisco on

Yes, I have noticed SOMEthing is up, especially all the weird questions over the last few days from first time/newbie types, like this morning's "triplet" question for example. Bizarre!!!

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answers from Bloomington on

There's a full moon on Friday.

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answers from Cincinnati on

I saw the baby registry one and reported it. I about fell over when I read the SWH!

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answers from Kansas City on

Holy Moly...I missed a lot this weekend.

Super curious about the GS cookie thing...since I'm a know it all on that subject...

Gosh darn soccer and Girl Scout functions...I missed some good stuff.

What's in the water? Skipped me...but if it's the good stuff I want some.

ETA: @ Molly, I totally do the same thing.

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answers from Washington DC on

I have definately missed something...It may be weather related, I hear those Upper Level Highs are pretty intense :)

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hey, wait, I answered that post and said the guys probably don't like having to register. I missed the SWH. Was I called a B? Hmmmm...now I'm curious and can't find out! Oh, the curiosity!

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answers from Norfolk on

In general, I wish people would think just a little more about the wording of their posts possibly being insulting someone who is here asking for help. Also, if I read something offensive, I try to take a moment and work out if it's my own issues or the poster was trying to be deliberately insulting. Sometimes, for instance, someone's brash nature can come across quite poorly in a forum like this. If some introspection doesn't settle me down, I will sometimes send a PM asking, "Did you mean this to sound this way?"

In the case of the registry question, however, I am guessing the OP was a wackadoodle loosing the battle with her pregnancy hormones.

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