What Stroller Do You Use for Your Older Toddlers?

Updated on February 02, 2011
S.R. asks from Clinton, MO
5 answers

Babies R' Us is having their 'Great Trade-In Event' and I'm considering trading in our old beat up strollers for new ones. I want to upgrade to a better single stroller, we still use one quite often when only out with one child. Right now I have a 3 year old Chicco Cortina, and I loved that stroller it was a great investment it's the one that still gets used on a regualr basis but it's getting harder and harder to open and close, the handle is just old and beat up. I also have a 1.5 year old Evenflo Aura, hate that thing. The Combi Twin Sport is our double stroller, and I haven't been too impressed with that, so I don't want a Combi single at all.

I'm wating to get something that isn't a full size stroller, but not a cheap umbrella stroller either. Any suggestions on singles?

Forgot to add that my kids are 19 months and our oldest just turned 3 this month, and he is nowhere near ready to walk, he still needs to be in a stroller.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I bought a Maclaren for my son when he was 4, and he's a bigger kid. He still rides in it at 5. I love it. It's lightweight and heavy duty.

For a double, I'd try a Joovy Caboose Ultralight. The BabyTrend Sit-n-Stand Deluxe is nice too, but the Joovy Ultralight is lighter, and a little more compact.

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answers from Detroit on

I loved my Maclaren twin stroller. It is an umbrella stroller but definitely not a cheap one. I found it so comfortable to push, really sturdy and durable, and great for the kids too. Both seats reclined and it had two baskets. I loved that it was side by side, and I never found a door that I couldn't fit it through.
Loved it!!!!!!!!
I also had a sit n stand stroller that I liked too but the only problem with that was when my oldest got tired he couldn't lay down for a nap in it because of how the back seat is. It was good for trips to the zoo when the older one would just hop and off the back as he pleased to look at the different animals.



answers from Kansas City on

Get a Maclaren. Lightweight, durable. The best.



answers from Dallas on

We use two seperate higher end Umbrella strollers. We have a Maclaren Volo and a Maxi Cosi Perle.



answers from Chicago on

We had an Aria Twin, but now they only make them 60/40. It might work for you, but check it out first. We liked the Aria a lot and it folded great, but ours broke (due to me putting too much pressure on the wheel trying to pop a curb...snapped the plastic leg with the wheel off) and we got a Combi Twin which we actually like a lot. The City Mini double is nice too and has a lot of great things about it, but in the end, we liked the Combi better (as did our twins).

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