What Size Does Your 1St/2nd Grader Wear?

Updated on February 28, 2012
B.S. asks from Lansing, MI
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My daughter is in 1st grade and she is a very skinny but tall girl. Currently she wears size 6 - 7 for pants/shorts/skirts. I find size 6 is really getting too short on her - this goes for skirts & jeans. So she has been in mostly 7's for awhile now. But, thank goodness they are adjustable waste as I have to tighten them up quite a bit. For tops she does still wear a few 7/8's but is currently fitting better in 10/12's.

On a facebook garage sale site, I found a lot of girls clothing 10-16. I asked if she would sell the size 10/12 seperately but she wants to get rid of all of them but states the pile has a lot of size 10/12. And she is only selling it for $15. From the picture it looks like a lot of shirts, but she says the pile has skirts and capri's too. I even saw some pajama's. I am not one to hold on to clothes that far in advance as I think styles can change dramatically, but I figured $15 why not?

So I'm curious when did your child start fitting in these sizes. I might just pick through the size 10's and get rid of the bigger sizes.

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So What Happened?

Well I will still take my chances, I did see a picture of the clothes and they seem nice...as for the smell I've never had a problem washing it out. My daughter has a friend whose parent smokes and she has borrowed clothes from my daughter, but I've always been able to wash the smoke smell out.

I am wondering why my daughter is in 10/12 shirts but yet 7/8 bottoms. Although, I will admit 10/12 shirts can sometimes be a little too big but she doesn't mind. Its almost as if she really needs a 9/10 but of course they don't make that size shirt. I find 7/8 shirts are too tight and/or the sleeves aren't long enough. Maybe its just the type of shirts I'm buying.

Anyway she is around 44lbs & I think around 46-48 inches tall.

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answers from Kansas City on

I have a tiny first grader, by tiny I mean she's only 45 lbs and super short. We just (yesterday) bought 6x jeans and she complained about them being too long.

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I have a small first grader too, She is under 50 lbs and short. She is still in a 6 pant and while the size 6 shirts are getting short the 6 x are too boxy and the 7/8 is Huge. I"m very frustrated, I might just whip up some sundresses and have her were those all summer. I hate this point in girls sizing.

I enjoy reusing clothing this way and for $15 even if you only use 3 if the items I think you would come out ahead. But i also have play clothes separate from good/school/church clothes. Good luck!

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My first grader weighs about 54 pounds and is 48 inches tall...you didn't really say what your daughter's measurements are, to judge if she's tall or big or skinny, etc. I consider my daughter to be of average height and weight...she's certainly not chubby, and she's not so skinny you can see her ribs, etc.

She just started wearing an 8 in pants (but like you, I have to cinch up the waist) and they are mostly too long for her by several inches. I'm guessing these pants will fit her for the next two years...so, she'll be 9 and in third grade before she moves into a size 10 pant, in my opinion. She wears mostly 7-8 shirts, still...10/12 are too roomy...so basically the same, I think a 10/12 will last her until she's in third grade.

If it were me, I wouldn't buy someone's pile of clothes sight unseen off facebook. Think about it...you can't really tell how worn they are, you can't smell them (that's huge for me...what if the parents are smokers, etc?), you can't see if there are rips or stains, and it's not an urgent need...these are clothes that won't fit for years.

To me, it's not a great bargain, it's a waste of 15 dollars. You'd probably do a lot better to actually hit some garage sales in person this spring.

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answers from Seattle on

My 8 year old is in 10/12 in jeans/shorts/skirts and large/x-large in shirts. I did notice this morning that the 10/12 jeans are actually starting to get too small, around not length. She's 4'1" so her pants are generally too long for her. I've noticed she can borrow a few of my clothing items and they are not overly large on her. I'm 5'1", size 9, medium in tops. She can borrow my tops for around the house occasionally and she's getting quite close to me in shoe size, she's a size 2 I'm a 6.5.

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answers from New York on

my 2nd graders (7 years old) wear size 7 slim in pants/shorts/skirts and 7 on tops. i wouldn't buy anything used and/or so far in advance.

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answers from San Francisco on

My GD is nine; she will be 10 in 3 weeks! I just had to replace all of her school uniform pants because although they fit great in August, they are so tight now they are leaving little marks on her belly!

So, now she's in a size 10 pants (they are a bit big in the waist so she has to use a belt but the 8's were too small) and a size 10/12 shirt.

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answers from Washington DC on

My daughter is turning 7 on Friday and is in 1st grade. Her pants are a 6X or 7 depending on the brand. She is also very tall and skinny. Her shirts are usually a 7 or medium

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I have clothes stored for my 8 yr old clear up to the time she will be around 14. Kids clothes do not change styles that much. Just do normal clothes and not designer.

I would jump on it for that price.

It helps if you have somewhere you can do some tubs. I have some space under one of the kids beds, it is a day bed therefore it sits very high off the floor. I label the tubs something like this.

Girls, Winter, Size 8

Boys, Winter, Size 6

Girls, Spring/Easter, Size 10

Girls, Summer, Size 10

The difference in the seasons in my part of the world. Right now I have taken some of the Spring/Easter clothes out of storage, washed them up, and she is wearing stuff that normally I would not put out until after Spring Break. The weather is very warm in Oklahoma this Winter. We have had snow once or twice with it melting the next day in the 50+ degree weather.

So, lots of her winter clothes are not being worn. Too bad but her little sister will get them. They were hand me downs too so nothing is lost. Summer clothes are usually sleeveless, shorts, tank tops, flip flops, swim wear, etc...stuff exclusively for hot hot weather. Fall clothes are thinner than deep winter clothes, not sleeveless or very thin. Enough for cooler weather but not heavy coats.

Since you are in MI I figure you know about seasons so I'll stop there. I can take any tub and pull it out quickly and change out almost a whole wardrobe in about an hour. Taking stuff off hangers and hanging the new stuff may be tedious to some but it is how I manage my space and time.

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answers from San Francisco on

My daughter is almost 13 and is still a size 10. But she is petite and was still a 6X in first grade, she was a 7/8 throughout most of elementary school and has been a 10 since about the end of fifth grade. She is now almost a 12, thank goodness, because she's already halfway through seventh grade, lol!!!
For $15 it's probably worth it, even if she only wears half the stuff :)

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answers from Seattle on

My first grader (7 in January) wears a 10/12. Sometimes the pants are a little long, but fit better than 7/8s! She's tall and big for her age, 50 inches and about 65lbs. She also wears a size 3 shoe! I'd buy the lot for that price, 16 is only three sizes away and they grow so fast :)

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answers from Oklahoma City on

My daughter is in 1st grade and wears either 6, 6x or 7. Her shoe size is 13.

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