What Size Bed for My Soon to Be 4 Year Old Son..

Updated on June 29, 2009
B.T. asks from Chagrin Falls, OH
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Hi Ladies. My son will be 4 in September and has been in his toddler size race car bed since he was 3 and loves it but he is almost too big for it now. My question is: do I spend the money on getting him a good bedroom set and mattress and what size or do I just get him a twin size mattress and base and wait a few years? What have been other experiences been with bunk beds etc at this age? I feel like we may as well just get a decent set now but can't decide on the size adn style and then I think well maybe we just get something inexpensive now and wait until he is bigger, help, I can't decide!!

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answers from Indianapolis on

I went from a crib to twin size beds without the toddler bed involved and my son had an antique set of twin beds all through high school. A good twin set is great helped if he had overnight company.

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answers from Fort Wayne on

Kids in my family grow really fast, and we are about 5 foot tall around 4th grade. So... for me and my family, I am waiting to get them a nice bed set until they are in middle school. I have found really nice hardwood bedroom dressers, headboards and footboards at garage sales. Since they are hardwood, they can be refinished rather easily with a minwax that has a polyurethane and stain all in one. I am waiting to refinish them until they are another couple years old, so they are past the stage of running their cars on the wood and creating deep scratches... or things like that. ;-)

I have my 4 and 5 year olds in twin beds. They have never rolled out; however, I did transition them from a crib and toddler bed to the twin by putting the twin beds together and against the wall. I put blankets and sleeping bags by the edge of the bed on the floor... just in case they would roll out they wouldn't get hurt. They never rolled out though.

My Auntie is going to give me her bunk beds here shortly. She has her three kids use the bunk beds. She said one of them rolled out once, but he didn't get hurt. He was just really startled. After she put a guard rail on the bunk, she never had that problem again.

My mom waited until my brother was in 7th grade and I was in 9th grade to get us nice bedroom suites. She bought us both queen size beds and nice furniture. We were able to move out and use those same bedroom suites as adults. In fact, I still use the same bedroom suite and I still love it. I remember my bedroom suite being at least $1500, but it was a great investment and gift my mother gave to me. It was very wise and well appreciated. I haven't been able to afford something that nice since I moved out. I always have more important things to purchase first.



answers from Cleveland on

I would recommend going right into the regular set. I personally got queen size beds for my girls. When little you can put the bed against a wall that way they only have one side to get in/out of bed...much safer that way.

Hope this helps!
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answers from Terre Haute on

While a four year old would have no trouble sleeping on a lower bunk of a bunkbed the thing you would have to watch out for is the bed being turned into a Jungle Gym when he isn't sleeping. When my daughter turned three we moved her from a toddler bed to a queen sized and had no problems. Later we moved to a house where her bedroom was smaller and we replaced it with a twin bed. She has made it clear that she preferred the bigger bed. You could always get a good full sized bed and just put it on a frame for now until he gets old enough to pick a style for the headboard and other accessories.



answers from Cincinnati on

My son is turning 4 this week. He is still in his toddler bed but really needs to switch to the twin bed we have stored away. I think it really depends on each child if they would do well in a regular bed or not. If I were you, I would get a good twin bed. If your son tends to fall out of bed (like my older son did), you could place the mattress on the floor as a transition step (bed rails could be dangerous). He'll eventually grow out of falling out of bed. Kids grow so quickly that investing in anything smaller than a twin bed would just be wasting money, not to mention adding more stuff to store ! ;-)



answers from Cincinnati on

We went right to a full size bed suit right when she turned two as we were pregnant and my mother bougth the side rails for us for Christmas that year so she loves it. Now my little ones is 2 and she is wanting one but we are using a twin as that is what the crib converts to and than it converts into a full size but we don't have the money right now to get the a new mattress. That already came with the dresser/vanity and we purchased the full size rails right away just need the mattress maybe soon she will go into the full size as well. Good luck with your decision.



answers from Evansville on

i always err on the side of saving money!
my first two children went straight into the bottom of a bunk bed with side rails when they were 18 months and the next baby had come along. they were fine. my 6 year old has slept in a queen size bed that we needed to have for out of town visitors since she was 2. you can puchase separate side rails if your child is a roller.

kids will sleep anywhere. i just didin't like the idea of spending money on furniture that they were going to outgrow. i do like our white bunkbed set because it is gender neutral and we can split it into two room or stack it in one as we need more room for a crib etc.



answers from Indianapolis on

Well my son is now 5 and has been sleeping in the bottom half of a twin bunk-bed for almost 2 years now. He has long legs so his toddler bed was small almost from the beginning. I would suggest a bunk bed with the full size on the bottom and twin on the top unless there is a fear of falling out of the bed (thank God I have not had to deal with that). I would go this route myself so that once he is older I don't have to get a larger bed, just get rid of the top bunk...unfortuanately the configuration of his room in our new house does not give me enough room....hope this helps!



answers from Dayton on

We went straight for the good set and figured we wouldn't have to buy it again for a LONG time. My 4 year old sleeps on the top of a bunk bed and does just fine - in fact, the 2 1/2 year old climbs up and down without me even worrying any more. If you are looking to get it cheaply, we found the bunk beds at Big Lots. It was a great sale and is solid wood. If you aren't ready for him to have the beds set up look for ones where they seperate into 2 beds. Also, Morris has a clearance outlet where we found the dresser. It is a $800 to 1000 dresser that we got for like 400.



answers from Cincinnati on

With both my husband and myself not being from this area and having a lot of company, we got our two children full size beds. Not only to accommodate company if needed, but also to only have the expense of purchasing a mattress/bed set once. This is also good for when the kids get older and want friends to sleep over. As far as cost, we went in the middle - nothing too cheap or too expensive. And the furniture is something they can grow into - not all baby/toddler cute. We're hoping the furniture lasts and that will be the set they can move out with and start their young adult lives with. Hope this helps - it's worked for us.