What Should I Take with Me on My Vacation to Florida for My Baby?

Updated on July 06, 2010
R.W. asks from Tulsa, OK
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I'm taking a one week trip with my best friend to Florida to visit her dad's next month. I'm taking my 6 month old daughter with me on the plane. I was just wondering what all I should bring/ pack for her? I think I'm only allowed two luggage's, but is my baby allowed any? I want to bring a suitcase for me, her pack and play (it folds up into a bag), and then her travel system stroller and car seat since I have to have the car seat and we'll be going to the mall and to amusement parks a lot so I really need the stroller. And then as my carry on I was just going to take her diaper bag and bring her in her Snugli.
I also need advice as to what I should bring on the plane with her!
I believe we are flying Southwest? I'm just a little nervous because all of this stuff seems so chaotic!

I would especially appreciate answers from mothers who have previously flown with there baby before! But all input is appreciated (:

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answers from Mobile on

I put my babies in car seats and set them in their individual strollers, they were 6 months old, we walked up to the airplane with the strollers, they took the strollers and i took the carseats on with me, they each had their own seat and remained in their carseat, it was an overseas flight. I took disposable bottles with formula in them and once on the flight asked for some water to make the bottles. And then I guess take the usual things on board with you that you carry in a diaper bag. Hopefully she will sleep some while on the flight! Hope this helps, it's a good age to fly with because she isn't walking yet, that's when it gets tricky :0)!

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answers from Albuquerque on

Last summer, I flew alone with my 7 month old girl (5 hour flight & one plane change). I'd say don't bother with the pack-n-play. It's just one more heavy thing to tote around. You won't want to be dragging it across the sand at the beach anyways, and as long as your girl isn't extremely mobile, just a large blanket on the sand should be good for her (or just avoid the beach, and stick with the swimming pool). I was lucky that my MIL (who we were visiting) had an extra car seat that we borrowed for the whole trip and I just took our small stroller (one of the cheap folding umbrella strollers) through the airport with me. I packed all of the baby stuff (diapers, wipes, clothes, a few toys, blankets, etc) and my stuff in one suitcase. I had a med-size carry on (somewhere between a purse and duffel bag) that I used for my purse and diaper bag stuff (1 change of clothes, 1 blanket, a few diapers and wipes, jar of food, bag of snacks, 2 bottles, and 2 containers of milk). That way, once i checked our suitcase, all I had to do was hang the bag on the stroller and push the baby around the airport. You can take it right up to the plane, then they tag it and store it with luggage. It will be waiting for you when you get off the plane. That worked great for me since I was travelling with her alone! I still had to take her out of the stroller when we went through security (pass the bag and stroller through x-ray, carry baby through), but it was fairly easy. I also waited to board the plane until the last minute that way I could do the diaper change before getting on--and settle her in with a snack and drink just before take-off. We were lucky that nobody wanted to sit by us, so we had an empty seat on each flight, where I could let her sit and play (you have to hold the baby during take-off and landing). I was also lucky that I have a very well-behaved and agreeable baby, she was wonderful for the whole trip and people even complimented us after the flights! Don't overpack, just add a little $$ to your trip budget for anything that you can't bring (or forget)!
Good luck!

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answers from Kansas City on

I would check the airline's website, they generally have the weight/height requirements and whatnot on there for luggage.

And one thing I always get to take on trips with my daughter is huggies bath wipes. They're disposable and have the soap in them already. I love them.

I would think that her clothes would be small enough you could pack them in a small portion of your suitcase.

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answers from Cleveland on

I've traveled w the pack n play before, and honestly won't ever do it again with baby i'm expecting as they are heavy and ackward. FL has tons of baby rentals (though the portable cribs seem unsafe), here is one site (just google florida baby rentals) http://www.abcbabyrental.com/ or purchase a Kidco Peadpod travel bed http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=337123..., which is what i plan to do, as it folds up into a tiny bag. I've not had trouble bringing a diaper bag before, but things have changed so I would contact the airline before you go. I know you cannot put the carseat on the plane unless you've purchased a ticket.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I (just last month) took a trip that required four flights in 10 days with my 16 month old toddler in my lap... did I mention that I am in my third trimester??


Here are some quick tips:

For the mom that suggested that you make sure to take bottled water, please remember that you will have to ditch the liquids at the security gate... and any expectation that people will give you a break should be ditched long before that... there is something about the security uniform that transforms normal people into wacky robots. If you are using formula, you will need to buy that bottled water after you go through security.

DO NOT try to haul a pack and play... Definitely buy a Pea Pod if you have time... I had one shipped to my sister's apt because I didn't have time to have it shipped to me before I left... My toddler LOVED it... AND it kept him contained when he needed to be. It weighs like 4 lbs and comes in its own carry bag - seriously, you can't lose with this one!

Check the infant seat (if your little girl is steady enough to sit in the stroller without it) in it's own protective bag, and then you can pack diapers and other gear in with it for free. You can check the stroller at the gate - just ask for a label from the flight attendant working the desk.

Good luck!

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answers from Shreveport on

I heard on FOX news the other night UPS, is cheaper than the flight baggage charge, they have a flat rate price. Its worth the call....Louisiana

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answers from New London on

I would take a car seat that snaps into a stroller. You can check them at the gate (they don't count as luggage). You can bring the carseat onto the plane if they have room and I would do that. Just ask when you check in if there are extra seats. We did this and didn't have to buy another seat and it worked out great. Defintely bring the pak n play, it is so worth the extra hassle. You can bring the pack n play to the beach and it will be a relief to have her out of the sand. When you leave the airport you can have the baby in the snugglie or baby carrier and use the stroller as a luggage carrier. This works out great. Also bring plastic grocery bags to use as trash bags. Don't be nervous. Bring whatever you will need to feed her, extra clothes for her, extra set of clothes for you, diapers, wipes, pacifier, a couple of teething toys, baby tylenol, orajel, baby teething tablets, anything you normally bring on a trip for baby.

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answers from Birmingham on

Speaking from experience - remember that there is no changing area in those tiny airplane bathrooms. When I traveled with my 3 month old daughter, I had to change a dirty diaper in the floor of the gally area. And this was 5 years ago, I think the rules have changed some since then! Wet diapers are easier to deal with, you could change those while she's laying on your lap. If she does have a dirty one, you might could lay her head in your friend's lap and change it, if you don't mind showing her hiney to the person sitting on the other side of you! Also, take something to tie the diaper up in. It could quickly stink up the whole plane otherwise. ;)

Also, as far as the gear goes, you need to think about getting all of this equipment to and from the airport. All of that is a lot to try to man-handle out of the airport and to a rental car or to the curb for a pickup. Maybe your friend's dad could find a neighbor or someone from church that could let you borrow a pack and play? Maybe even a car seat? The travel system is a good idea, except that more than likely you will have to check the car seat at the ticket desk and just use the stroller in the airport. I've never been allowed to take a car seat onto an airplane without having to pay for a seperate seat. Check into the rental ideas from the other mom. That's a GREAT idea. If you're squeamish about rental beds, take your own sheets. That's what I would do.

As far as what to take for baby on the plane, you'll need your own water to mix formula for bottles. Take some bottled water in addition to pre-filling the bottles. You never know when I bottle may be needed to soothe baby girl. Also consider sealing the baby food containers in a plastic bag just in case of a leak and to have a place to put the empty ones and the dirty spoon once you're done. To keep her entertained, buy her a few new toys just for the plane ride. If she gets antsy or fussy, you can pull out one of the new toys and keep her entertained. If she hasn't seen it before, it will hold her attention longer.

Most importantly, be prepared that she just might have a total meltdown somewhere over Georgia and you'll be stuck with it. Travelling with a little one isn't easy, but prepare as much as possible for every scenario and you'll be better off! Good luck!



answers from New Orleans on

you may want to call the airline because I flew Delta a couple of weeks ago and anything I needed to check because of my child...was at no charge..ie, stroller, pack and play, car seat. I also want to suggest you have a bottle ready for when the plane takes off...I did this with my son, their sucking the bottle helps their ears and such when the plane is assending--like when we chew gum! Hope this helps

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