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Updated on May 20, 2009
N.S. asks from Dallas, TX
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Hello my boss has been great while I have attended school. There have been days where I call in and ask if I may be off during the week and come in on the weekend, and she has agreed. There has been other days when I would ask to be off a day prior to the date needed and she would allow me. She has allowed me to be off with and without pay depending on my specifications. She has been very flexible and this has helped with my school performance. At my place of employment when ever you miss a day it really places you behind, and she has never denied any of my request. I really would like to thank her, but i'm not sure of the appropriate manner. I want to do more than just say thank you. I would like to write her a professional thank you letter and provide her a gift. Does anyone have any gift suggestions.

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I think that the most appropriate gifts within the work world are ones that stay within the work world. Such as a personalized office item. I don't know what kind of work you do or what kind of work environment this is, so I will give several ideas that could workd in different settings.

You could order some personalized stationary, such as notepads, sticky notes, etc. With something like "From the desk of (her name)" You could do it cute if she is that kind of person and you are in that kind of work environment, or simple and professional if it is a more professional environment.

If it is more of a professional environment, a really nice pen with her name engraved.

Something personalized for her to hang on the wall in her office.

I often think that in some work environments, giftcards, food items, clothing, basically anything that they would take home is a little questionable, but again it really depends on the work environment and the relationship.

Another idea is some kind of monogrammed something for her office. I don't know if it is the kind of office that has a couch in it or something, but a pillow or blanket to go on the couch in her office. A leather file holder with her initials momogrammed on it.

Books are always an appropriate gift if chosen well.

Just ideas. If you were more specific about the work environment I think we could all give more appropriate suggestions.

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I would do the nice card with a personal message and if you can afford it, a very generous gift card to a nice restaurant. My husband has been blessed by gifts like this from employees and sales reps over the years thanking him for being such a great person to work with and he has always enjoyed a free nice dinner out :-)

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I don't think the gift needs to be of a large monetary value. An appropriate book and/or hand written note is always nice.


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Wow, you do have a great boss. I think you should write a nice long letter and put it in a card. I also think a gift certificate to a nice restaurant would be good. Just another way to say "thank you" and how much you appreciate her. I know bosses day isn't until the fall, but I wouldn't forget it...

I know you thank God every morning to work for such a great person.

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