What Should I Call My Doula Business?

Updated on May 12, 2010
S.D. asks from Indianapolis, IN
7 answers

I'm trying to decide what I'll name my business. Here are the top contenders:
The Art of Birth (or Art of Birthing, or Birthing Art, or Birth Artistry)
Dancing Bellies
Moon Cycle

Any opinions? Suggestions?

**The first response made me think of "Better Births"...is that too functional sounding?
***It needs to be something other than my name because I intend on finding a partner or two.
****What do people who have had a doula think?

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So What Happened?

I think I've decided on "Art of Birth: Doula services for a better birth". I'm thinking business cards and stationary can say "Art of Birth" at the top in a large modern font and then underneath in a smaller font it can say "Doula services for a Better Birth".
Thanks for your input!

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answers from New York on

The art of the doula lama.
Birthing with love
Birthing made easier
Doula need some help? (Doula meaning Do ya) this one is stretching it.
Helping hand-Doula services
Birth YOUR way-doula services
Birther representative
Easier with a Doula
YOUR voice-doula services
S. I need to add that I have had 6 cups of coffee today and no sleeo last night!!! Best of luck on your new venture.

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answers from Madison on

I would prefer something functional, rather than fancy but that's just me.
If I were to choose a doula, I would probably go with something that sounds serious and professional, like "S. D. Doula Services" or "Labor and Birth Support" rather than "Dancing Bellies", but as I said that is just my personal opinion.



answers from Indianapolis on

I would think you'd want the word "birth" or "doula" in the name. Advertising-wise you want a name that can stand on its own without much explanation.
What a tough decision though! Best of luck to you!



answers from Cleveland on

My suggestion: "Better Birthing"



answers from Chicago on

I agree, something more professional. Beautiful Births sounds great. I would not think that Moon Cycle would catch many eyes.



answers from Cleveland on

I agree that you need to have the word birth/labor or doula in the name. I have had two home births and other than that first name I would have no clue that you are a doula or do anything with birth. I had a doula at my first three births. With my last I just had my best friend and husband (and midwife). :) I wish I had a postpartum doula for the last one.

Best wishes! Hope you find a great name and have tons of success. :)



answers from Boston on

Rhythm & Boobs (just kidding)

I agree with Nese that a hint of functionality helps...

Gentle Beginnings
Hands On Doula Care
Best for Bellies Doula Care
Belle Bellies Doula Care
Soft Start Doula Care
Careful Doulas
Watchful Eyes Doula Care (got that eyes of Buddha feel -- logo opp'y)
Moonlight Doulas (if you offer overnight care after birth)
Waxing Moon Doulas (I like the enlarging belly imagery)

This is a tough one!

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