What Shall I Get for New Baby?

Updated on January 05, 2016
Y.Z. asks from Glen Mills, PA
6 answers

I'll have my first child in March. I haven't done any shopping yet. Totally no clue about what shall I got for baby? I need some reccommendations from expereince moms to tell me what stuff you just can not live without? Those helped you most when you have a new baby.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I would stock up on diapers! A stroller and a good car seat. Also, if you're not breastfeeding, bottles.
Maybe a bottle draining rack for next t the sink and/or a dishwasher basket for the rings & nipples.
Crib, blankets, maybe a bassinet and/or pack & play of you have a 2 story house and some napping will be done on the first floor. (This will save you some running up & down.
A baby monitor is nice to have. I loved my video monitor. Really, when they're brand new, they don't need all the bells and whistles....OH! O. thing I really liked was a vibrating bouncy chair. Congrats & God Bless!

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answers from St. Louis on

Diapers, wipes, onsies, sleepers, socks binkys, hats, bottles, formula or breastfeeding supplies (pump if you are going back to work, bottles, nipple cream, breast pads), Gas Drops, bibs or burp rags, blankets to wrap baby in, car seat, bed for baby to sleep in.

This is all you need to get you started. Once the baby is here, you could add: Bumbo, swing, bouncy chair, sleep bag (replaces blankets), outfits, shoes (if you want), stroller, toys, etc.

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answers from Chicago on

Nose Frida. It's a nasal aspirator, about $16 online or sometimes at Whole Foods.
This is a LIFESAVER. Babies get stuffy noses a lot and can't breathe well. The bulbs from the hospital are hard to use and can stub the baby's nose. The Nose Frida is safe and comfy. It looks odd, but it's worth it.
I have 3 kids and this was our best product so far, especially during cold season. You can use it until the child is old enough to blow his or her nose.
It was developed by ENT's in Sweden.

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answers from Erie on

will you be having any sort of shower???
Consigment store can be great for some things like cribs, high chairs etc but check or ask about recalls.
Freecycle.org is a neat group and you might be able to recieve some ones gently used baby items like clothes etc. for free.

In the beginning they really don't need much. I'll try to post more later but one thing to look at to at least get an idea is the list babies rus has with thier must haves.

will you be nursing or not? co-sleeping or not

I couldn't live without what to expect when you are expecting.

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answers from Killeen on

Avent Bottles,receiving blankets,bumbo,a baby kit comes with nail clippers the wrk. Gas drops

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answers from Jacksonville on

Hello, Its better to shop for baby before your baby arrived but if you missed that than no worries you can take help google for more best suggestions and if you looking for more ideas with help of us then you are right way, We have more wonderful collection of new born shower basket gift ideas you can check out our site - http://www.babygiftbasketstores.com

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